7 Reasons Why Kundali Milan/Matching is Essential

In Vedic Astrology, KundliMilan/Matching has a great significance.

Let us examine seven reasons why Kundli Matching is regarded as important in Hindu culture.

Overall Compatibility

Compatibility is an important factor in the success of a marriage. One important reason why kundlis are matched before the marriage is finalized is to find out how compatible the boy and girl are. According to Vedic astrology, there are totally 36 gunas which are matched to assess the compatibility of the couple, and how successful their life together will be. Each guna has a point, and each point signifies a different aspect of life. It also reveals how their individual destiny and star will affect each other. Kundli Matching also indicates conjugal harmony, and if there are problems, there are many remedies for the same in Vedic Astrology.

Career and Financial Stability A marriage is the union of two people. Each person’s destiny is ruled by the planets in their kundlis. When two people get married, their destinies intertwine. The effects of this coupling of destinies can be understood when their kundlis are matched. The planetary movements in their kundlis will affect each other’s lives as their own life when they get married. The seventh guna, Bhakoot, reveals this effect. Kundli Matching also helps to look into their financial stability and career prospects.

Compatibility to Bear Offspring

One major reason to get married is procreation, which helps to continue one’s lineage. In India, especially, a family without children is considered incomplete, and the lack of progeny is even stigmatized. So it is a very essential reason for Kundli Matching. The eighth guna, Naadi, has the maximum points and indicates the chances of progeny, their health and happiness.

Assess Physical and Mental Compatibility

Each individual has their own personality, which includes their interests, mindset, temperament, behavior, and also their attitude to life. Kundli Matching can assess if there is any congruence between the two personalities. This is necessary for a successful marriage, especially now that women have become more independent and assertive about their rights. The health and well-being of the couple will also be evaluated in the Kundli Matching. Physical attraction, and sexual compatibility, too, can make or break a marriage. This, too, will be tested in Kundli Matching.

Overcome Doshas

When a child is born, the placement of the planets in his/her kundli and the time of birth decide its destiny. This factor is very important to all individuals. Adverse planetary positions can create Doshas like Mangal Dosha, SarpaDosha, etc. Such Doshas can lead to problems like misunderstandings, fights, lack of offspring, etc. These can be easily detected through Kundli Matching, and the astrologer can suggest certain poojas or remedies to lessen the adverse effects. In some cases, marriage can be ruled out.

Remedies for Mismatched Kundlis

Sometimes, except for the Kundli Matching, all other factors will be favorable for the marriage alliance. Under such circumstances, one can consult an expert astrologer and seek solutions that can reduce the negative effects of the doshas and yogas in the couple’s horoscopes. This will enable the two people to tie the knot even if their kundlis do not match.

Special Poojas For a Happy Marriage

After the kundlis are matched, the astrologer may ask the families to perform certain poojas to ensure a happy married life. Doshas found after matching the kundlis, too, can be remedied after performing such poojas. Even if the kundlis match, certain poojas may be advised for a smooth and happy married life.

The most important reason for Kundli Matching is to make sure that the couple will have a good marriage that brings happiness and prosperity.

A person’s horoscope clearly reveals his/her nature. If the person has a problematic temperament, it can be deduced from the planetary positions. For example, Mangal Dosha indicates that the person may be aggressive, quarrelsome, and likely to incur debts. It also indicates problems for the spouse’s health. Kundli Matching also reveals other problematic aspects caused by Doshas, which can affect the marriage. Sarpa Dosha indicates delays in marriage, health problems, and lack of offspring. But through Kundli Matching, one can know about these things beforehand and make the right decision regarding the marriage.

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