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6 Tools to create a mobile application without coding

Creating your mobile application has never been so easy, fast and inexpensive. Indeed, any business manager or entrepreneur today has the possibility to create their mobile application without code. And without coding means without hiring a freelance developer or working with an agency, which incurs considerable costs and gives less control over the end result. 

 Which incurs considerable costs and gives less control over the end result? Of course specialists in the  of mavendigital App Development Dubai always have a bright future ahead of them because the implementation of complex architectures and advanced functionalities remain an important limitation of these “no-code” development tools. The advantages and limitations of using a mobile app builder

If the tools for creating “no-code” or no-code websites have been around for a long time and are used by millions of people, the appearance of a platform for creating mobile applications without code is more recent. These tools are useful to entrepreneurs and business leaders insofar as they facilitate access to these technologies.

However, there are some drawbacks to codeless mobile application development tools that we will present to you below.

Benefits of codeless mobile app builder tools

  1. Save money by creating your mobile app

When the alternative is to hire an expensive developer (around $ 80 per hour), you’ll likely save several thousand dollars.

As these “app builders” must keep all of their software up-to-date in order to continue winning new customers, you also won’t have to pay extra development hours when your software needs to be updated. They will take care of it, it’s included in the price of your subscription.

Plus, with the all-inclusive fees (scan, hosting, updates, etc.), the extra expense tends to be less.

  1. Launch your application faster

Building an application without code is never starting from scratch. There are many templates or feature modules that will get you up and running quickly and help inspire you when designing, writing content, and choosing features for your app.

Code-free development tools also automate many tedious processes such as publishing, importing / exporting data, and compiling the application, making it faster from idea to launch.

  1. No unpleasant surprises

One of the biggest complaints we get from our clients who have worked with freelancers or small development agencies is this, “I thought we agreed to X, but they delivered Y.” Or worse yet: “I paid them, then they disappeared.”

Unfortunately, the app development ecosystem isn’t always as transparent as we’d like it to be. But with most no-code developer tools, you can read terms, play with models or modules, watch other apps that have been released live on the app store, and determine if the platform is right for you before you go. Shell out money.

  1. Deploy your application on iOS, Android and the web

Build your app all at once (and pay once) and deploy it to iOS and Android (and other platforms as well, depending on which app builder you choose).

One caveat here: A lot of mobile apps without code are strictly mobile – if you want to connect your backend to the same web app, you might have issues if they don’t include a web option. Additionally, some app builders allow cross-platform deployment using hybrid development instead of native code, which sometimes results in a lower quality app.

Be careful when selecting your mobile app builder to make sure you get a high quality, code-free mobile app that deploys to all the platforms you need.

  1. Create your application in a few clicks

Simple app design editors let you build your mobile app experience without coding or technical jargon. Most codeless development tools are designed for non-technical application makers and provide chat or email support if something goes wrong.

  1. Update your app along the way

Want to edit a call to action or update your content? Most codeless website development tools allow you to log into your dashboard, edit your app, and click “Save” to send your updates to your app live. This gives you more control over your content and you won’t have to wait for a developer to correct a simple typo.

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