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5 Good Habits For a Happy Life

Habit 1 : Meditation

Meditation provides a way of learning how to let go. As we sit the self we have been trying to Construct and Make into a nice, neat package Continues to unravel. – John Welwood
In Social Media Life Its easy get distracted from different things, but it takes Great Courage to Calm Our Monkey Mind. If You want to Calm your mind, meditation is the best practice which you can apply in your life & calm your monkey Mind. Meditation is Simple than you think, you Just need to Focus your mind on your breathing. Breathing Meditation is a best way to Start doing meditation, just daily 10 Minutes of Meditation Will Give You Positive Impact in Your day, it will Make you Calm, sharp and Help you enhance your Self-awareness.

Habit 2 : Reading

Maybe this is why we Read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books; to find words for what we already know. – Alberto Manguel
If You Want to Reach the height of Greatness then you need to become the Student of your Calling field. You need acquire specialized knowledge in Your field which will make You achieve More in Your Career. You need to Read at least One hour a day in your Calling because it will give your More Creative Ideas about Life or maybe change your Life Completely. The More books you read the More you know, the more You Know the More It will make you Smarter in Life.

Habit 3 : Self-discipline

We don’t have to be Smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the Rest. – Warren Buffet
If there is One thing which is stopping you from what you want it is Self-discipline. Its a discipline which will make you Work when you are not read to do, its discipline which will make you work when you feel procrastinate. As Jim Rohn says discipline is the foundation on which all success is built. Lack of self-discipline inevitable leads to Failure. If there is one thing which is protecting you from what you want is Self-discipline. You need to make a Self-discipline a habit if you want Inspire the World.

Habit 4 : Wake Up Early

Getting up early is a gift you give to yourself. Few disciplines have the power to transform your life as does the habit of early rising. – Robin Sharma
Waking Up Early is the Single habit which will Make your day more productive, happy, healthy and More Joyful. Wake Up early is the only habit which you can apply in your life & being ready for miracles. Wake up with determination to succeed, work on your priorities, Make an Impact in Your life. You Can Get a Lot More Work done just by waking up One Hour earlier in the Morning. Like, you Can Read Something Inspirational in your field or you can Meditate which will make you Successful Person in Life.

Habit 5 : Surround Yourself with Positive People

Surround Yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best Self. – Bill Gates
You Should make it a priority of Surrounding yourself with positive people who inspire you, Make you think outside of the box, who wants the best in you. Choose Your Friends with Care either they will lift you up or make you negative about life.

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