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5 Keys to Success for Natural-Looking Breast Implants

In the last decade, the idea of self-care has really taken hold. Everyone deserves to feel good about ourselves and our lives, and that includes how we look. The rise in the number of breast augmentation procedures shows women are taking self-care to whole new levels and giving themselves the breasts they’ve always wanted. Whatever the reason—asymmetry, small size, or undesirable shape and lift—women are more comfortable than ever having their breasts enhanced with implants.

One of the biggest concerns patients express prior to breast augmentation surgery is making sure their final results appear natural. Women typically don’t wish for their breast augmentation to be overtly obvious, and are more resolute than ever about how they want that achieved. Below we share the 5 key strategies to obtaining the most natural-looking breast enhancements are performed.

1. The Type of the Implant

The contents of the breast implant significantly impact the way it feels when the breast is touched. Saline-filled implants were, for the longest time, the standard of breast implants, and they’ve been approved by the FDA for patients 18 years or older. What makes saline attractive is they can be filled to custom volume after they’re inserted, so women who are having breast augmentation to correct asymmetrically sized breasts can fill each side to different volumes for better overall balance and proportion. Saline implants, however, have a drawback in that they can ripple, which may be seen or felt on the outside of the breast.

Silicone implants have surpassed saline in popularity, mainly because the silicone filling feels and moves like natural breast tissue and does not have as high a chance of rippling. Because they’re pre-filled, whereas saline implants are filled after they’re placed in the patient, silicone implants require a bigger incision to insert. A skilled surgeon can camouflage the incision for improved scar healing, making silicone implants the most popular choice.

There’s a third type of implant, the stable implant, which is often referred to as the “gummy bear” implant. These implants have a thicker, more viscous filling than either saline or silicone, so they retain the intended shape better while remaining natural to the touch. They are also less likely to rupture or ripple than either saline or silicone.

2.The Shape of the Implant

The shape of the implant also matters. Women with a flatter breast profile may desire more roundness, which offers greater fullness of the upper breast pole. For others, an anatomical shape—thinner at the top with fullness rounding out the bottom for a teardrop shaped implant—is the way to go. Teardrop implants may be more appealing to women with tighter skin of the chest, which can show more detail at the top of the breast and make round implants seem quite abrupt in their slope.

3.The Size of the Implant

Sufficient size is the detail most people consider when planning a breast augmentation. Every woman has their perfect cup size in mind, but they may be surprised that a smaller implant more in proportion to their body and profile may prove a more beautiful enhancement than larger breasts. The profile of the implant itself refers to how much it projects from the breast wall, so a larger size may provide too much projection for women of smaller stature. Others may wish for a higher profile while relying on the shape and type of implant to maintain the natural appearance and feel. Every patient is unique, though a low to moderate profile is widely considered more natural-looking.

4.The Placement of Implant

The fourth key to natural-looking breast enhancement is the placement of the implant itself. There are two options, subglandular and submuscular.

Subglandular placement puts the implant in a pocket between the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle. The implant will not impact the muscle, and as such, it won’t move when the arm moves. This is ideal for those with enough soft tissue to fully cover the implant so the edges remain hidden.

Submuscular implant placement puts the implant behind the pectoralis muscle. This is a full coverage placement, so there’s little risk of rippling and is ideal for women with limited breast tissue. It can impact the pectoral muscle in ways that vary with activity, so be sure to check with your physician how this will specifically affect your body.

5.The Caliber of Your Surgeon

All of these choices pale in importance to the expertise and skill of your plastic surgeon. One type of technique is the Keller Funnel to insert the implants for a completely sterile approach, which helps minimize patient convalescence and reduce trauma to surrounding tissues. The more capable your physician, the more you’ll understand the entire process from start to finish. A qualified, experienced, and talented surgeon is where you should start your breast augmentation journey. That is the number one way to ensure you’re satisfied with your results.

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