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A detailed explanation of the Uber Clone


Uber has been a trailblazer of innovation and resilience in the transport industry after being launched more than a decade ago in 2009. It has become a giant in the field of instant taxi-booking despite heavy competition in different markets. 

Some latest news about Uber are

  • Uber is getting more demand from customers in India and plans to hire more engineers in cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru to expand its business operations. Significant growth has been witnessed in Uber Auto, Uber Moto, and Uber Intercity. 
  • Uber is planning to offer Rs 10 crore worth of free rides to and from Covid-19 vaccination centers, especially for senior citizens and those with comorbidities.
  • Uber, on International Women’s Day, recently joined hands with Manas Foundation, an NGO that focuses on mental health for conducting gender sensitization sessions for its 1 lakh plus drivers. The sessions will be held every day in more than 34 cities through Zoom. 
  • Due to an increase in fuel prices, Uber has decided to increase the base fare of trips to ensure additional income for the drivers. It will work with government authorities to ensure smooth regulation of the fares. 

As part of the advanced and customized Uber clone, we provide well-functional Android and iOS apps for passengers, drivers, and a centralized admin panel. It also includes a 100% bug-free source code, technical support, software upgrades, and periodic bug-fixing. 

What are the modern features of the Uber clone?

  • A ride allotment algorithm 

    Based on the real-time heatmap showing the location of drivers and the ride-hailing requests by the passengers, the admin will automatically allocate cabs to ensure that the driver reaches the users’ location quickly. 

  • Top-notch security measures 

    The Uber clone app gives the number one priority to safeguard the data and funds of the users. The safety steps incorporated in the solution include SSL implementation, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and anti-DDoS protection. 

  • Access to previous ride history 

    Both passengers and drivers can view their past ride history on the Uber clone. It contains all details like pick-up point, a drop-off point, date, time, vehicle number, and total fare.

  • Uber wallet

    Users can easily deposit funds from their bank account to the Uber wallet for quick payment for their rides. The customers can also cash out their remaining amount whenever needed.

  • A route navigation mechanism

    Drivers can reach users’ places quickly by utilizing the Route navigation/ Route optimization option. This ensures greater customer satisfaction and also reduces fuel consumption significantly. 

  • Flexible payments 

    Passengers using the Uber clone can opt to pay either via cash, net banking, debit cards, and credit cards. They can make a hassle-free switch between any of the above-mentioned payment methods. If many passengers are travelling at a time in a cab, they can go for split billing.

  • Access to advanced reports

    The admin can easily scale the Uber clone app to different cities and regions by viewing analytical reports. It contains insightful information about the total number of rides, average rides completed by each driver, trends observed during peak hours like most common time of booking and mostly preferred pick-up location and destination, and other financial metrics like profits, revenue, expenses, and cash flow. They can work on improving the weaker aspects of the Uber clone to ensure greater efficiency. 

  • Efficient fleet management

    Taxi entrepreneurs can keep a constant watch on the condition of the vehicles and ensure periodic repair and maintenance checks to provide the best travel experience. In case of expansion plans, they can add more cabs to the fleet.

  • An SOS button 

    Users need not panic in case of any emergencies or accidents. They can press the SOS button that sends a direct alert to the Uber clone’s control center, which alerts rescue agencies and police immediately.

  • Night mode map 

    Drivers who are at the wheel for long hours face a lot of stress in their eyes due to light pollution. Night mode helps them in better navigation as they will not be affected by any strain while using the map to discover their customers’ locations. This also ensures greater passenger safety during travel. 

  • Other premium features 

    Extra cost has to be paid for getting more features like a Cryptocurrency-compatible wallet, geo-fencing, call masking, getting special cabs for outstation trips, colour themes, and a Twilio SMS gateway. 

How the Uber clone is a money-minting solution?

  • Commission – For every ride completed on the Uber clone app, the drivers have to pay a certain percentage to the platform. This ensures a consistent inflow of income. The commission will be higher in the case of outstation trips and surge pricing during peak hours. The commission rates will vary depending on the type of vehicles used by the driver and their average demand per day. 
  • Advertisements – Marketing is essential to make the Uber clone immensely successful. Hence, aggressive promotional activities are done on the Uber clone app through banner ads, sponsored posts, and promotional videos. The revenue is based on the number of clicks, views, and impressions. 
  • Premium Rides – To make it an unforgettable travel experience for the users, the Uber clone app offers rides through SUVs, luxury cars, and a private limousine. It also includes soft drinks and ice. 
  • Cancellation charges – The Uber clone imposes cancellation charges on those customers who cancel cabs when the drivers are very close to their location. This is done since it takes drivers some time to find a new passenger. The users have to pay the cancellation fee when they take another cab on the Uber clone.
  • Leasing facilities – Drivers who do not own cars can opt for the Leasing program, where cars will be given to them at an economical rate when compared to the current market value. Regular drivers on the platform will pay periodic rent for using and maintaining the vehicle. After a certain period, they will have enough money to become the owner of the vehicle, thus becoming a successful taxi entrepreneur. 

Final thoughts

As seen above, the Uber clone is a revolutionary transport solution apt in the current context as people do not use more public transit services.

It has changed the whole concept of taxi-booking as people can book cabs to any destination just through a few clicks on their smartphones. Hence, get the Uber clone now and become a ride-hailing giant.

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