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6 Top-Rated Vacation Destinations in Orlando

One of Central Florida’s incredible and modern cities, Orlando is home to several theme parks and botanical gardens. Walt Disney World ranks the top and features several parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Moreover, other popular tourist attractions include Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Visitors can plan a trip to the gorgeous city full of hidden treasures between March and May during moderate temperatures. In addition, there are endless amusement parks, luxurious hotels, golf courses, motels, resorts, and other Destinations in Orlando in the area. 

6 Top-Rated Vacation


In short, there is no shortage of exciting things to do in the city’s major landmarks. As a result, tourism is at its peak, attracting millions of travelers and backpackers from different parts every year. One cannot leave Orlando without visiting the well-known attractions like the Kennedy Space Center or learn about the U.S. Space Program. 

Plan an unforgettable trip to the top-rated vacation destinations in Orlando and experience the unusual scenery in abundance. 

Walt Disney World Parks


Walt Disney World is among the best family-friendly tourist attractions in Orlando. If you are flying with kids, it is an ideal place to begin your trip. Among the four parks, Magic Kingdom is the popular one, with Cinderella’s Castle lying in the middle of the park. Epcot’s ballistic capsule Earth lithosphere stands at the doorway of this exposition-style park, which incorporates Future World. Moreover, the World Exhibition provides guests an opportunity to experience a totally different culture. One can also meet well-liked international film producer roles like Belle, and Virgin Mary Poppins.

The Hollywood Studios park offers visitors a chance to see the planet of film magic, jaw-dropping stunt, and shows. In addition, the site hosts tours through the actual studio house. The safari ride at Animal kingdom is an incredible way to spot the African animals running in their natural habitat
. The dolly parton amusement park features several resort hotels and budget-friendly resorts like Pop Century to the Port Orleans Resort and Downtown Disney.

SeaWorld in Orlando 

SeaWorld Orlando is widely renowned for its giant aquariums dolphin and whale shows, bit pools, and plenty of fascinating rides. However, guests might not feed the dolphins, but they can get into the deep dolphin pool and play with them. You can also sign in for a nearby tour with the dolphins, giant whales, penguins, sea lions, or sharks. Moreover, different special tours feature the behind-the-scenes look at SeaWorld operations, tour of the rehabilitation center, or the dolphin nursery. 

In addition to the excessiveness of ocean life, the park features exciting rides for people of all age groups. It includes numerous water rides, relaxing on a hot summer day and the popular ones are its roller coaster rides. The Mako Hyper, the Manta Coaster, and the Kraken Virtual Reality Coaster rides will give you a thrilling experience. If you visit the park on a Friday or Saturday night, you will get to see the impressive fireworks display.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove lies next to the Seaworld Orlando and is one of the best tourist attractions, especially for kids. Tourists can meet and reconnect with alluring ocean life and relish the unique experience of snorkeling along the coral reef. In addition, you can see the underwater creatures along with a helmet and swim with dolphins. While you are on-site, interact with bird species, snorkel in the relaxing river, and splash water in the pool. One-day passes are available for purchase, and due to their extreme popularity, you must book your tickets in advance.


The SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment manage and operate the Discovery Cove, lying in Florida. Many people might not know, but there are sister parks, including SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando. While you are here, interact with different marine creatures, including bottlenose dolphins. Take your kids to the most interactive attraction and let them get a unique experience. Since it is a popular site, you cannot wait for too much and make jetblue booking months before the departure.

Leu Gardens

Tourists can find an escape from the busy and over-populated places by taking a tour to the Leu Gardens. The site covers around 50 acres of land and is easily accessible from major landmarks of the city. While you are here, you can see charming fountains, ponds, and wide-open green space, ideal for picnicking. Moreover, there are walking trails within the park and its neighboring areas. Suppose you don’t want something fancy, head to the gardens and enjoy the calmness and serenity of nature here. Major highlights of the park include strolling under a massive camphor and elm trees or visiting the large rose gardens. You can see a diverse collection of palms and bromeliads, making the site romantic to spend time with your partner.

More about destination

The beautiful rose gardens create an alluring backdrop; therefore, visitors can bring a camera or smartphone and click amazing pictures. The opening hours of the gardens are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, the last admission is at 4:00 pm. There will be certain changes in the upcoming month,  including Honey Bee Day, Movie Night, and Fairy Doors. 

Universal Theme Parks

Universal Theme Parks is a popular combination of an alluring theme park and a working studio, making it an unusual attraction. A famous architect, Steve Spielberg, designed its final look, and since then, millions of travelers have come here. Exploring theme parks allows you to learn interesting facts about the filmmaking industry. In addition, it features seven parks, including Seuss Island, Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon, The Lost Continent, and Skull Island. Kids will love spending time in the science center during an interesting interactive tour.

More About Universal Theme Parks


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter park. Hogwarts & Hogsmeade are recently added within the area. Additionally, Diagon Passage extends to the Universal Park, where tourists can join Harry’s run-off from Gringotts bank. Adventure enthusiasts can hop on the roller coaster and purchase the Express Pass for zipping to the front line. Also, the site frequently hosts interactive events and joyful celebrations for tourists and locals, bringing a smile to everyone’s face. City Walk is an interesting and large entertainment complex featuring eating, shopping, watching movies, and night events.

Day Trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


Nothing is better than spending a day trip in the Kennedy Space Center Tourist Complex, Orlando. The site features world-popular force centers of NASA, and notable science works. Among all, the Heroes and Legends is the major landmark, making you discover about the space explorer’s lives. It also includes the Rocket Garden and the Astronaut Hall, from where you can watch NASA’s rockets. The Apollo and Gemini Programs are major works to see in the exhibition. Exhibiting the Space Shuttle Atlantis while remaining still away from the apparatus is one of the best things to do.

Destinations in Orlando


The popular exhibition exhibits the original Space Shuttle Atlantis, lying a few feet away from the incredible machine. Around 60 exhibitions provide crucial information about the space shuttle and the program. Other demonstrations include lunar exploration, mock astronaut training, the shuttle launch experience, and an IMAX theater. If you want to experience something unusual, take a tour of the Kennedy Center by making a frontier airlines booking. Get exclusive flight deals on tickets and tour packages to the top-rated tourist attractions.

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