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7 Key Tips to Make More Money on Collectibles

If you’re hanging onto a set of collectibles and can’t seem to sell them, you’re in the right place. It’s tough to take a hit on items that you know are valuable because you can’t find the right buyer.

Something is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it, though, so your job is to try and find the right buyers. We’re going to explore some ideas on how to make more money on collectibles today.

We’ll look at both selling your existing collectibles and buying ones that might be good investments. Hopefully, the information below can help you make some money off of collectible items.

1. Post on Various Platforms

If you want to get the best price for collectible items, you have to post them online. Unless you have a tight network of collectors in your area, it’s hard to find people who are willing to pay top prices for collectibles.

Different platforms entertain different demographics. You might find your target collectors on eBay for one item and have to seek out a different site for the rest of your goods.

Amazon is always a good place to post things that could go for a pretty penny, but make sure that you diversify your posts to get the most access to interested buyers.

2. Scour Rummage Sales and Flea Markets

You can expand your earnings by opening up to new and unique collectibles. A lot of people sell valuable collectibles at their garage sales and flea markets. In many cases, they don’t sell the items for what they’re worth.

If you can get a keen eye for valuables, you can make a killing by flipping things you buy from individuals who are selling them. Keep an eye out on platforms like Facebook and Craigslist for unique items as well.

3. Invest in Current Gems

Some valuables will only get more expensive over time. If you have a little extra scratch and you want to make an investment, it’s not a bad idea to buy current collectibles at their standard rate.

Say that you find some great beanie babies like these valuable ones and hang onto them for a few years. There’s no telling whether their value could skyrocket and you could sell them for a big return.

4. Meet People in Your Collector Community

You might be the kind of collector who does things online and keeps mostly to themselves. It’s important to note, though, that most small towns and cities have a healthy network of people like yourself who hunt collectibles.

They can keep an ear to the ground about different deals or products that might show up. It does help to have people that are looking out for you, and you can do the same for them.

You’ll find more opportunities to make sales and find goods if you’re working with a group. You don’t have to “work” with them, you just have to have a relationship with some of the people in your town and they’ll keep an eye out.

You can find good collectors at flea markets, thrift stores, furniture stores, and more. There tends to be a network between those who work in real estate, furniture, used goods, and thrift stores. If you want to make a living out of selling collectibles, those are your people.

5. Buy New Products

It’s impossible to know when something is going to increase in value, but it never hurts to make a small investment now and wait for it to blow up.

If you would have bought a few dozen packs of the original pokemon cards when they came out, you’d be able to sell those for a lot of money now. The same goes for a lot of Jordan sneakers, comic books, dolls, and much more.

Use your instincts to make these purchases. You can look to the past to make inferences about what will be worth a lot of money as well. Make sure to keep these things in a safe place where they won’t be affected by the elements.

Then, you just have to wait!

6. Hone Your Refurbishing Skills

There’s nothing wrong with picking up damaged items and repairing them. Repaired items aren’t worth as much as those in mint condition, but there’s still a lot of room for profit.

Many people don’t see the value in lightly damaged items, but many can be fixed and made sellable again. If you can work on your craft a little bit, you’ll be able to tune things up and put them back on the market for a big profit.

You can also refurbish non-collectibles for others and make some money.

If getting crafty isn’t your thing, it never hurts to have someone in your life who is. Find a line on a good professional who prides themselves on repairing toys and bringing them to their former glory.

7. Sell at The Right Time

Collectibles might be very valuable for a period of time then lose their worth as they age. It’s a myth that all collectibles will be more valuable in the future.

Again, people have to be willing to pay for something in order for it to be valuable. So, if you see that something you have is going up in price for some reason, it might be a good idea to think about selling.

Forty years from now, few people might know what the item is and it won’t fetch the same amount of money. There are certainly collectibles that do get far more valuable as they get very old, but some might fall out of fashion.

Those things that are more fads or trends that come back into popular culture and increase value should be sold while the interest is high.

Want to Learn More About Collectibles?

There’s an art to selling collectibles and making the most money. If you’re trying to start investing in collectibles, there’s a lot more that you should learn.

We’re here to help.

Explore our site for more ideas on collecting, selling, making valuable relationships, and much more.

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