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Riding in a luxury Limo Ride is an exciting experience and something that we all don’t get the chance to do often. It is important to have fun when you are riding in style, but is is just as important to remember that it is not your vehicle. You should make sure to have the proper mannerisms when riding in a limousine. Here are five etiquette tips for riding in a limousine.

Plan In Advance
Make sure you make your plans and requests clear to the Limo Ride driver in advance. If the size of your party changes for any reason, make sure you let the service know so that they can make accommodations. Let them know about any stops you want to make and special requests such as a smoking vs non-smoking limousine.


The seat at the back right of a Limo Ride is generally known as the “power seat”. If there is one person who paid for the bulk of the limo or they are the reason for the celebration, that seat should be for them. The seats that face backwards are known as “jump seats” and are typically the least comfortable. When getting into the limousines, sit down first and then slide to your seat to ensure safety.

Exiting The Limo
When it’s time to get out of the limousine, stay seated until the limo comes to a complete stop and wait until the door is opened for you. Your chauffeur will assist you with exiting the vehicle and you should take advantage of this, especially if you have heels on. Make sure you aren’t leaving behind any trash in the limousine.

While limousines are spacious vehicles and can come with a lot of alcohol, make sure to take good care of the Limo Ride. You don’t want to destroy any parts of it or stick your head out of the sunroof. Make sure you are respectful to your chauffeur at all times.


Your chauffeur is proving you with a service, so it’s not a bad idea to offer him a tip after the limousine ride has come to an end. This shows your gratitude for his service. A general rule for tipping your limo driver is to give them 15-20 percent of what the bill was. As long as your driver provided great service, a tip is well deserved.


You have already decided that you want to travel in style for the next party you throw, but now you need to decide specifically which luxury vehicle you want to travel in. From regular limousines to limo buses to luxury coach buses, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are some things to consider when choosing a luxury vehicle for your next party to make your decision easier.

How Many People Are Coming?
Are you hosting a small party with just a few close friends or are you trying to do it big and invite the entire city? This is a very important question when trying to decide which luxury vehicle to invest in. For smaller parties, a regular limousine will do just fine for transporting everyone. If you are traveling with a larger crowd, you may want to think about a stretch limo or a limo bus to fit everyone comfortably.

Where Are You Going?
Is your party at a club down the street from your home or are you taking a road trip to a place further away? For long road trips, you may want to consider a luxury coach bus so that everyone is comfortable and ready for the long ride. If you don’t even have a venue picked out, consider a limo bus! You can throw your party on the limo bus and not even have to worry about picking a destination!

Your budget is an important factor in your decision because although a luxury SUV stretch limo may seem like the way to go, it has to fit in your budget. For those on a tighter budget, a regular limousine is a great option and will still provide you with the luxury travel you desire. If you are going all out for your party, then your options are endless!


When it comes to planning your big wedding day, you have to organize everything from a venue to decorations to food and cake designs. There is so much that goes into planning for your dream wedding and it can be really stressful. You want every detail of your wedding to be perfect, and that includes the transportation to and from the wedding. Here are four reasons why it is essential to book a Limo Ride for your bridal party.

A bridal party should never have to drive to the wedding venue (considering driving in a wedding or bridesmaids dress and heels is NOT an easy task). Booking a series of taxis or using a ride sharing service will end up costing you and your bridal party more money in the end, especially if you need more than one. A limousine typically can comfortably fit 12 people and there are stretch Limo Ride that fit even more! Your entire party can ride in style at a fair price!

Without the stress of figuring out how everyone is going to get to the wedding, you have a lot more time to worry about other things. Even though we all hope that everything is ready by the day of the wedding, there are always some last minute details to work out. A limousine eliminates the worry of you possibly having to drive to your own wedding, instead allowing you to relax on your way there.

Limousine drivers are trained professionals and are well experienced in safe driving. You don’t have to worry about a taxi or Uber swerving in and out of traffic. Or your heel breaking because you pushed on the gas a little too hard while driving. Limo Ride drivers are well versed in road safety and receive regular safety record inspections to ensure this.

You can not be late to your own wedding, but sometimes traffic is unpredictable. Being stuck in heavy traffic on your way to get married is not an ideal situation. And can cause a lot of stress and nerves. Limousine drivers know the surrounding area very well and research what traffic is going to be like in advance. That way, they pick the fastest route to get you to your wedding on time.


You have decided to invest in a corporate car service for your business, which is one of the best decisions you could have made. A corporate car service makes business trips easy and stress free. You eliminate the worry of getting lost in a new city and being late for important meetings as well as just the stress of driving. You want to choose the best corporate car service for your business, so here are four tips to help you choose the right one.

Chauffeurs Vs. Drivers
The words chauffeur and driver may get interchanged often, but they are actually different. Drivers may not have all of the etiquette that a chauffeur can provide for you. Drivers can work for any ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft, so they generally give more casual service. When looking for a good corporate car service. You want to look for one that hires chauffeurs. Who will give you only outstanding, professional service the entire time.

Look At Vehicle Options
When it comes to your corporate car service, you want to ride in style at all times. Make sure that when you are making your decision. You look at all of the vehicles the service has to offer. Limo Ride offers everything from luxury SUVs to luxury Limo Ride and even mini coach buses for larger group travel.

Explore Their Services
Before making your final decision, you want to make sure the company provides the services you are looking for. If your business travel requires getting on and off of planes. You want your corporate car service to include airport transportation. You also want a service that can take you to and from your business meetings in timely fashion.

Read Customer Reviews
This is a very important and often missed step. A company will always try to upsell themselves, even if they aren’t that great. Customers, however, will give you their honest opinions on their experience with a company. In order to choose the best corporate car service. You want to make sure they receive positive review from past customers.

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