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5 Shampoos For Hair Loss – Do They Really Help?

hair growth shampoo

Hair loss is a huge and rather depressing issue for women and men alike. Stress, illness, hormone fluctuations, nutritional deficiencies and predisposition can cause your hair to become limp and thin and, in the worst case, fall out. Self-esteem suffers enormously as a result and women in particular no longer find themselves attractive and desirable. However, hair loss can be reduced and your hair growth can be positively influenced and supported, for example by taking hair vitamins.

But what else can you do to help your weakened hair roots? Since we wash our hair regularly and this is the be-all and end-all of our routine hair care, you should already take care of your hair with the right shampoo. Easier said than done, however. There are numerous hair loss shampoos on the market, all of which advertise to stop hair loss and also ensure better hair growth. No wonder if you lose track of the various shampoos and their effects. For this reason, we have compared 10 of the most effective shampoos against hair loss for you, whereby we also focus on the ingredients.

The Structure Shampoo from Dr. Klügel stimulates hair growth of thinning hair and can be used for hereditary hair loss. The scented hair growth shampoo is recommended for women and men alike. Hair growth is positively influenced and accelerated by high-quality ingredients such as panthenol, thiocyanate and allantoin, which stimulate cell formation.

The contained aloe vera, as well as silk and pearl proteins, make your hair wonderfully supple, shiny and your mane is noticeably easier to comb through. The active ingredients can be absorbed particularly well because the shampoo roughens the hair structure. Your hair will benefit from more volume and a better grip. You are looking for harmful additives, parabens, silicones and oils here without success. Fortunately, because these can prevent a deep cleansing effect and put additional strain on your weakened hair roots. In addition, the shampoo does not use hormones or any kind of animal testing. The mild shampoo against hair loss is suitable for daily hair washing and even for fine hair. Hair loss is reduced and your hair is also pampered with nourishing nutrients.

VIKI HEALTH argan oil shampoo

With the Argan Oil Shampoo, VIKI HEALTH has launched a special shampoo for damaged and very dry hair. In addition, it not only gives your hair curl and volume, but it also lets the hair grow faster and healthier. The argan oil contains valuable vitamin E, which protects your hair from external influences and supports the hair follicles in growth. Parabens, silicones and salts are not used, which is particularly gentle on the sensitive hair structure. The shampoo is very rich and particularly suitable for normal hair and against dandruff. If your hair regreases quickly, the very moisturizing shampoo is not the right choice for you. The scent is pleasant and the shampoo makes your hair soft and shiny. It can also absolutely convince with its effectiveness and the positive influence on hair growth. VIKI HEALTH offers a very economical shampoo against hair loss for a good price. Your hair will be delighted.

L’Oréal Professionnel Expert Inforcer Shampoo series

Especially if you often style or straighten your hair, the Inforcer Shampoo from the Expert series by L’Oréal Professionnel is an absolute must. Your hair structure is visibly smoothed and the result is shiny and healthy looking hair. To reduce hair breakage and to make your hair more resistant to external influences, both biotin and the strengthening vitamin B6 are contained in the Inforcer shampoo. After shampooing, your hair feels wonderfully soft and it can be easily combed through without a subsequent conditioner. The shampoo enchants with an intense scent and also sparkles pink. Your hair won’t benefit from this, but shampooing is even more fun this way.

You might also be interested in: The best shampoos for dry scalp With this nourishing shampoo, broken hair in the brush and in the shower is finally a thing of the past. Your mane will shine in a new shine – and not just because of the glitter contained in the shampoo – and will be strengthened and built up from the roots to the tips. The shampoo can also convince with a good price-performance ratio.

Goldwell Kerasilk Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

The anti-hair loss shampoo Kerasilk by Goldwell is especially for fine hair

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