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4 Best Discount Real Estate Brokers In Hawaii

The property prices in Hawaii have shot up by about 20% in a single year. With such a rise in price, you can make your real estate transactions extremely profitable if you are planning to sell a property. And to make your home sale even more profitable, you can hire the services of a discount real estate broker who charges low commissions. You can even look for discount brokers who are experts in making quick property sales.

Learn about some of the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii in this piece. But before that, know how to work with the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii.

How to choose the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii?

Your complete home sale process would depend on one person—your real estate broker. You must look for particular characteristics of a realtor before hiring one.

Below are the things you must look for when hiring a real estate broker in Hawaii:

  • Professionalism

You will find that all the top realtors take themselves seriously. They tend to handle situations with sheer professionalism. Also, when you look for a professional real estate agent, you will most probably end up with a broker working with a marketable brand having a good online presence.

  • Responsiveness

The best real estate agents have another trait in common: you can ask them any of your concerns or questions concerning the sale of your home and you’ll get a quick response. Also, they are easy to connect to, via text or phone call.

  • Listening capability

The best real estate agents will be personable with you. They take the time out to listen to you, know you better, understand your goals, and ease any concerns you may have regarding the sale of your property.

  • Real estate knowledge

The best real estate broker isn’t traditional. In fact, she is constantly up to date with the ever-changing real estate market and has the know-how of how to tackle any situation that may arise in a home sale.

  • Charges less commission

As a home seller, you are responsible to give both seller and buyer agents their commissions. You must look out for real estate agents that charge fewer commissions while also listing your property on a multiple listing service. You can join a flat fee MLS platform like Houzeo to minimize your commission outgo. 

When compared to traditional realtor commissions, discount brokers must charge a low commission or flat fee.

  • Offer excellent customer service

The best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii offer top-notch customer service. They must also cover as many states as possible and charge lower fees.

  • Mobile app facility

Technology helps with home selling. If your agent can make the most of the automated services, she can offer you the required convenience. A good discount real estate broker also offers a mobile app facility so that you can access the platform on the go.

To find the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii, make a list of companies that offer the type of support and kind of service you need, and narrow down that list to the top two companies that offer the best rates as per your budget and target sale price. You can interview the agents later to choose one. Remember that you are hiring an agent here and not the brand.

The 4 best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii

Below are the four best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii:

  • Houzeo

Houzeo is not a discount real estate broker per se but it offers an excellent flat fee MLS service that can bring down your agent commission by a huge extent. It provides the best combination of technology, customer service, and discounts of most for sale by owner websites.

You don’t have to pay any listing agent commission with Houzeo. Also, the latest technology from the company gives you access to capabilities that were only accessible by real estate professionals in the past. You can use the Houzeo dashboard to manage your offers, request the best offer, counter an offer, and even manage your home showings. Also, the flat fee charged by Houzeo is transparent and there are no hidden fees involved.

You can get a fast listing and make quick changes with the 100% online Houzeo platform. Also, the TAT is less as your contracts are auto-generated and you get 5-star customer support.

  • Hawaii Flat Fee

Hawaii Flat Fee is one of the best flat fee MLS agencies in Hawaii. It offers FSBO services along with full broker assistance. They offer the FSBO listing option for USD 250. With this package, you can get your home listed on the Multiple Listing Service and circumvent paying any agent commission.

Hawaii Flat Fee also offers you the option to sign up for a full-service package with no upfront fees and for only 1% at closing. But you’d still have to pay a buyer’s agent commission from 1% to 3%. 

In comparison, Houzeo’s virtual full-service package is available for only 1% commission at closing, whatever the value of your house. So, you can get all the services of a real estate agent at a significantly lower charge with Houzeo.

  • Real Estate Agency LLC

Real Estate Agency LLC is another good full-service discount brokerage in Hawaii. It offers you multiple options with its discount packages and charges 2% to 6% commission. You can choose a package that suits your needs and offers you the most savings.

All agents of Real Estate Agency LLC are qualified and knowledgeable about the local real estate market. You can avail of professional extra services like online marketing, photography/videography, exposure on popular MLS sites, etc. with the agency.

  • UpNest

UpNest is a famous discount realtor marketplace where you can find the best local real estate agents in your area. They offer a no-obligation service using which UpNest offers you a list of top multiple agents to choose from within 24 hours of your signing up. The agent proposals from UpNest have a lot of information to help you choose the best discount real estate broker. However, you are not obligated to choose an agent from the list.

UpNest is selective in recruiting partner agents, which is rigorously followed as partner agents have to meet UpNest’s performance criteria. Agents compete for listings and so offer you low commissions. 

As there are no pre-approved commissions, the negotiation is left up to you. And so, you may end up paying more at UpNest as compared to other discount real estate brokers in Hawaii.

How Houzeo works

Below are the basic steps showing the working of Houzeo:

  • Step #1: Upon registering with Houzeo, you can access a seller dashboard and upload listing information and photos, avail of concierge support, and submit documents among other things. 
  • Step #2: As you fill in your property details, your property gets listed on the MLS within two days. The listing is also integrated with other top real estate websites like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin. You have an option to share your listing on social media as well.
  • Step #4: You can use the dashboard to manage offers and make a counter offer. 
  • Step #5: You can host open houses and manage the showings within the platform.
  • Step #6: You can close the deal with a few clicks with Houzeo as the paperwork for your transaction like generating agreements is possible at a click of a button with Houzeo.

Final word

Whether you want to make a quick property sale or make your home sale extremely profitable to you, discount real estate brokers in Hawaii can help you do both. Choose the best discount real estate broker in Hawaii for you from the above list.

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