75 Amazing Nursing Research Topics That You Need To Know

With the introduction of COVID-19, future nursing scopes such as Aesthetics nursing, medical writing, home healthcare, legal nurse consultant, insurance case manager RN, and nurse-run businesses have been inspired. The epidemic has also altered how nurses provide healthcare by remaining socially distant and providing one-on-one patient care via phone conversations and video chats with patients. So, if you are assigned to write about quantitative nursing research topics, be sure to select nursing research subject ideas that are related to the epidemic.

What Is the Definition of a Nursing Research Paper?

A research paper in nursing is a document that focuses on a topic that is significant to the field. Medical research subjects are similar to nursing research issues. Nursing students, on the other hand, look at the challenges from a different perspective, such as aged care, primary healthcare nursing, midwifery, and child care.

Ways To Choose The Best And Relevant Nursing Research Topics 

How do you pick a nursing research topics that is accurate, relevant and has ample information available from reliable sources?

1. Think And Research About Your Idea

Choose a topic that interests you as a nursing professional and make a list of reasonable options. Look at what is going on in the news and see if anything sparks a creative burst of thought. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone is necessary; start the selection process now!

2. Choose a Broad Category

Once you’ve decided on a broad theme for your topic, it’s time to go super-specific. It will assist you in determining whether your subject has depth and is worth reading. If not, students can simply modify their nursing research subjects. The aim is to start with a broad concept and then narrow it down to a specific aspect of that issue.

3. Select a Topic of Your Choice

Choose a broad topic that will allow you to complete a whole research paper. Students frequently make the error of being way too precise. Begin by selecting a broad topic; the broader, the better. Choose a topic that appears easy and uncomplicated yet has the opportunity for in-depth investigation.

4. Make A Question From Your Topic

Once you’ve narrowed down your healthcare research subjects, create a question out of them. Is it possible to ask a question? If so, attempt to develop a succinct solution to explain and back up with reputable information sources throughout the research report.

5. Do Research and Create an Outline

Nursing students should pick a research paper topic based on the university’s authorized framework. Nursing students’ research subjects should be structured in accordance with the university’s guidelines. Make sure there is enough information available both online and offline to turn a two-sentence response into a well-elaborated research report.

A Wide List of Nursing Research Topics

Here we are going to share a wide list of nursing research topics that you can use for the research. If you are looking for assignment help then you can also use these topics.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental health problems are becoming more prevalent by the day. So, why not base your paper on mental health? However, keep in mind that certain themes are quite delicate and need up-to-date information. That is why you must conduct an extensive study on the most recent facts and figures.

  1. What is the efficacy of aromatherapy for depression and stress?
  2. The effect of video games on mental health
  3. Changes in the human psyche as we get older.
  4. What causes stress among police officers?
  5. Ethical guidelines for nurses who work with patients suffering from depression.
  6. What is the cause of the rising prevalence of anxiety disorders?
  7. Is alcoholism a side consequence of extreme stress or depression?
  8. Treatments for a dementia sufferer at an early stage.
  9. Self-harm and suicidal patients require immediate intervention.
  10. What is a nurse’s function in the treatment of psychiatric disorders?
  11. Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms
  12. Emotional difficulties in mental health nursing

Women’s Health Nursing Research topics

You can choose any of the potential themes from women’s healthcare, ranging from hormonal to physical health difficulties. I would not recommend selecting any surgical titles because some of the women’s surgical topics are very broad, making research difficult. Women are more vulnerable to health problems than men.

  1. Ovarian disorders: preventative measures
  2. How effective are breast cancer screening procedures?
  3. Is a sleep disorder an indicator of something more serious affecting women’s health?
  4. Premenstrual syndrome has an impact on both mental and physical health.
  5. Is it true that menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis?
  6. Precautionary measures and acne therapy in females
  7. Weight gain and hormonal imbalance
  8. How can a nurse assist a victim of domestic violence?

Childcare or pediatric ideas

Only choose a topic in paediatrics if you are genuinely interested in research. And You can pick the simplest pediatric topics, but it turns out to be quite challenging. You can use these topics for assignment help too.

  1. Vaccinations for children.
  2. How can pediatric nutrition deficiency be avoided?
  3. The biggest cause of death among children.
  4. What changes or arrangements are needed in the pediatric ward?
  5. Assisting young moms in the care of their infants.
  6. Is juvenile nursing more difficult than adult nursing?
  7. When treating pediatric diseases, there is a care regimen that must be follow.
  8. Pediatric cancer patients face a high chance of death.
  9. Preventing intestinal parasites in children and the risk rate
  10. How do you treat the common cold in a child?
  11. In your country or city, what is the pediatric death rate?
  12. Premature baby care techniques
  13. What is the best way to treat childhood obesity?
  14. What psychological characteristics are needed in a pediatric nurse?

Topics for Adult nursing research

Adult nursing research topics are the most frequently pick. If you are a member of that age group, the cause might be your belonging to that age group and how you have coped with challenges associated with that age bracket in your personal life.

  1. What causes adult anxiety disorders?
  2. Precautions and therapy for migraines.
  3. Is adult chest pain a sign of a severe disease?
  4. When dealing with traffic accident instances, emergency actions must be taken.
  5. Precautionary procedures for blood pressure regulation.
  6. Why is chronic heartburn growing more common in adults?
  7. Which of the following mental illnesses is most common in adults?
  8. Mobility was restricted following fractures.
  9. Dental care is available.
  10. The most common cause of the bipolar disorder.
  11. Therapies are require to keep the body mobile following an accident.

Elderly care thesis ideas

You may choose from emergency subjects for elderly patients and nursing ethics paper topics to geriatric care research titles. Some common nursing Research topics and assignments to help with ideas for elderly care are mention below.

  1. How should elderly individuals with joint disorders be cared for?
  2. Early signs of ageing sense (sight and hearing) loss.
  3. Methods of care for dying people
  4. Syndromes of Restless Legs.
  5. How many strokes in the elderly be avoided?
  6. How to Lower Your Cardiovascular Risks
  7. What causes malnutrition in the elderly?
  8. Parkinson’s disease symptoms that appear early.
  9. Elderly people are more likely to develop atrial fibrillation.
  10. How may bladder cancer be avoided?

Obstetric nursing assignment help ideas

Some common obstetric nursing assignments help with ideas you can choose easily. 

  1. Sessions for new moms to raise awareness.
  2. Preterm labour risk factors
  3. What precautions should be taken in the event of an unschedule cesarean section?
  4. Pregnancy hypertension and other mental health concerns
  5. When is an epidural necessary for a pregnant woman?
  6. What variables increase the chance of neonatal death?
  7. Pregnant women should avoid the following unhealthy practices.
  8. How many pregnant women’s blood glucose levels be stabilize?
  9. Is aromatherapy beneficial to a labouring woman?
  10. How safe is labour induction with elective induction?

Thesis proposition for a nursing career

You have made the decision to pursue a career in nursing. However, I am confident that this decision was affect by a unique circumstance. Remember that each topic should represent your goals and interests in the nursing profession. Few pupils care to work on it, but if you do, your efforts will be much appreciated.

  1. Nursing ethics and standards for mentally ill patients
  2. In the absence of a doctor, may a nurse dispense medication?
  3. Legal issues confronting nurses in your country
  4. How does a nurse deal with mental stress and anxiety?
  5. Nursing care quality has to be improve.
  6. What role does a nurse play in the advancement of the medical centre?
  7. The reason for a nursing shortage on the night shift.
  8. Mental therapy can aid in the healing of mental stress.
  9. Why is there a rise in cultural sensitivity among nursing staff?
  10. Is a nurse accountable for a doctor’s incorrectly given medication?
  11. A nurse’s experience with workplace concerns.

Summing Up

In this blog, we have discussed nursing research topics and nursing assignment help topics. I hope it helps you to choose the best topic according to your interest. If still, you are facing any issues regarding the nursing assignments and looking for assignment help then feel free to connect with us. We have one of the best writing teams who can write as per your requirement.

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