4 Unpopular Traits Of Event Professionals That Must Be Avoided

A person can have good habits as well as bad habits. You should always follow good habits. Some people take interest in jogging as the sun rises. It is a good habit and the people must continue doing it. On the other hand, bad habits should always be avoided. If someone has bad habits then these are not good for him. A lot of excuses and weak thinking are associated with these. People are usually unaware of the reason behind these habits. It can be your friend or parent or colleague from where these are inherited. Our decision-making ability is unconsciously played by these people. The way we perceive risk is affected by those habits of event planning that are bad. If we have done something wrong in the beginning then we will continue doing it wrong in the future also. Now I am going to tell you 4 unpopular traits of event professionals that must be avoided.

1. Sometimes they take shortcuts – A lot of risks are usually associated in taking shortcuts. The environment in which we are living is evolving at a fast rate. Every minute, changes can be seen in the event industry. What will happen if we take shortcuts in the field of technology? It can result in delivering bad experience to those attendees that are tech savvy. In the mainstream campaigns that happen around the world, a communication tool that is very powerful is the use of hashtags. Various opportunities of marketing and engagement can be at risk if hashtags are ignored just because of the reason we are not familiar with hashtags.

2. Sometimes they carry paper binders that are massive – Some years ago massive paper binders were carried by most of the event professionals. At that time, it was acceptable but with the coming of tablets in the market, the requirement of carrying all that has gone as everything can be noted down in the tablet. Your event’s every stage can be planned by using several apps present in this nice device. You can use different types of apps for selling tickets online, team collaboration, Gantt and Calendar. Because of this, the current time is the time when apps are in trend and you can do proper planning by using these. By using tablets, a lot of papers can be saved and your burden can also be reduced with this.

3. They use WiFi at the place where the event is taking place – A few years back the audience were not having any issue if WiFi does not work properly. After 2 or 3 years they began writing about this on social networks. But now most of the audiences are taking less interest if WiFi stops working in the event. The event can be a corporate meeting or a trade show or a conference.

4. Sometimes they allow AV guys to use social media – A high resolution content can be provided at a fast speed by making the use of tech tools which are offered by AV guys. These people are considered as the event’s geeks. These people are not responsible for customer satisfaction, marketing and content. For instance, there are certain technicians that are extremely talented. If without knowing about the topic of discussion these people are arranged for moderating the walls of Twitter then a lot of colleagues can leave. It is necessary that for the event, the selected channels of social media should be controlled by you only. You must not delegate this crucial activity to the other people on which you do not have any confidence.

If you are interested in organizing ceremonies, festivals, trade shows, concerts or conferences then you should contact a very good company of event management.

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