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6 Mouth-Watering Pizza Topping Ideas and Combinations

Are you looking to expand your horizons when it comes to ordering pizza? Are you feeling a little adventurous, but don’t want to order from anywhere other than your go-to pizza joint? If so, then you should consider switching up your default pizza toppings.

Instead, learn about a few new pizza topping ideas to give your tastebuds a bit of a surprise. Some gourmet pizza topping ideas might offer the zing you’ve been searching for in your pizza orders.

See below for a list of lethal pizza topping ideas that you can use to create a mouth-watering spread, whether you’re hosting a party or going out for a slice.

1. Pepperoni and Green Peppers

Maybe you’re looking for a little “kick”, but not enough to send you running to the sink for water. If so, then this combination is sure to fit your fancy.

The pepperoni will give your pizza the perfect consistency, saltiness, and a little bit of spice on the backend. What can we say? Pepperonis are a staple ingredient in pizza. If you’re unwilling to give it up, then just add some green peppers to your next order.

The green peppers offer a subtle taste on the pizza that’s hard to describe. It’s herby but doesn’t have near as much spice to it as you might think. In fact, we find the green pepper to be a refreshing pizza topping.

Experts say that the key to trying new things is to ease your way into it by having something familiar involved. In this case, pepperoni is the familiar ingredient, the green pepper is your attempt at expanding your horizons. We commend you for that!

2. Ham and Pineapple

We know, we know. There are some of you out there that are extremely opposed to the idea of these two ingredients ever being on the same pizza. But here’s what we say: don’t knock it until you’ve tried it; if you’ve tried it, then you can knock it but we’re willing to bet you won’t!

As unorthodox and awkward a combination as it might be, ham and pineapple as pizza toppings just work.

The saltiness of the ham complements the sweet, tangy taste of the pineapple in such an astounding way. It’s sure to have your mouth watering for more, even the person typing this sentence has his mouth drooling!

Here’s the key: for this topping combination, you need to find the right pizza shop. You need someone with high-quality ham and pineapple, otherwise, it might taste underwhelming.

The next time that you’re looking to book a pizza delivery, get half of the pizza as ham and pineapple. We urge you to try it!

3. Spicy Hawaiian

Alright, stay with us here. If you’re already a fan of the Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple), then let’s kick things up a notch. Let’s take this thing into the stratosphere by adding some spicy toppings to the mix!

A spicy Hawaiian features pulled pork, bacon, pineapple, cilantro, and—pause for dramatic effect—jalapenos.

This combination isn’t all that foreign a concept. If you order a spicy pulled pork sandwich from another restaurant, then it’s almost bound to come with jalapenos.

The saltiness of the bacon and pulled pork will blend perfectly with the ever-so-subtle spice of the jalapenos. Then you have the sweetness of the pineapples to help cool you off.

4. Meat Lovers

Perhaps you’re having all of your buddies over to watch Sunday Night Football. Maybe you want to appease all of the meat fanatics in the family with your order. Whatever the case might be, you can’t go wrong with ordering a meat lover’s pizza.

For those of you that have never had the pleasure, a meat lover’s pizza contains bacon, ham, pepperoni, and spicy sausage as the toppings. The entire thing is covered from head to toe with these delicious toppings.

Almost any pizza place will make it for you. If you don’t want the spicy sausage, then consider switching it out with a bit of hamburger!

5. Garlic Chicken

Sometimes you just need a bit of chicken in your life. If you’re trying to avoid the hearty toppings, then it can be a tremendous substitute.

Simply order a pizza with some sliced chicken for toppings, with garlic sprinkled in throughout. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could switch out the red sauce for white sauce or pesto.

Doing so will have you feeling like you’re biting into a fettuccini alfredo dish. Most pizza shops throw a good amount of herbs on top as well, to perfect the taste.

6. Buffalo Ranch

Let’s stick with chicken for the last topping combo on this list. If you want to really expand the boundaries of a classic pizza dish, then find a place that will make you a buffalo ranch pizza.

The whole concept is a bit inside-out of the typical pie. Instead of putting sauce underneath, the cheese is placed on top of the crust, then the buffalo chicken, and then stripes of the ranch are poured over it.

Not only is it delicious, but it’s also a work of art! Buffalo sauce has a mild taste that blends perfectly with the ranch dressing. Mmm-mmm!

Invest in Pizza Topping Ideas for Your Family Today

Now that you have seen several mouth-watering pizza topping ideas on this list, be sure to give them all a shot!

Start by browsing our website for more articles on pizza topping ideas, as well as many other tasty ideas for your next dinner date.

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