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5 Reasons why you should have a BMW Tune Up!

BMW has become the esteemed producer of top tier cars. And with almost 100 years of history behind it there is an extremely broad model line-up. Which RPM Motorsport BMW Tune up administrations are created for. Here, we have built up a full scope of ECU BMW Tune up and Remapping for old and new models. RPM BMW Tune up is especially evolved in-house which empowers us to tailor it to your necessities and give the best arrangements available.

5 Reasons why you should have a BMW Tune Up!

1- Fuel Efficiency

Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency can be changed on the off chance that you know the speed at which your vehicle is driving at most of the time to have the best fuel efficiency.

For example, on the off chance that you generally stay local and drive under 30 MPH, you will require different settings from the ones in the event that you regularly spend hours driving down a freeway at 60 MPH or higher.

2- Horsepower

BMW Tune Up is additionally significant in getting the most torque out of your vehicle. You will actually be able to increment or decrement your motor’s fire up range. You can likewise increment or decrement your motor’s speed limit. These are valuable on the off chance that you need your BMW to drive at a higher speed for any given reason.

3- Upgrades

In the event that you will add upgrades or mods, you should make changes to the ECU to abstain from harming your system or reducing your ECU execution. On the off chance that you have another part introduced by an expert, the person in question will probably adjust your ECU to make it viable with the new redesign.

4- Annual Tune-Ups

It is particularly a smart idea to have a BMW Tune Up on the off chance that you have bought a new vehicle. When a new vehicle is released, it will accompany a stock tune. At that point, when the engineers make new, improved maps, these are distributed to dealers. Through a process known as flashing, the old map is erased, and the new map is put in its place. In any event, your vehicle ought to be adjusted each year just to be safe.

5-Tune Up Your Own BMW ECU

On the off chance that you might want to assume control over the Tune Up, another choice is to utilize a software and your own product program. At that point, with the correct connector, you can plug into your ECU and make essential changes. Car producers are often mediocre with the settings, and your BMW’s maximum capacity may need to be unpacked manually. It is a lot simpler than in the past when you actually needed to trade one ECU with another.

When Do You Get a BMW Tune-Up?

While tune-ups are necessary, many cars do not need them as much as other maintenance tasks, such as changing oil. You must possibly have a tune-up every 10,000 miles if you have a car from the 1970s or earlier. Despite some manufacturers’ recommendations for a 100,000-mile interval, most newer cars should be tested every 30,000–50,000 miles or so.

Tune-ups are important for ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your engine. Ask one of our knowledgeable technicians about our tune-up services the next time you visit RPM MOTORSPORT

Procedures for a General BMW Tune-Up

Tune-ups differ depending on the vehicle and the mechanic doing the work. A tune-up usually entails inspecting the engine for parts that need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Filters, spark plugs, belts and hoses, vehicle fluids, rotors, and distributor caps are also common places that are inspected. A visual inspection or a simple test is needed for many of these.

Although some of these tests can be performed at home. Having a skilled tune-up ensures that the engine is thoroughly examined.

Tune-ups at RPM MOTORSPORT can also include exhaust emissions analysis, ignition timing and idle speed control adjustments, and a detailed maintenance inspection.


So Contact us now, a devoted team that went through more than 20 years in the improvement of auto programming innovation. Get that BMW Tune Up you always wanted. Programming of your BMW now becomes easier with RPM MOTORSPORT

RPM BMW Tune up will give an entire host of advantages including greater force, improved drivability and keener throttle reaction. With our tuning, you can likewise see your BMW mileage and eco-friendliness improve.

Our BMW Tune Up gives an unmatched driving experience. And can without much of a stretch be introduced to your vehicle. We cover the whole model range; including 1 Series Tuning, 3 Series Tuning, 5 Series Tuning, 6 Series Tuning, 7 Series Tuning, X1 Tuning, X3 Tuning, X5 Tuning, X6 Tuning, Z3 Tuning, Z4 Tuning and all M Sport models. RPM MOTORSPORT provides wide BMW services. We cover everything your car needs. Visit for more info

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