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A brief guide towards avoiding key failures in mobile app development

The daily usage of smartphones and tablets is rising each day. A lot of users are instrumental in making the mobile market more dynamic. In order to match user’s expectations, mobile app owners have adopted more advanced technologies and instruments. 

Also, the intelligent use of the latest mobile technologies has helped businesses in delivering top-notch user experience to the customers and improving the bottom line.

However, not all businesses can taste such remarkable success, all due to a mobile app. There are chances that mobile app development and completed mobile apps can face barriers, breakdowns, hiccups, and roadblocks. We will now read about avoiding them here and help avoid mobile app development failures.

75% of mobile apps are downloaded only once and are never used again

The best thing to do is to analyze user behaviors to increase download. It is quite a sad reality if the mobile app is not helping companies in attaining expected business growth after investing considerable time, effort, and money.

To increase the ratio of app downloads, businesses should measure user behavior in quantifiable terms and gather feedback from them once the app has been launched. This brings app owners to amplify the app, engage more customers, and raise the downloads. On an additional basis, consistent app updates are key to obtaining good ratings from users.

Users losing interest because of the complicated navigation system in the app

There is a general belief that mobile apps resemble web apps in many ways. Users just need to login (sign-in), navigate through numerous pages, search for the required page, access the data, and perform the needed tasks.

However, mobile apps and mobile app development differ widely from web apps and their respective development. Mobile apps contain specific features and functions that facilitate users in performing their tasks without much navigation quickly.

To increase the effectiveness of mobile apps, app owners should use simple structures in exhibiting their wide offering of products and services (including the range). They need to display specific information on a limited number of pages. Hence, each mobile app development firm must simplify their app’s structure using the best mobile app development software.

Bad user experience created because of low standards in security

The most critical part of the Android and iOS mobile app development process is making the user interface (UI) facing the public. This allows customers to access all functionalities and data of the app. Hence it becomes a major security concern for app developers, whether or not they are making a mobile app.

Development and integration of Application Programming Interface (API) typically take a considerable period of time. For making a robust API, developers must deal with preventing exposure of business logic and ask users for access through permissions.

A single error in this process multiplies and piles up the project’s complexity of the project and drives large risks for businesses. Hence for security reasons, developers often try to make the API without the use of business logic. Hence, improving standards of security and providing the latest updates in this regard should never be overlooked.

Poor marketing strategies for promoting mobile apps

Mobile app development usually requires a lot of effort. Putting mobile apps in various app stores is half the battle being won. Yet, it is not sufficient enough to gain a considerable return on investment.

Businesses should increase awareness and exposure of their apps across their target audiences and industries. Getting marketing is not an easy task because it takes money, time, and can require a lot of work done with precision. Progress usually depends on direction but here, both speed and direction are needed for progress.

One of the best ways to conduct mobile app marketing quickly is via Cost Per Impression (CPI) and Cost Per Click (CPC) ads. If the budget allows the business to do so, they can go with the above ideas and with Television Commercials (TVCs) on popular Television channels. Print ads in magazines can work too but only upon approval.

The firm worked with inexperienced freelancers and mobile app developers/companies

To go for a freelancer or a proper mobile app development company/team is the decision a business must decide by itself (expert opinion is always a must). Everybody knows that it is not easy to work with freelancers when compared to hiring a mobile app development firm or having an in-house/outhouse team.

It would be wise for companies to go for professional mobile app development firms as they have the capabilities to create enterprise and multi-level apps.

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Aamir Akhter is a digital marketing expert from a custom software development company in Dallas. Apart from Cricket, and teaching youth about (SEO) search engine optimization, (SEM) search engine marketing, internet marketing, and content marketing is among his strengths and passion.

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