8 Things You Need to Have in Your Car for Emergencies

We’re sure you’re very proud of the car insurance you got which offers comprehensive coverage, road assistance and it came at a steal! However, an emergency or accident could happen at anytime and just waiting around for help to arrive isn’t an option sometimes.

Roadside assistance would usually take a while to reach you but there are a few things you can do with items from your car emergency kit that could help with your problem or at least keep you safe. Some of these items may already come with your car but there’s no harm in getting a few extra items to help you out.

First Aid Kit

When is it not handy to have a first aid kit? Cuts and scrapes can happen anywhere so grabbing a small first aid kit from any pharmacy and keeping it in your glove compartment would help out in a bind. A basic first aid kit should have bandages, gauze, band aids, alcohol or antiseptic wipes, painkillers, cotton pads and swabs, and some may contain antibiotic cream.

Spare Tyre

This may sound a little strange but did you know that not all cars have a spare tyre? Newer-model cars may not have a spare tyre in order to boost their fuel economy. Removing the weight of a spare tyre would decrease the weight of a car and thus, fuel consumption becomes slightly better. So, if your car has a spare tyre, it is a lifesaver if you suddenly have a flat tyre and need to do a quick tyre change so you can get to a workshop. Remember to maintain your spare tyre because since it doesn’t get used, it could degrade over time.


Having a toolkit could really help out during an emergency. Most cars would come with a toolkit so do check under your car seats or in the boot for one. If you don’t have one, do get one to put in your car. There’s no need to get a huge kit for overhauling your car but make sure it has tools like pliers, screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), adjustable wrench, wire cutters, and perhaps a small hammer for small, roadside repairs.


Keep a flashlight in your car so you won’t have to rely on your mobile phone in the case of an emergency. This makes sure that your phone has enough battery life for you to call for help, and send your live location to a tow truck or close contact. Choose a flashlight with LED bulbs because they last longer and ensure that the batteries are fresh.

Emergency signal or reflective flares

Sometimes, your car’s double signal might not be as noticeable as you think. Additionally, if you need to stop at the side of a busy highway or at a blind spot, drivers going too fast or not paying attention may not be able to see you and cause you harm. Having a set of orange or red reflective signs you can place around your car to signal your presence is a great addition to any car emergency kit.

Jumper cables

In the event your car battery goes kaput, a set of jumper cables will help you greatly. Just attach your cables to the positive and negative terminals of another person’s car battery and make sure to follow instructions! After getting a jump, make sure to get yourself to your regular workshop and get your battery changed.

Fire extinguisher

Sure, nobody ever expects to have to deal with a vehicular fire but better be safe than sorry. For your car, choose a standard ABC fire extinguisher. ABC is a dry chemical extinguishing agent for class A (caused by paper, wood and plastic), B (caused by burning liquids like oil, propane and gas) and C (caused by electrical fires) fires. Mount your fire extinguisher properly because having your fire extinguisher rolling about makes for an annoying driving experience.

Seat belt cutter and hammer

In the event of an accident, it’s possible that you might become trapped in your seat or car. Having a seat belt cutter could help cut through the belt in the event it becomes jammed and won’t click open. Additionally, having a hammer could help you smash through your window and allow you to escape to safety.


Car emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Having an emergency kit for your car could greatly help in the event something does happen. On top of making sure your car has an emergency kit, always keep up with its maintenance and ensure that your car insurance is up to date and has the right coverage for you.

This article was first published on GoBear Singapore blog.

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