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8 Reasons to Go for Simpler Logo Designs

Simplicity is the key to reaching the customer’s heart. Nobody today has time to try to understand the logo if your logo is not self-explanatory at a glance, your brand is failing at branding. Simple logos are the most effective ones and every top marketer agrees with that. All the custom design service organizations also look for simpler and easier logo designs to make the brand’s logo more understandable and readable for the general public. I mean what is the point of the logos if your audience cannot comprehend it?

When I was looking for someone who could make me a logo I had one thing in my mind, I want a simple and easy-to-understand logo. After reading all the reviews and everything about Ingenious Guru, I decided to ask them to make a logo for me, and trust me they know their job. They understand the brand first, make sure they are asking all the necessary questions from the brand, and then come up with the draft logo to show you how it is done. When I say I went for a simpler logo, that does not mean, it did not require any effort as such. Saying a lot of things in simpler and easy language is much harder than the other kinds.

Following are the reasons why we think simpler logos are better than other logos.

1) Can be recognized

The logos that are minimal and simple do not only look good but they are pretty recognizable as well. The moment you spot them anywhere on the road, you know it’s that particular brand. This is the connection that you develop once you have a simpler and easy-to-remember brand identity. The customer builds an unknown relationship with the brand as they think the brand is easily recognized and can be remembered.

The simple logos stay in your subconscious and before your mind forgets it, it just slips in the head and makes sure that they are not forgetting it. Before individually examining it you can accomplish this by making it in both the art and science form. It is important for your logo to bring your brand to the mind of the customers the moment they see you.

2) Quick Emotional Reaction

The attractive and simple logos are not only promptly recognized but also evoke an emotional reaction out of the customers. When the design is simple, it gets the emotional reaction from the customers, and the good emotions not the bad ones. The simple designs help in processing it swiftly and efficiently takes it over to your sensitive side. On the other hand, when the logo design is complicated it takes too much of the cognitive processing effort to revert the emotional impact.

3) Should be Memorable

One of the many benefits of having simpler logos is that these logos are memorable and stay in your mind for a longer period at least until you stop seeing them around. The unseen reality of such designs is that while designing a logo, the main idea should be to make the connection with the audience and link it with whatever product or service you are offering to the customer. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to most of people. Our designing world is filled with the unending stream of business logos every day, you see them all day on TV, billboards, social

media, buildings, or a lot of other places. But only a few make the space in your head and stay there.

If you look at Coca Cola logo, you would see how it had remained the same for 50 years now. No one has updated it yet and nobody has even ever seen the need to do that mainly because the logo is still as fresh and competent as it was when it was designed. If your logo is not as memorable as it should be, it would just end up doing more harm to your brand. The main lesson is to take your logo design as seriously as you have taken your other business aspect and while doing so you must make sure you are creating something memorable. Only professionals can make something great and meaningful.

4) Aesthetics are important

As important as it is to make your logo memorable, there is one thing that you should never let go off is the aesthetic appeal. It should be appealing visually and attract the audience as well, as it would create brand appreciation as well. The designs that are on the simpler side are the most attractive and beautiful. You will not believe it but even the simpler designs are often difficult to understand and needs a keen and discerning eye to grasp the power and value of the logo. One thing that you should remember is no matter how straightforward or complex your design is if it is not easy to understand it will not benefit the company.

5) Relevant to the Industry

Making a simpler and easy logo does not in any way mean you design a logo that does not relate to your industry. However, overtly relating your logo to your industry can be harmful to your brand in the long run. For example, if you own a restaurant and you add forks and spoons to your logo your brand will always be associated with the restaurants only. This can be pretty good in the short term, but if you see it in the long run, you would not be able to expand your brand in the other directions.

When you plan to expand it in a diverse area you would have to revamp your logo from the top to bottom. There is a fine line that you should follow to stay relevant and not too relevant.

6) Easy to Remember

Now, of course, your logo should be easy to remember. The simpler logos stay in your mind for a longer period therefore they are most recommended. It is pretty simple, remembering a whole paragraph is easier, or remembering one sentence? We all know the answer. The attention of human beings is less than of a goldfish, do not puzzle the mind of your customers through complicated logos. Make it simpler for them.

7) Professionalism

Professionalism is important no matter how casual and easy-to-go you think your brand is. Some brand owners like to stay lowkey and do not want to make a big name for themselves and to stay lowkey they do not give much attention to the logo designing. No matter, what scale of business you are dealing in, you need to appear professional and look perfect at least in the eyes of the customer. You need to communicate your brand message with your audience and a customized logo design can help you do that. Logos are the perfect way to evoke an emotional and right reaction from the customers.

8) Sends Message

Your logo is the getaway to your brand, you have to have the brand logo that explains your business clearly. People often make the mistake of going for the complex and complicated logo designs which confuses the audience. We do not recommend doing it as nobody today has enough time to understand and give some thoughts to the logo where they are quite non-understandable.

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Myself Nicole Botello, I have been working in the field of web design since 2005. I am currently working as an independent designer.

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