8 Types of Car Lights to Look for in Holden Car Parts Dealer

The last Holden car plant was closed in 2017. Everyone was expecting it but didn’t know it would happen so soon. A GM-Holden car company in Portland, Australia, was an automobile manufacturing company. Later they were focused on importing cars under the name of Holden. In 2020, General Motors announced the retirement of the Holden car brand, and it will be replaced by GM Specialty Vehicles.

General Motors has made it evident that the production and related activities will cease in 2021. These changes led people to ask many questions like, will Holden parts be available for owners? Will they produce accessories anymore? And the maintenance and service of Holden cars.

The answers to these questions are yes, but not from the GM, but the genuine car parts dealers.

The dealers will provide all the car parts and services you need for your Holden car. Here, let’s focus on the car lights you can get from authentic car parts dealers.

Different car lights available for Holden cars are:

Daytime driving lights: Basically, they are low powered (usually LED), which operate all the time that your car is running; a sight that is common in Australia, Britain and many other countries.

The purpose of daytime running lights are simple, to make it easier for other road users like pedestrians, cyclists and other cars to notice your presence on the road.

Fog lights: A fog light is intended to help it be seen in conditions when visibility is below 100m. These lights don’t help you see further up the road in front, but for the vehicles and pedestrians to see your presence.

Front bar lamps: These bar lamps are used for having greater visibility for a long distance, especially if you are going through a forest or places where street lights are rare.

Front corner lights: These lights start to function when the car turns to another road. Depending on the steering angle, then these lights are activated. The fog lights too illuminate the area to the side of the car, considerably improving safety in the dark.

Guard side indicator: These are the indicators one use while turning the car or changing the lane. It helps indicate to the other vehicles on the road that you are moving or changing lanes or making a turn. Always use the indicators while changing lanes or turning to another route.

Headlights: These lights are designed to give you maximum visibility while driving your car. These light the road in front of you when it’s dark outside, and they can also improve visibility during adverse weather.

Rear bar lamps: These lights help other drivers to comprehend the size/width of the car, especially in misty or cloudy weather. The rear bar lamp is a long thin arrangement of lights to give other drivers in the back the size of the whole car when visibility is low.

Taillights: It is for the safety aspect of the car. It show/illuminates the rear edge of the vehicle to allow other drivers to comprehend the size and shape of the car.

Apart from lights, the car can be fitted with reflectors on the front and sides. It helps others to identify the vehicle at bad weathers and nights. Most of the lights and indicators are essential for the car, so you must install them all in your Holden car. The Holden parts are available with genuine car parts dealers near you.

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