3 Highest Yielding LED Grow Light 2021 Update

Things to consider before buying:


You absolutely need to ensure that you have an idea of the amount of space you want to cover with your LED lights. Each light has a maximum range of space that it can cover, and it’ll be important to understand the measurements of your grow space down to the centimeter. If you currently do not know what that is, you should find out now. After that is done, make sure you read reviews and feedback from others on the actual space that the LED light can cover (sometimes, products are not as advertised… shocking, I know).


This will be important as the higher-quality lights typically yield the best results. If you are a beginner, you will likely want to start with a lower priced option to get your feet feet wet. If you are more experienced, it never hurts to go with the quality, higher-priced option. In addition, brand and quality of the light is very important.


A full spectrum LED grow light will go a long way in terms of helping your plant growth.

Electrical Usage: 

Your LED lights will need to have durability and great electrical efficiency as well. A good LED light should be operating for at least 10-12 hours a day. When researching a good LED light, you’ll need to thoroughly understand what the total output is (1000w, 400w, 300w etc). The higher you go, the more powerful and more likely leads to less electrical usage (and more cost effective for you).

Light Control:

Depending on the stage, you’ll want to ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting (down to the exact hour).

We reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights available on the market as of November 2020 and write this simple artical to help you pick the highest yielding LED grow light.

Finding LED grow light for your indoor garden can be quite a tricky task, and that is why we have this post for you where you will find all the right answers!

BESTVA P1000 Samsung LM301B Quantum Board  is extremely powerful and has an actual wattage of 1000w, while consuming 340watts.  Sometimes with powerful lights you have to be careful with heat dissipation, but thankfully with this Philzon I haven’t experienced any heat dissipation related issues.
The high PAR output, combined with the full light spectrum, including UV and IR wavelengths, will mean your plants have everything they need to really max out their potential yield.
The lack of functionality such daisy chaining and veg and bloom switches means that this light is available at a very tempting price for growers looking for power over functionality.  These LED lights are very high functioning, and they definitely get the job done and focus on plant growth!
BESTVA P1000 Samsung LM301B Quantum Board is yet another powerful, highly efficient Best LED grow lights. It is 3 to 5 times more efficient than other HID and HPS lights.
It is full spectrum led grow light. The full spectrum wavelength is beneficial for all the stages of the cannabis plant. you can primarily use the greenhouse effect, plant factories, flower farming, indoor gardens, potted plants, tissue culture, marijuana, and cannabis.
Despite so many LED bulb and high light intensity, the Actual Power Consumption is far less. This Led Grow light is quite energy efficient.The grow light offers much more brightness than the other traditional LED chips. Even the brand assures of a much higher PAR/LUMEN output per LED bulb.
When you make orders, actual power consumption is a considerable point to take care. It will let you enjoy your marijuana farming at minimal costs and at the same time will give you the maximum yield. That’s why, this is best full spectrum led grow light.
ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board
If you want a more powerful indoor grow light, then ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board may be the one that you are looking for.ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board is the perfect LED grow light for your favorite plants if you are planning to have a high-yielding plant.
ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board grow lights have the best electric heat board in the industry, vital to increase LED efficiency, life, and spectrum stability.
Moreover, it has the biggest heat sink among commercial LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life.Also,this is an ultra-quiet model with long-life fans.
ECO Farm LED Grow Light is designed to distribute light without the light-robbing glass cover, which betters and dissipates heat more productively with the new calmer fans. ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board is more productive and powerful than any double-ended (DE) HPS. These grow lights better penetrate reliable canopies to create a superior yield with higher quality flowers and more trichomes.
Not just that, but it also saves money on the electrical, cooling, reflector, and bulb replacement costs. ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board lights are the best worth per watt of any commercial LED grow lights.
Final Thoughts:
I hope you found this article useful! All of the best LED grow lights reviewed in this article will do a solid job for your plants.
They’re all reasonably priced and produced by reliable manufacturers who offer good warranties and customer service.
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