5 signs which showing you the need of a new pair of tyres

When you go for a brisk jog or a brief walk, you feel tired. Similarly, every time you take your car for a drive, the tyres of your car take a hit.

When you go for a brisk jog or a brief walk, you feel tired. Similarly, every time you take your car for a drive, the tyres of your car take a hit.

Your car taking in damage when you hit the road does not mean you are a clumsy driver. Considering the fact that the tyre is the only component of the vehicle that has to make contact with the ground, it seems normal for the tyre to take some damage.

Many people ignore the tyres until they lead to a major breakdown or a tyre blowout. If the treads wear out completely, it can even lead to a loss of control while driving.

To keep you and your family save from any uncertainty, it is always better to keep a check on the health of your tyres. You can either let you mechanic have a look at your tyres and inspect it thoroughly or do it yourself by noticing some signs which indicate damaged tyres.

Tread of the tyre

The tread in the tyre plays a crucial role in making the journeys smooth and safe. Ensuring firm grip with the ground, the even tread makes the drive comfortable. It also ensures good braking ability.

While the tread of different tyres could be different, having a sufficient depth of tread to drive safely is necessary. For instance, off-road tyres have a sturdy tread that can grip uneven surfaces, while the passenger tyres have a different type of tread that is engineered to offer an optimal experience on well-paved roads such as highways.

Many countries have kept the minimum tread limit 1.6 millimetres and declared driving to be unsafe with a tread depth below it.

This tread limit is considered safe if you drive on roads and highways. If most of your time is spent driving on rough terrains like sand, gravel or mud, you need a much more aggressive tread.

You can use a gauge to measure the depth of your tread. Another easy method to check the tread depth is by putting an American penny into the tyre. The coin will have Abraham Lincoln’s face on it. Make sure the head of Lincoln is facing the tyre.

After you put it into the tyre, if Abraham face is covered with the tread, you are going to need a new set of tyres.

Today, modern tyres are coming with features which the older ones did not have. For instance, these tyres have built-in indicators which are barely visible when the tyre is new.

As the tyre gets old, these indicators become more visible. There will be a time when these indicators would be quite noticeable indicating that the tread has worn out.

Cracked Sidewalls

While the tread is the most important reason people have to change tyres, sidewalls are another part of the tyre which may tell you that you need new rubber.

Unlike the tread checking process, it is not complicated to check the sidewall for any damage. You can simply look for cracks or cuts.

If your sidewalls are damaged, it can even lead to a blowout which is definitely something you don’t want to happen.

So, when the tracks or cuts start appearing seriously, you better move the car to a mechanic repair shop or a car shop.

Bulges and Blisters on the Tire

When the surface of your tyre becomes fragile, it can make the tyre more prone to bulges and blisters that protrude from the outer surface. Tyre is like the human artery. When the vessels become weak, bulges on the vein occur that can cause it to blow anytime.

Similarly, in tyres, bulges on the outer surface of tyres are extremely dangerous as it can make the tyre blow anytime.

Vibration when driving

Vibration, when you are driving, is normal. Especially, when you drive with tyres which have aggressive tread such as off-road tyres.

But you already know how normal vibration feels like. If the magnitude of vibration is too high, there must be something wrong.

While there can be numerous reasons behind vibration including misaligned tyres or weak shocks, it can also indicate a problem with the tyre. It could be due to uneven wear of the tread.

So, the next time you feel an unusual vibration in the car, take it to the mechanic directly. Or, you can buy the best tires in Saudi Arabia by opting for the tyre that suits your needs best.



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