A Guide to Using Clutch Levers in Motorbikes to Reduce Arm Pump

Bikers and motorcyclists around the world have to deal with the problem of arm pump. Restricted blood vessels lead to a reduction in the flow of blood in the forearms. The blood flowing from the heart to the forearms gets backed up because the pathways aren’t as free and open as they should be, which makes optimal blood flow impossible to achieve.

However, as more and more blood keeps flowing into the forearms, without being able to move forward into the hands and fingers due to restricted blood vessels, this can cause an undesirable accumulation or ‘buildup’ of lactic acid in the area. This leads to compressed muscles and nerves as well as heightened pressure in the forearms.

A lot of blood therefore gets packed into a relatively small space in and around the forearms. The only thing preventing the forearms from swelling up from all that blood is a thin and inelastic fibrous sheath that surrounds the muscles known as fascia. This condition is known as arm pump and frequently affects bikers and motorcyclists in particular.

Arm pump can make the forearms feel inflexible, hard, and pressurized. Not only is this uncomfortable for the individual suffering arm pump, it can also make it extremely hard to properly drive and maneuver a two-wheeler. Therefore, arm pump can be dangerous if it affects a biker during a race or even in the middle of a regular drive through uneven terrain.

The Consequences of Arm Pump

Arm pump can make the forearms of the sufferer feel numb, stiff, and weak. It can also make one feel as though they cannot control their own forearms and its movements. A loss of strength and flexibility are, as mentioned above, common symptoms of the issue. Riders control their bikes with their hands, fingers, and forearms, so all of these factors can together make the process of riding a bike both difficult and dangerous for the person experiencing arm pump.

The possibility of someone losing control of their vehicle and causing an accident increases exponentially when they are experiencing arm pump, because they lose the ability to deftly move their forearms while driving. The fingers feel numb and insensitive while the forearms feel bloated, affecting the person’s grip on the handlebars and the brakes. Most bikers understand that during a motocross race, arm pump can be as dangerous for the other participants as for the sufferer himself, because it increases the odds of collision, accident, and injury for everyone involved.

There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to arm pump, and most bikers have experienced it at one point or another. For some, arm pump is a minor inconvenience while it is a major problem for others. Either way, all bikers should take the time to learn how to manage arm pump and reduce its effects in the most effective and efficient manner.

Managing Arm Pump among Bikers

While there is no real cure for arm pump, minimizing its effects is quite easy, if one knows what to do.  The primary focus, when it comes to managing the effects of arm pump, must be on increasing the flow of blood from the forearms to the hands.

Positioning the Clutch Levers

The positioning of the clutch lever on a motorbike will determine, to a great extent, whether or not the biker will experience arm pump and other similar issues. The clutch lever should ideally be positioned so that the motorcyclist or biker can always have one finger on it. The clutch lever should also be positioned to minimize strain on the forearms and maximize comfort. It should be ensured that the clutch lever is always within reach of the biker. Moreover, it should be flexible and easy-to-operate, as a rigid clutch lever can put unnecessary strain on the forearms, which would in turn lead to arm pump. For this, the clutch lever should always be positioned so as to be below horizontal, inclined slightly downwards in comparison to the handlebar.

Improvements in Technique

To further reduce the effects of arm pump, one should practice biking on a regular basis and endeavor to improve their technique. The more one practices riding a motorcycle, the more conditioned their forearms will become to the rigors of biking. Hence, the likelihood of arm pump will go down drastically. An efficient and sophisticated biking technique is perhaps the best and most reliable defence against arm pump.

Staying Hydrated

Bikers should drink lots of water while using their dirt-bikes and motorcycles, as staying hydrated usually helps diminish the effects of arm pump. During times of stress and exertion, water helps regulate the essential functions and processes of the human body. Staying hydrated will also improve the flow of blood, which is one of the major factors that can help forestall the problem of arm pump.

Overall, investing in a high-quality clutch lever for your bike and practicing your technique as often as possible are the best options you have, when it comes to avoiding armp pump and all its related problems.

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