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4 Ways Your Business Can Leverage All Those Great New iOS 15 Features

The Apple iOS 15 upgrade is chock full of new features. Some are designed to improve productivity, some are fun and creative, and some will spawn new business ideas for internal business applications or for the consumer market.

In this article, we discuss four (4) of the new iOS 15 features and how a business might use these features to develop innovative solutions and products.


This new feature is especially useful for non-profit businesses, governments or business with a global reach. Live Translate, and Apple Translate enable users to translate text in any application they have loaded on their Apple device. Users can leverage spell check, and communicate in numerous languages using social media, video and text editing. These new features provide support for vertical industries, e.g., hospitality, travel, media, education, non-profit and outreach and global corporations and allow users to communicate using voice, text and camera, and to work with native keyboards for various languages. Developers can leverage built-in translation features and build mobile apps to support global education, language apps, global project team communication, etc.

Image Recognition

The Image Recognition feature allows users to search, find and recognize files with photographs, and to rebuild images, and identify images in places, messages, people, using technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These features can identify locations, people, objects and text within any image. These new features allow businesses to employ image recognition for things like plant identification, fossil identification, bird identification, location and geographical location, farming, online shopping sites. Businesses can build an app that gathers and identifies restaurant dishes and foods, and calculates calories to educate users in advance of ordering. The application can also be used in mobile apps that are designed to recognize faces and objects, to perform image searches across the web, etc. There are numerous applications for this technology in the facial recognition market. Law enforcement agencies can use this feature to search images on social media or across the web to find and locate individuals.

Digital Wallet

The new Apple wallet is integrated with Safari so users can swipe and navigate between tabs and wallet entries. There is support for additional keys and smart access to unlock homes, offices and cars. The new wallet also improves security for online payments, provides a history of transactions, and enables users to add debit cards and credit cards and to transfer funds using Apple Cash. This feature would be useful for businesses that offer online payment for products or services, non-profit businesses that teach money management, businesses that offer security products and smart products for the home, and businesses engaging with contactless payment opportunities can use these features to easily and quickly process payments. These types of features can be integrated with third-party apps and used in museums, amusement parks, and many other vertical industries. Businesses can also integrate third-party apps into the functionality of their mobile app development services and can offer gift cards, local loyalty cards and discounts – all online from within the app.


This new feature can be especially useful for businesses that need to locate and summarize all the interactions and important information about a person, employee or customers. SpotLight provides on-device speech recognition for intelligent searching using voice commands, textual query or images. A business might use these features for customer service, sales or other functional where it is important to gather and leverage information about recent purchases, special days on the calendar like anniversaries or birthdays, recent conversations and inquiries, photos and collaboration – all in one place. These features can also be helpful for health care providers, therapists, clergy, schools and other counseling and community environments.

If your business wants to leverage the many benefits of the iOS and the new Apple iOS 15 environment, it can engage an IT consulting partner – one with the skills and experience to determine requirements and to recommend the best way to build on the iOS operating system to achieve your business goals. For more information visit our Blog.

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