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5 Innovative Uses of Retractable Banner Stands

Are you exhibiting at a trade show in the coming days? If so, then you should look for marketing tools that will promote your brand, products and services. Banners are one of such medium that can do wonders to your business. Now there are different types of banners to choose from but retractable banner stands are one of a kind and can’t be skipped at all. If you’re wondering why, keep reading this blog-post and find out how these banner stands can be used in different forms apart from just displaying your company.

How Retractable Banner Stands can be used? :Retractable banner stands can be used in these following ways:

  1. Photo and Video Backdrop

Who said Retractable Banner Stands are only used as advertising mediums? Instead they can be used as backdrops for taking photos and videos. Yes, you read that right. Use these banner stands and use them in the background and take photos and videos of your customers. This is especially applicable for customers that become winners of a few games arranged in your booth. In addition, it can also act as a mean to attract more customers to your trade show event.

  1. Selfie Booth: Let’s just face the fact that we live in a selfie-driven world where every second individual likes to take selfies. These banner stands can be used as selfie booths. In fact, as these banners will feature your company’s essentials, the selfies taken against these banner stands can promote your brand indirectly. Isn’t this exciting?
  1. Map Direction :If your customers are lost on the floor of the trade show event, these banner stands can direct them to the main place. Also, your company will be showcased throughout the place bringing you recognition. In fact, this way, people who are not aware of your company can find out about you. In a way, this helps in your publicity while guiding the audience to your booth.
  1. Increases Foot Traffic : Participating in a trade show is just the beginning. The main challenge is to gain enough foot traffic and reach out to as many people as possible. That’s when retractable banner stands come into the picture. They will be displayed at every interval to guide your potential customers to your booth. In fact, you can print your contact details on these banners so that people can get in touch with you later.
  1. Room Divider : In the end, these banner stands can also act as room dividers. This is especially applicable in trade shows where there is more than ine exhibitor sharing a booth. That’s when a retractable banner stand comes in handy. Place it where you wish to separate the space from your competitor.

When are you ordering Retractable Banner Stands?

Retractable banner stands can be useful in many ways as mentioned above. If you’re planning to get these marketing tools, get in touch with our experts at Heritage Printing and Graphics, they will guide you to choose from a wide variety. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and place your order right now!

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