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Food and Drink

4 Good Reasons to Start Eating Nuts More Often

Nuts are readily available, and plenty of dishes incorporate them. However, are you consuming enough nuts in your daily diet for it to make an impact? Crunchy and tasty nuts work wonders for the body. They have a host of health benefits that can prove beneficial for you in the long term. Thus, it is crucial to have more of them and purchase wholesale nuts and start adding them to your daily diet.

Nuts are loaded with antioxidants.

When it comes to antioxidants, nuts are considered powerhouses. Antioxidants will include polyphenols that can fight off oxidative stress by neutralising the free radicals and unstable molecules that may result in cell damage and increase the risk of fatal diseases.

In one study, it was found that walnuts have an optimum capacity to eradicate free radicals compared to fish. The study also showed that antioxidants found in walnuts and almonds could be a protective factor to the delicate fats found in cells. It shields it from being damaged by oxidation.

Study proves that people who consume walnuts or almonds could increase their polyphenol levels and considerably reduce oxidative damage in their bodies. It is in contrast to those who were given a control meal.

The study also discovered that 2 to 8 hours after consuming whole pecans, participants could experience almost a 33% drop in the levels of bad cholesterol in their bodies which is a significant risk that triggers heart disease.

Nuts help in weight loss.

Although this may be considered a high-calorie food study suggests that nuts may help you lose weight.

One colossal study assessed the effects of a Mediterranean diet. It found that people who were provided meals with high amounts of nuts lost an average of 2 inches around their waist. It is considerably more than those given a diet high in olive oil.

In many cases, almonds are proven to prevent weight loss rather than weight gain in studies. Research also suggests that pistachios do help with weight loss too.

In one study of overweight women, those who consume almonds lost over three times as much weight and experienced a significantly more significant decrease in their waist size than the control group. You may want to purchase wholesale nuts and start adding them to your daily nutrition.

Nuts help lower cholesterol.

Nuts have an incredible effect on the cholesterol and triglyceride levels of individuals. Pistachios are known to decrease triglycerides. It also improves the condition of individuals who are obese and those who have diabetes.

In a one-week study of obese people, those who consume pistachios had a reduction of triglyceride levels of nearly 33% compared to the control group.

Nuts have cholesterol-lowering power due to their high content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Hazelnuts are also able to raise good cholesterol while mitigating bad cholesterol. In one study, it was found that sliced hazelnuts had comparable benefits on cholesterol levels.

Another study of women with metabolic syndrome showed that eating only an ounce of walnuts, peanuts, and pine nuts each day for six straight weeks considerably lowered every type of cholesterol, except the good kind, of course.

Nuts reduce inflammation

Nuts have a remarkable ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s mechanism of shielding itself from injury and other potentially harmful elements. Both chronic and long-term inflammation can result in damaged organs and enhance the risk of fatal diseases. Research suggests that consuming nuts may mitigate inflammation and promotes healthy aging.

Nuts are a fantastic source of critical nutrients for your body. It has powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and pathogens. It should be easy to add nuts to your daily diet since it is such a delicious and tasty snack.

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