8 Simple Ways to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle is more than giving up useless possessions to live on a bare minimum. It is about relieving the unnecessary stress from your life to focus on things that matter. However, people often feel the intimidation of the minimalist lifestyle because of a certain image in their mind.

You can take a minimalist approach to life by making small changes to your lifestyle. These stepping stones are important since the major changes overnight is incredibly difficult. These small changes can help declutter your life to avoid the temptation for unnecessary items.

How to Create a Minimalist Mindset?

The biggest challenge many people face on their journey towards minimalism is creating a mindset. You can achieve realistic goals regardless of their difficulty only if you have the right mindset. However, it is easier said than done since motivation doesn’t live forever for most people.

You can learn from the online community to get the required support to build a minimalist mindset. Remind yourself of the reasons for the switch daily to keep the motivation. Also, rise above the sentimental values of the product to create a habit of logical thinking.

More importantly, you need to cut the agents of temptation to achieve the set goals. Do not carry credit cards in your wallet to buy products outside your shopping list. Instead, you can rely on 15-minute loans from direct lenders to get instant funds at the time of need.

Simple Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

The idea to live a minimalist lifestyle is about cutting the unnecessary items, services, and amenities from your life. The false sense of luxury often controls our life to work tirelessly to afford such things. The following simple tips may help you gain control over your life with a minimalist approach.

Write Down the Problems

To find the right solution, you should first accept the problems of your existing lifestyle. The constant state of denial will only increase troubles while trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Also, you may not find an effective solution until the root cause is clear.

Write down the list of reasons to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and declutter your house. It can be the overwhelming debt, unnecessary spending, or crowded house because of the limited space. You can use the list of reasons to motivate yourself if you fail while trying to follow a minimalist lifestyle.

Sell the Duplicates

Look around your room and find the items with the same purposes. You don’t need a lamp on the table if you already have a light over your bed for reading during the night. Similarly, a tablet makes no sense if you use it to stream online content while owning a television and a smartphone.

Your huge collection of shoes will take unnecessary space while costing a significant amount. Therefore, a simple analysis of your belonging at the weekend can help declutter your house of unwanted stuff. Do not store backup items since you can buy them anytime you want with the same day delivery option.

Make Clutter-Free Zones

Decluttering your house may seem like an intimidating task because of the size of the job. It can take forever to analyse each item in your closet to find its purpose and decide whether to keep it or throw it away. However, you can break down the process into small steps by creating clutter-free zones.

It may take a few days to cover the entire house with this approach. However, you will not feel the stress of the process to bring the feeling of procrastination. Your living room is the ideal place to start since the display items are among the easiest clutter to clean.

Travel Lightly

You should take the minimalist approach outside your house by travelling with only the essentials. The heavy backpacks create trouble throughout the trip while carrying them everywhere. Also, it cost extra to carry the extra suitcase with air travel on vacation.

Thus, carrying a lighter bag will save you unnecessary trouble and money. You don’t need the extra dress if you have the same theme to combine the tops and bottoms. Also, you will get certain items from the hotel or buy them from the local store instead of packing them with the label “just in case”.

You should plan for your vacation at least a month prior and book the services to save money. Early planning allows you to take a minimalist approach towards the vacation to spend money on the right services. Also, you can plan during the holiday season with loans for Christmas with no credit checks to avoid unnecessary partying and decorations.

Stop Comparing Yourself

The common mistake we make is trying to live up to the standards set by society. We compare ourselves with others to measure success or comfort. The unreasonable comparison is the reason for the constant feeling of unfulfillment.

People live with different mindsets, priorities, and standing in their professional life. You cannot compare yourself to some established person with a different set of goals. Live your life without the constant comparison to get rid of the constant need for approval.

Invest in Experiences

The idea to gain satisfaction from materials and possessions is the outcome of consumerism. We fall victim to the marketing campaign of brands to buy things at exorbitant prices only to become a part of the social circle. The circle itself is spending their hard-earned money to make the brands rich instead of living the moments.

You should invest your money in the experiences to create a minimalist mindset. Explore the world instead of buying the latest smartphone if your existing device is working fine. A long drive with your family will create more treasurable memories than buying video games to play in the non-existing free time.

Create a List to Explore

From the previous point, we recommend people to explore the world and find pleasure in experiences. You should create a list of activities or holiday destinations to spend your money on. It will help eliminate the temptation of the items and services that serves no purpose.

Remember, the movie night with your family is also an experience if you are considering buying a subscription to an OTT platform. However, the super expensive system may not sound like a smart investment to enjoy the experience. These decisions will help you save money and own fewer items to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Record the Use

The reason for the struggle while decluttering the house is the potential use of items. We keep them because they serve a purpose in our life. But you cannot keep the hiking accessories if you hike once in a year or two.

You should record the use of each item to find the needless products in your house. It may sound like a lengthy task but will help identify the false sense of using many items. Also, use the record instead of your logic to get rid of a few items after a month.


To sum up, a minimalist approach towards life is easier to achieve than you might have imagined. You should take small steps in the initial stage to build a mindset and confidence for the lifestyle. Also, you should not leave the lifestyle after a few failures; instead, put consistent efforts to achieve the goals.

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