7 Things to Consider Before Buying Offset Printing Machine

Offset printing is one of the most preferred methods by manufacturers to meet bulk printing orders. A common printing technique involves separate printing plates, which first transfer the image onto a rubber blanket wrapped around a cylinder that further transfers the image to the substrate. 

Separate printing plates are used to transfer each color, which you can also replace easily in case of wear & tear. The method is ideal for bulk printing without compromising on the quality factor. 

If you also want to take large printing orders, investing in an offset printing machine can be great. 

As here we talk about starting a printing business, the one goal that you must focus on is to earn high profits. Plus, you must not fall behind the competition and the expectations by unnecessarily rushing in making decisions.

Therefore, every decision to start a printing business, like what printing machine to purchase, should be made in complete sanity. 

That’s why, to help you find an efficient offset printing machine in the market, we are compiling a list of considerations that you must keep in mind when investing. The consideration will help you with the selection process and make you end up with the best machine.

Different Types of Offset Printing Machine:

There are a few types of offset printing: Sheet-Fed, Web Offset, and Quick Set.

  • Web Offset uses a continuous paper feeding mechanism. The pages are cut and separated after they’re printed, which makes it the most useful for high volume orders like newspapers or books magazine ads that need lots of copies made quickly – this process works with any size issue!
  • Sheet-fed printing is a more manual process, making it less ideal for large quantities. However, this type of press allows you to print on different materials like cardstock and metal as well!
  • When it comes to printing images, the type of offset is important. This time around I’ll be talking about QuickSet and how you can get high-quality trademark or periodical prints with this process!

Evaluate Your Operation Requirements

You can get the printing machine in different specifications per your operational needs. For less complicated and affordable purposes, you can choose a machine with limited features so it does not feel heavy on your pocket. On the contrary, if you plan to scale your business shortly or want to enter the vast market by offering customization services, investing in a fully-automatic machine can be your best bet. Make sure that the machine you choose does not cause any circumstances that get in the way of your operation, as no manufacturer will want that.

Get answers to these questions before investing:

  • What is the estimated number of prints you will require from the machine?
  • Whether you need a single or multi-coloring offset printing machine?
  • What will be the common printing size you would offer?

Check How The Machine Works

You never want to invest in a machine that works effectively for only a month or two. The most you can do to ensure it’s working is by asking the vendor to show how the machine works and the quality of print it delivers. Always go for a machine having an appropriate warranty period. 


The price is the most important factor in choosing the right offset printing machine. The machine is a big investment and cannot be replaced after using it for only a few months. Therefore, before buying the machine, check your budget and operational requirements, then go for the best option in the market.

Choose A Reliable Brand

Never go for a company that does not offer any after-sale service after it sells the machine to you. Therefore, go for a company that promises to meet the technical needs of the machine for a specific time period after the purchase. Also, the vendor should be able to sync with your timeline. Such a brand has mastered the technique of creating a flawless machine for your specific offset printing needs.

Brand That Respects Your Time

Go for a manufacturing company that can care for your time-related technical needs. If the vendor is ready to fit the manufacturing period of the chosen offset printing machine before you set a deadline, then the machine is worth buying. Also, they must be capable of syncing things with your timeline. This will help you set the machine well in your production unit and assure its efficient working in the long run. 

Here’s how you can find the perfect vendor to buy the machine:

  • Verify your choice thoroughly before buying
  • Proceed only if they have a verified dealer support

With a certified representative technician, you can easily tap whenever there’s a need for operating support. It is a crucial part of the investment, and you make sure not to miss that.

Better To Purchase A New Machine Than Used One

The last consideration to investing in an offset printing machine is to decide whether to purchase a new machine or invest in an old one. In our opinion, it’s better to go for a new machine because the same will come with a warranty and after-sales support. On the contrary, when buying an old machine, you have to do everything from installation to meet the technical needs without any help from the vendor. Plus, the old machine will be more prone to risks. Therefore, it is always a good idea to go for a new one.

Benefits Of An Offset Printing Machine

Long-Run Production Jobs: The machine can print at high speed without compromising quality. It can help you meet bulk orders within time to take more orders and skyrocket your business success.

Printing Quality: You can use water-based and oil-based inks with the machine to get clean, sharp, and bright print images or text on different substrates, like paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.

Good Color Fidelity: The machine can deliver the accuracy of the colors and maintain their proportion in the design. You can use custom color inks based on the project’s requirements and get the exact color for delivering better customer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective: Investing and installing an offset printing machine can cost you higher initially but will bring good returns once the production starts. The machine can carry out high-volume print jobs effectively and at less cost per unit, helping you earn higher profits.

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing: What’s the Difference?

The difference between Digital Printing and Offset printing is that the former lacks plates, which means it’s not suitable for high-volume jobs.

Offset printing offers the best quality for a given amount of content. This is because it can print multiple items simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about waiting around or going back-and forth between designers when working with this form factor!

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the factors that you should consider before buying an offset printing machine. The machine can make the printing job easier and also open the doors for providing customization services to clients. 

With the right machine at your disposal, you can attain commendable growth and success in the printing industry. We hope that the article has provided you with enough information about what factors to consider when buying a printing machine. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us or ask in the comments section below. The Post City

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