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9 Important laws you should know before going to Singapore

Singapore is popular for its impeccable cleanliness and a reduced crime rate. Although the country holds a strong reputation for being safer than others, the authorities find it convenient to remind people to stay vigilant.

Similar to with most good things, Singapore’shigh regard for being the cleanest and safest comes with a price. This immaculate state of Singapore is maintained by imposing many different charges the country imposes.

Take a look at the following list to be aware of what NOT to do during your stay for abroad program in Singapore. This will not only help you learn about the local customs but also save some money!

Studying in this unique and beautiful country is highly rewarding, but being knowledgeable of the rules will make sure you trek on the safe side. Click here to read complete guide about Singaporean laws.

The Chief Justice, who is named by the President, is the top of the Judiciary. The Judiciary is comprised of the Supreme Court and the Subordinate Courts. The Supreme Court hears both common and criminal issues and is isolated into the Court of Appeal and the High Court. The Subordinate Courts comprise of District Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, Juvenile Courts, Coroners’ Court and Small Claims Tribunals. A Senior District Judge neglects the Subordinate Courts.

Singapore Criminal Law

Singapore’s Criminal Law is generally legal in nature and can be followed to the thorough Penal Code. The Penal Code decides to clarify what establishes every one of the offences recorded in its 24 parts and the base just as greatest discipline for the equivalent. The Penal Code was initially founded on Indian Law. This was changed and supplanted with the Criminal Procedure Code which depends on the law relating to criminal methodology in England. All criminal offences under the Penal Code or different rules are examined and had a go at as per the Criminal Procedure Code. Criminal Proceedings in Singapore are heard in the High Court a lot of Appeals.

Singapore Civil Law

All in all, the High Court manages matters where the estimation of the topic of the case surpasses 250,000 SGD. The District Court manages any case for which the sum in contest doesn’t surpass 250,000 SGD and the Magistrates’ Court where the sum in question doesn’t surpass 60,000 SGD. The Small Claims Tribunal manages any case not surpassing 10,000 SGD (or up to 20,000 SGD where the two players to the question concur) over a debate emerging from the agreement for the offer of products or arrangement of administrations, or where there is harm to property (with the exception of mishaps including an engine vehicle).

Important Laws in Singapore

  1. Emphasis on discipline

    Singaporeans place tremendous importance on discipline, and such disciplinary measures can be seen in the military, schools and domestic environment. This system is in place to sure you respect the local culture and adhere to the expected standards of proper behaviour.

  2. Chewing on gums

    Chewing gums are banned in Singapore, with the importation of chewing gums into the country being illegal. So we suggest you leave them at home when packing your bags for abroad study. Improper disposal of gum and any banned product will cost you a hefty fine.

  3. Littering outdoors

    Singapore is extremely strict about maintaining its reputation for being clean. It holds active campaigns against littering quite often, with stringent enforcement in place for wrongdoers. We suggest you do not litter on outdoors.

  4. Smoking

    Singapore’s smoking Act includes prohibition in certain places. The purpose behind this is to create a safe, healthy, and clean environment for the public. Not to mention, safeguarding people from the dangerous outcomes of second-hand smoke.

  5. Homosexual relationships

    It is also known under the umbrella name of unnatural sex or sex against the order of nature. This Singaporean law criminalizes same-sex relations, with offender sending up in jail.

  6. Improper road crossing

    The buzz work is Jaywalking, which refers to the reckless crossing of pedestrians on roads. Make sure you avoid crossing the street in non-designated areas and look out for marked pedestrian lanes.

  7. Not flushing public toilets

    forgetting to flush the tank or urinating in elevators is considered more than just a breach of propriety in this nation. For someone who has broken the law, it is mandatory to pay a fine.

  8. Public property damage

    Vandalism is prohibited in Singapore. Therefore, damaging, destroying or stealing public property naturally falls into the category of a serious offence.

  9. Drug use

    The use of drugs is prevented by the Singaporean authority by all means. Which is why both locals and visiting foreigners need to run random drugs test when asked.

These are just some of the acts which might be considered as the harmless in your home country but are illegal in Singapore. Although it is important to become aware of these laws and customs, there is no need to be deterred from studying abroad in Singapore.

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