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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Mobile Application Rank Higher On App Store

App store optimization is the hidden coal mine found recently by digital marketers. As it is important for your website to rank higher in search engine result pages, it is equally important for your mobile application to be shown in the first three results of the app store.

The real question is how are you going to do that?

Now you have built an application perfectly working on mobile devices. Great job, it was a hard step and you have successfully passed that stage. Here comes the next and more important step; making your website rank higher on App Store.

What is App Store Optimization?

Many people surely have heard of search engine optimization, but are new to the term ‘App Store Optimization’. To make it easier for everyone to understand, it is the same as search engine optimization.

You work on different techniques and create new strategies to make your website rank higher in search engine result pages, similarly, you work on your app and use different strategies to make it rank higher on the app store.

People nowadays prefer having an application of everything on their mobile phone rather than using a browser. It is relatively more time consuming and a lot of people find it inconvenient. Mobile phone applications make everything just a click away and people find it easier to use.

Why do you need ASO?

ASO (App store optimization) saves you from paid downloads and helps you increase the organic traffic on your app. ASO and UA, both work the best together and help the mobile application to generate potential revenue.

By UA strategy you can attract more high-value users who actually want to purchase or download your application rather than attracting the wrong audience.

Coming back to ASO, applications are huge businesses, gigantic businesses that many people do not even know about. People take applications and development of applications very lightly. However, applications play a vital part in achieving your desired revenue. The application industry is in the hot area for quite some time now and the area is not getting cool down anytime soon. Let me prove my point with the numbers that are usually more believable and acceptable; The compound annual growth rate is 19%, which is a huge hit. What more do you need? When it is still growing and still on the rise.

This article will give you knowledge about how to rank higher in app store.

If you want to ace the ASO game keep reading;




Facts and Statistics

Do not lose focus as I am about to bombard you with the numbers and your brain needs time to let it sink.

There are 41% of active users that actively search and browse the app store in quest of finding new applications, they choose the app store over search engines. Out of those 41% users, 12% of them actively browse the app store on daily basis. This is not all, 50% of active users search for an app at least once a week. Make a guess of how many new queries google must be generating every month? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? Over 6 million queries are generated on daily basis on google play.

Do not worry, you are not behind the game. You are about to discover the hidden treasure on how to champion this league and gain profit.


  1. Title

Do you also believe in changing titles? Did someone also tell you about switching your title to rank higher? Time to bust the myth, you have to stick with your title is the real way.

The title often seems like a pretty line, but that one pretty sentence can do wonders. You can play with the words to win the users over.

Apart from that, the title is the most crucial piece of your metadata. All you have to do is see things from the users’ point of view. If you can think what the user must be thinking while searching for the app, then bam, no search engine result page can stop your app from ranking higher.

Another key is to use the keywords. Try to use your main keywords in your title and it will definitely never leave the memory of the search engine and your app will be always remembered and shown without any doubt.

Keep it short and sweet. Your title should not exceed the character limit as nobody likes a lengthy title. It should be a one-liner and instantly click the user’s mind that what your app is about. So, be creative.


  1. Keywords

Keywords are not just for search engine optimization. I am going to repeat it if you did not get me in the first time, keywords are not for search engine optimization only. Keywords play an important not just important most important part in App Store Optimization too.

Now do not stuff your mobile application with keywords as Apple report applications for keyword stuffing, but this does not in any way mean that you cannot use it. Use of keywords is as important, you can use it in title and meta description to make it rank higher. To make it known and shown by the engine to make it visible on the result page.

According to the fact, applications that use keywords in their title and meta description rank 10.3% higher than the application that does not.

  1. Spamming

It is understandable that ranking can be your only goal, but do not discard that other factors in order to increase the ranking. People usually tend to ignore the other important parts and end up increasing the spam score of their application.

Keep in mind the other factors too, you do not want to attract the wrong audience. What’s the point of rank higher with the help of the wrong description and end up getting the wrong user when they will leave after reading the description?

  1. Description

The description is a very important part to achieve your desired ranking. You may ask how? The first thing that comes to mind;

Keywords? Without any doubt, keywords will make your website rank higher. You can use keywords and make your website known to searchers.

What about the user? The most important part that description plays is helping users gain a proper understanding of what your app is actually about. An explanation that actually explains is rare to find, so do not just stuff keywords, try to make sense too. Help your user understand what they will get after downloading or purchasing your application. Attract them through your description and make them download it.

Just like the description design also plays an important part to know more about it click here: design

  1. Application SizeASO of mobile application

This is the most neglected step. Your app size matters, it is not just a number, it can actually help you get much higher conversion from play store view to download. If your app size is lesser than 5 MB then google will be notified that this app is worth downloading and a user would want to download it.

There are many tools you can use to reduce your application’s size and they will definitely help you rank higher.


These ways can only help you rank higher, but to get more good reviews and be in the good books your application should be user-friendly and efficiently working. The more efficient your application would be the big of a success it will become.

If you have a perfectly working application, then great, you now have the techniques you can use too. So, what are you waiting for? Give your competition a competition.





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