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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an App

The use of mobile devices and the app created for them have soared over the last decades. It has replaced almost every way the usage of desktop computers and laptops; the key had been the accessibility, readiness, mobility, and handiness of the new devices such as tablets, small notebooks, electronic readers and notepads, etc. 


At last count, close to four billion people own these devices across the globe. Their users want the same accessibility to applications they would utilize on a laptop or desktop computer.


As consumer behavior continues to change, companies need to adapt their approach to ‘where their consumers are located.’ As a result, businesses are moving steadily towards making mobile apps commonplace as business tools and properties. One of the biggest business questions is how you can give your brand a competitive advantage. Answer: Smartphone Apps. Industry-leading companies are creating holistic experiences that harness the personal nature of mobile. Although there is still some hesitation regarding mobile apps, it is essential to realize that a native app is not just a mobile version of your website but also an enticing and insightful environment.


It’s the reason many businesses have created mobile apps for their products. It’s also a reason you should as well. Though the pandemic will end, and people will begin to spend more time away from their homes, they won’t go back to the old shopping ways. They’re used to the newest forms of eCommerce.


So, you need to create a mobile app today instead of later. Here are three reasons why your business should have one.

  1. You Don’t Have To Wait For Developers


You now can create a mobile app for your business in a few days without being a coding subject matter expert. You can learn how to start app development through an online do-it-yourself platform. Companies like Buildfire give you the necessary tools to create an app with the same quality controls you’d find with developers.


It’s done via app templates that work on both Android and Apple devices. You select the type you want and build your app around it. The most significant disadvantage to these platforms is there are so many extra options that you can turn your mobile app into something that customers can’t work with.


If you decide to build the app, then keep your customers first. In other words, it makes the user interface easy to operate and data compilation and display quick. Also, allow them to set their security options. This gives them a feeling of control and eases fears their devices will be hacked.

  1. It Adds A New Revenue Source


While it isn’t a guarantee, creating a mobile app increases the chances of a new revenue source, especially as more of your business moves online. The more people that use their mobile devices daily, the more they’ll utilize your business application.


On top of being an additional revenue source, a mobile app increases your prestige more than your website. Users that like your online presence bookmark your website. If they use it regularly, they add it to the browser’s shortcut bar for quick access.


On a smartphone or tablet, the icon that represents your business is displayed when it’s downloaded. This is what the user repeatedly sees when they access the app. If they start to access it frequently, the app might move from a secondary screen to the main one. Thus, it’s always in their line of sight when they unlock their device.

  1. It Adds Another Gateway For Incentives


Giveaways and incentives not only draw in new customers. They also keep them active or urge them to return if they haven’t visited in a while. A mobile application offers another gateway for these promotions.


It also adds another layer in the way incentives are handled. Your website allows you to give away items like a free eBook or coupon delivered via email. A mobile app provides a way to incentivize your business with a few swipes.


For instance, you can create a QR code or barcode to purchase one of your items for free or at a discount from a brick-and-mortar location. You can also design the incentive to pull up a live chat or zoom consultation session. The way the mobile universe is created, there are ideas that no one has come up with yet.


Of course, none of this can occur on the fly. You must develop a plan to make things happen. It’s not any different than what you did when your first started your business.


First, outline what you want the application to do. Next, focus on the design of the customer avatar. This can differ from the one you initially created for your business.


When these are done, determine how you want to promote the application and a timeline for its release. Don’t set a date until the application has cleared the quality control mechanism and has been tested on various mobile platforms. Finally, when you’re ready to release, make sure there’s an incentive to increase your customer base.

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