6 Unknown Facts About Hemp Seeds

The world today is evolving, it is looking up to better and healthier ways of living, leaving behind the old life choices we once made. Hemp flower is one such great example. We all know how over the past few years, the awareness of the benefits of hemp flower has grown among the people.

People are buying hemp products for a variety of purposes. And why won’t they? These CBD oils and other items have proved to be such great support when it comes to our health. However, apart from the basic knowledge about hemp seeds or flowers that we all know, there are some surprisingly amazing facts about these that you must know about.

Find out more about them below:

  • It contains a nutrient which is also found in Breast Milk

You surely are aware of the health benefits that these seeds can provide, but there’s one thing you might not know about. Your hemp seeds contain an oil that contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). What makes it special is that this is the component that you find in breast milk. It shows how much healthier these can be, more than most of your vegetables for sure.

  • Growing Hemp is good for the soil

Did you know that hemp has very deep roots which means it can easily grow in different types of soils and terrains? When your Hemp Cbd flower grows, it gets deep into the soil which holds the soil together and holds its microbial content as well. So wherever and whenever you decide to grow hemp, it is only going to enrich the soil more and make it even better for farming further in the future.

  • Hemp can be used as Fuel!

If you feel like reading this again, go ahead, we know you would’ve never thought of hemp to be used as fuel. The oil that we obtain from hemp seeds can be converted into biodiesel that is not only biodegradable but also non-toxic. Hemps can be converted into biofuels called bioethanol and biodiesel. Although to use your hemp oil as a biofuel, there are a few steps that need to be carried out significantly.

  • It Prevents Deforestation

Apart from benefiting our health, hemp seeds support nature too. Hemp can also be used for making quality paper. The more we encourage and popularize the use of Hemp buds or flower to make papers, the lesser will be the need to cut down trees. Imagine if we start to use hemp as the main source of wood for paper making, we could prevent deforestation up to a great extend.

  • Hemp Is Stronger Than Steel

Plants are fragile and easily breakable, that’s what we know at least, but not in the case of hemp flowers. Hemp is a lot stronger than you think, even more than steel. It is capable of bending and mending nearly 6 times better than steel. This is why years ago, it was even used to make a car along with soybean and plastics. Therefore, you could use hemp fibers to build somethings if you want.

  • It Can Help You Get Rid Of Skin Problems

All this time, you have been trying different artificial cosmetic products hoping for clearer skin, when what you should’ve been doing was get hemp seeds. That’s right! Hemp seeds or oil might just be what your skincare routine need. Skin products with hemp contain a high concentration of omega and polyunsaturated fatty acids that can keep your skin hydrated and keep your skin safe from environmental toxins


If you are a hemp consumer or are someone who is fascinated by it, these amazing facts about it will only make you more interested in hemp seeds, flowers, and products. Those of you who are looking to shop for CBD flower or any of its products, visit Dr. Strain CBD today.

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