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3 Must-See Attractions in Dubai

When it comes to visiting the hottest spot on earth, swanky Dubai clicks your head that must be visited to be believed. This iconic destination has limitless magnificent spots and loads of diverse places such as record-breaking architecture located next to traditional quarters, heritage museums, cutting-edge galleries, traditional souks, skyscrapers, deserts and dreamy beaches which make it the top attraction in the world. The city is the honey pot for tourists, combining the charm and history of the Arabian Desert with the radiant facilities of a modern city to set a perfect variety of sightseeing when you are in Dubai.

The top attractions in the Emirate are a great place to start when planning a trip to Dubai. Though many cities have come close to rivaling its variety of awe-inspiring top attractions, few have been able to surpass the sheer number of outlets and types of sites that the small Emirate has to offer.

Here is the sheer number of the top attractions to tick off your sightseeing list in Dubai. But before we dive in, I have linked here free Viator Coupons (for that unlock cheapest Dubai tours so you can have an action-packed tour for just a small price!

1. Burj Khalifa- At the Top

Dubai’s landmark building Burj Khalifa- 828 meters high, gigantic above Dubai’s already drastically eminent elevated skyline is simply staggering. Your view across the city can be best appreciated from inside. The view from the Observation deck on the 124th floor is one of the must-see places for Treasure trove and must be added in the bucket list to complete the tour.

Tip:If you are planning to visit Burj Khalifa “At the Top”, booking your entrance ticket in advance can protect you from long queue-ups.

2. Dubai Fountain

One of the most iconic attractions in the city, with both inhabitants and tourists, is the eye-catching Dubai Fountain- world’s largest musical fountain. Beyond doubt is a must-visit destination located on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake between Souk AL Bahar and The Dubai Mall. 

3. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is Dubai’s largest shopping mall, positioned next to Burj Khalifa is a shopping and entertainment haven for both residents and tourists. With over 1200 shops and restaurants-well known for indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge indoor waterfall, and a giant Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo provide visitors amazing entertainment options. If you are a shopaholic, looking for an entertainment option, you may find numerous events such as Dubai Shopping festival and Dubai Summer Surprises.

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