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A Complete Guide For Maintaining Your Tyres

Your cars are an essential part of your lives; they commute you to your destinations. And that’s what makes them important. This is the reason why many people often give in their cars for a wash or services. However, it is rarely observed that people take care of their car’s tyres.

You value your car, and hence you spent hours maintaining it. But it’s time that you turn your eyes below and observe the objects you have been overlooking for a long time, the tyres.

Tyres: Foundation of your vehicle

A vehicle is categorised as a four-wheeler or two-wheeler: – a category that puts the wheel aspect in light. This is because a vehicle’s wheels coordinate together and compose a founding mechanism. Even if one wheel fails to function, propelling your vehicle can become a highly formidable task.

  • You may only notice your car’s tyres when they puncture or go bald on the tread line, but you can’t deny that they form the edifice of your vehicle.
  • It is true that cars run entirely on mechanical setups, but the tyres are something every car ought to have because it’s essential.

Now that you are clear how essential these tyres are to your vehicle, it’s time to lend you some tips. Here are some amazingly useful tips that can help you maintain your vehicle’s Tyres Brompton by Sawdon.

Tip 1: Keep an eye out for cracks, crevices and bulges

It is a simple fact that if your tyres show signs of cuts or cracks, you do not ignore them. Yet some people tend to slide off these tyre cuts and cracks as a minor ageing issue.

  • The thing to remember here is that cracks, crevices, and bulges on tyres are not normal; they are alarming.
  • They are an open indication of some awful damages.
  • Observing them and having then repaired or replaced promptly can save you both money and time.
  • Most importantly, these irregularities can sum up to big hazards if not addressed effectively, therefore always keep your tyres in check for bulges, cracks or sidewall cuts.

Tip 2: Keep your tyres’ tread wear depth in check

Every tyre, be it regular, premium or Tyre Brompton runs around with a line that indicates its tread depth. If you happen to know where that line is, just check it up; if you don’t, then:

  • Observe the outer walls of your tyres.
  • Search around for a small arrow.
  • That small arrow can lead you to the tread face and eventually to the tread wear indicator.
  • This tread wear indicator ought to be at least 2 mm deep.
  • However, if you can feel the tread wear indicator easily through the outer layers of your tyre, then you should most probably consider a replacement.
  • The thinning of tread depth will eventually cause the tyres to lose grip and increase their friction rates.

Both of these events can lead to undesirable consequences. Hence, consider quick replacements when you find your tear lines balding.

Tip 3: Acknowledge the tyre pressure of your vehicles

The final tip here is that you should analyse your car’s tyre pressure regularly. A car’s tyre pressure precisely affects its performance, and hence you should never ignore it.

  • Uneven inflation can cause your tyres to wear down and also lose their grip.
  • Moreover, over-inflated tyres can burst, and under-inflated tyres can lead to a puncture.
  • Therefore, have your tyres checked for air pressure at least once a month.
  • The ideal air pressure is always mentioned in the car’s user manual.
  • You can check your tyres for air pressure yourself using a proper pressure gauge.
  • Just remember that tyre’s air pressure should always be recorded when they are cool and not been used for the last three hours.


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