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Sony mony- online electronics shop in Mumbai
Image credit- Sony Mony


Finding the best places to buy electronics in Mumbai | electronics shops in Mumbai is almost a headache. isn’t it?  Bes because there are so many options to buy electronics shops in Mumbai |electronics shops. Many people have this situation while living in Mumbai. whenever this is about to buy electronics in Mumbai |electronics shops.

What is in it for you- BUY ELECTRONICS IN MUMBAI

It is confusing because there are so many options and many of them claim to be the best electronics shop in Mumbai. claims to be the best. Here we have tried to ease your problem. we have tried to create a list of the 7 best places to buy electronics in Mumbai |electronics shops. We hope this will help to save your time and money while shopping for electronics, from electronics shops in Mumbai.


It is very important to buy electronic items very carefully. In addition to buying electronics, people also look for the best lowest price. People first visit different places in search of a good price and quality.

It is quite difficult for the people of a city like Mumbai to visit from one store to another in search of the best deal for electronics. So here we have rounded up the top 7 best electronics online shopping sites. This might help you in getting the best deal.

Let’s dive in –

Due to Covid-19 people hesitate to step into the market and shop. In this pandemic, people prefer shopping online. But buying something into electronics has to be done very carefully. People also prefer to get discounts on electronics.

People living in big cities like Mumbai, people prefer shopping for all the stuff online. Following is the list of some of the best online stores for electronics in Mumbai which offers great deals and offers with good quality products.


Sony Mony is, located in different parts of Mumbai, and also has an online store for electronics in Mumbai. They have a wide range of electronic component items listed on their website. It is one of the best online electronics stores in Mumbai.

From trimmers to home appliances, from the kitchen to appliances to washing machines and TV & Entertainment, Sony Mony has a wide range of variety in electronic appliances. This is one of the best online stores for electronics in Mumbai with a wide range of items.



Kohinoor Electronics is another best electronic store in Mumbai which is located in different parts of the city and also sells the products online.

They have a wide range of electronic items dealing at the best price they can serve. You can even pre-book the new product launching soon in the market. They offer different discounts on different products on their discounts.



They have so many stores in different parts of Mumbai. You can select the products according to different brands available on their websites. They have different websites for different stores. It also gives you an option to have a live chat with the store online.

Digi 1 electronics also provide free home delivery. They have so many different discounts available for different electronic appliances.




Croma also provides a huge variety of electronic items on their website. It also provides shopping through video calling. They have a wide range of varieties of electronic items. One best part for Croma is that they also provide different EMI options at the time of payment. You can also check the delivery options available on their website.



Vijay Sales has so many different stores at different locations in Mumbai. They have a wide range of electronic products available on their website. Different offers are also available for the electronic appliances listed on their website. Vijay Sales have everything in electronics whatever you ask for. Vijay sales for some products also offers up to 50% discount.



Reliance Digital is a big name in the electronics industry. It is well-known for its vast collection in electronics in its stores. Reliance digital has many branches in Mumbai. You can definitely get some great deals on all the electronic items. They also have their online store where you can purchase your favorite electronic item with just one click of a button.




EZone is another electronic store in Mumbai that has so many stores spread across the city. They have so many stores in Mumbai which are located in so many parts of Mumbai. EZone is one of the most trusted brands in Mumbai for online stores. You can also shop on their website and they will get the products delivered at your doorstep.



I hope the above information is useful. Different people have a different budget for buying electronics. You must go through the above sites and get the best deal for the electronics you want to buy. I would like to suggest if you go for Sony Mony. They will definitely give you the best deal of all. They keep all the brands at very attractive prices with good discounts. You should buy products online but always buy from the right place where you get the best deal.

The electronic stores that sell their products online will try to give you huge discounts to leave behind the competitors. Sometimes they do sell it at the purchase price, maybe, for some promotion during the festive season. Some websites do not sell products on themselves.

They behave as an intermediate and sell products through some local or international sellers. You must also check the warranty type. I will only recommend going for Manufacturer’s Warranty, instead of Seller’s Warranty.

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