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4 Things You Need to Know About Muscle Definition

Muscle definition is one of the best remedies to boost self-esteem. And those who enter a gym usually want to achieve these two goals. The good news is that, with effort and dedication, anyone can do it.
To learn how, check out this post 4 tips that will help you understand what it is and how to achieve the dreamed muscle definition.
It is important for the student to define what type of muscle definition he wants to achieve. The physical assessment is the first step in this direction. If the intention is to perform a training for definition, it is necessary to stimulate this with exercises for hypertrophy.
The technical manager of Companhia Athletica, Cacá Ferreira, explains that it is almost always necessary to do a work of mass gain when thinking about muscle definition.


The hypertrophy training is, in general, made up of 3 or 4 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions of the exercises to define the body.
You will work separately, all muscle groups in an intense way, close to the maximum weight you can handle for a certain number of repetitions.

1) Training for muscle definition: am I at risk of getting broken? 

A common concern for beginners is to think that when doing a hypertrophy job, training for muscle definition will make them “too big” or “too broken up”, in the well-known language of the fitness world.
Do not worry! To become an Arnold Schwarzenegger requires years of very intense training and massive amounts of dietary supplements.
With proper training, muscle gains are always gradual and, of course, will assist in muscle definition.

2) How to define the body: aerobics help burn fat 

“The appearance of the muscles is related to a low layer of fat below the skin”, reinforces Cacá Ferreira.
If the person gains muscle without losing fat he will develop a more swollen appearance, but in order to have muscle definition it is necessary to promote fat loss.
When thinking about defining the body, it is more important to look at the measurements than the weight itself. The training for muscle definition can make a person gain weight (muscle), even losing fat.
In addition to taking care of food, it is important to perform aerobic exercises to transform fat into the main fuel for the body.
In the training for muscle definition aerobic exercises are added as:

  • Running;
  • Swimming;
  • Walk;
  • Boxing;
  • Football;

Aerobic training can be performed right after the hypertrophy work, to potentiate the burning of fat.

3) Diet for muscle definition: good nutrition is the basis

There is a famous phrase that makes perfect sense when it comes to muscle definition: “you are what you eat”. Food is important for both the process of hypertrophy and fat loss.
When thinking about how to get muscle fast, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates and proteins. The first will be the main fuel, both during definition training and muscle regeneration.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that in order to burn fat and define muscles, you don’t have to eat. Aerobic training can be performed right after the hypertrophy work, to potentiate the burning of fat.
Proteins, in addition to being essential for hypertrophy, help to speed up metabolism, which also favors fat loss.
The ideal is to have small meals every 3 hours, to maintain the proper energy level throughout the day. In addition, this regularity also favors metabolism.
The need for dietary supplements – such as maltodextrin (carbohydrate) and whey protein (protein), for example – varies according to intensity and purpose. For a more accurate food program, consultation with a sports nutritionist is recommended. You may even try taking supplements like humatrope 72iu as it works amazing.

4) Exercises to define the body: good sleep is another ally

While the person sleeps, the cells that have been destroyed during training are repaired. So, the more intense the definition training, the more important a good night’s sleep becomes.
It is during sleep that the body produces growth hormone (GH, from Growth Hormone) and makes protein synthesis, which are essential processes for hypertrophy.
Good rest is also what will allow the practitioner to have the ideal conditions for the next day’s training. But it takes balance.
The ideal is to sleep around 8 hours a day. Care must be taken not to extend this sleep for a period longer than the body is used to, changing the personal biological clock.
It is best to always try to sleep the same amount of hours, at the same time.
So, following these 4 tips and having the guidance of a good physical education professional, the person will achieve their goals.
Defining your muscles is not a simple task, it requires almost daily dedication and effort.
The results, however, are extremely rewarding for those who are willing to face the challenge.

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