9 best couples counseling techniques and why you should try them

Of late, have you heard about the best couple counseling techniques that work the best to sustain any relationship? It is true, that along with the rosy moments, couples do suffer from rough patches in their relationship, hence you can always take recourse to couple counseling Orange County that can revitalize the lost spark in your relationship. If you are really wondering does marriage counseling work, then you can go through the following points to check out that yes! Sometimes it is a real breakthrough in your relationship:

9 best couples counseling techniques

couples counseling techniques


Functional communication always leads to better understanding between couples:

It is true that one of the best counseling techniques will be to talk, to sort out the problems, to find out where exactly the nature of quarrel lies. Studies show that since no two people are alike, conflicts are very common, but simple and smooth communication outlet can lead to solving major problems. You can consult couple counseling Orange County to get the best benefits. Nurturing positivity in a relationship and caring for partners can lead to lessening of several extreme cases of badmouthing and feelings of negativity. 

Does marriage counseling work?

couples counseling techniques

It is a moot question whether clinical practitioners who use the Gottman Method can enhance the rate of affection among couples. The method includes couple counseling techniques that increase love, mutual respect and affection among couples. Hence when you consider couple counseling Orange County you will be benefitted by the results. Everyday talks, mutual respect and giving due recognition to the needs of each and every partner is very important in any relationship. Hence counseling can work well. A simple morning walk when you hold hands together or writing a love letter and keeping it beside your partner’s pillow, are also suitable modes of communication. 

There is a narrative therapy that works among couples:

When couples go for counseling, they really have a question does marriage counseling work? It gives you the possible ways to shed light on past negativities and you yourself acquire a narrative dominant feature in the story. By exploring several concepts that have been troubling you and your partner, you can get the best benefits of couple counseling. When you go through the narrative therapy, you write down, narrate the problems and thereby get rid of the major problems. 

Tightening the bond between partners: Does marriage counseling work?

It really works to tighten the bond between partners. Emotional moments, all such conflicts where you consider taking way out, sitting together and solving problems really work. Generally, when you go for couple counseling, you should also know that using bad or cuss words, domestic violence, having extreme forms of expectation are some of the factors that ruin a relationship. Hence, an expert session of couple counseling Orange County can really gift you with new insights about your relationship. 

Positive psychology:

couples counseling techniques

What is positive psychology? Both partners in a relationship have different mental mechanisms, and they have different personality framework. The right counseling methods utilize how to tell them of their best times that they have spent together, and the counseling expert talks to individual partners in harnessing the best factors in their relationship. Psychological sessions that are joyful, watching movies together, couple travels, living the best moments through albums and nuggets of positivity from everyday life can really help couples to remove the odds from their life and to think positively and more constructively about their relationship. It is important how even the smallest achievements in your relationship and praising your partner for the small things that he or she does definitely have an extremely positive impact on your overall relationship quotient. 

Imago Relationship therapy:

Those who go for couple counseling Orange County and want to get answers to questions like does marriage counseling work can be made aware of the Imago relationship therapy. When there is emotional discord, disagreement or conflict in a relationship, it is bound to lead to stress, lack of communication or hurling abusive words at each other. This therapy finds the root cause of anger, conflict and disagreement and which are those factors that have led to a broken communication between couples. In short, this therapy is an eye-opener for couples and they understand the root cause of their disagreement, and talk it over in the presence of the counseling expert. 

You should analyze the way you communicate:

couples counseling techniques

If you really have a doubt does marriage counseling work, then you should know that it works only when you are willingly to sort out communication problems. Social media, extreme mobile obsession, touring for months and not communicating with spouse, silence due to extramarital affairs all these things ruin any relationship. Let there be communication enough to understand each other, give time, touch, feel each other through voice, through small touches of affection, sexual activities, pleasure-seeking games etc. healthy communication is must. 

Tracing the roots to childhood:

In many cases while experts conduct sessions on couple counseling Orange County, they find out that abusive childhood, emotional disbalances during formative years, separation of parents, or separation of the child from parents might lead to personality disorders or suspicion in an existing relationship during adult years. Hence knowing the root cause is mandatory and a traumatic past problem can never be the target or the goal for an existing marital relationship. These experiences and unfulfilled desires lead to major depressive disorders, mood swings regarding the partner, suspicion that the partner is cheating etc. 

Finally, couples can go for specific sessions on sexual and hygienic wellbeing that enhances emotional and hormonal closeness between them. Enjoying each other’s body and physical company increases affection, closeness and mutual support and strength. 

couple counseling Orange County work wonders as the practitioners are experts and experienced in their own fields. Marriage is an eternal bond, and a healthy relationship is really the need of any society. Small measures like gifting flowers or spending quality couple time by doing nothing at all-these also help a lot. Understanding each other’s desires, and not being too overambitious in any relationship always allows the relationship to grow.

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