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25 Insightful yet Kind Way to Help Your Beloved One Suffering From Cancer

Cancer is one of the painful diseases. It not only affects individuals suffering from cancer but the family of a person as well. The reason for it being a painful disease is that even though a person is keeping up with their health, at times, it goes unnoticed. But, early and timely detection can save a life. Oncologists at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Peshawar have reported that the recovery rate of the person suffering from cancer increases if it is diagnosed at an early stage. 

Now, if you get to know anyone in your family or friends who got diagnosed with cancer and you want to help. But, don’t know, how? Then, this article is for you.

Instead of you going to them and asking them directly how you can help your beloved one, it is better to do some research and then do it. This is due to the fact that there would be people, who might not feel comfortable asking for help. It may be too overwhelming for them or even make them anxious to do so.

So, now you must be thinking about how you can help them. After asking around and researching here are some suggestions for you in this regard.

Ways to Help A Cancer Patient

  • If they have no one to deliver their groceries or any household item, help them with it.
  • Help them with the dishes and laundry.
  • Help them with cleaning and cook food for them.
  • If the person has kids, then help the kids in getting ready for school.
  • Help their kids with the homework. 
  • Before visiting them, ask them as they might not feel comfortable.
  • When you visit them, bring them coffee or tea. But don’t bother them by staying long as it would be difficult for them to accompany you because of the fatigue due to their treatment.
  • Help the primary caregivers as well. Give them a break. Go to the doctor with the cancer patients in the primary caregiver’s place. Help them with the kids and pets. You can also help them over the weekend by allowing them to “de-stress”. This will surely help the primary caregiver so that he/she can have the energy to carry on with the treatment.
  • According to the best cancer doctors in Peshawar, the person suffering from cancer needs a checkup on time. So make sure to help your beloved one with the appointment. Once the treatment is over, make sure to help them in the follow-up. 
  • A cancer patient might not be able to show, but they suffer from severe anxiety. So, help them, by lending your “listening ear”. Your help can make a huge difference. 
  • Make sure to remember their appointments with the doctor. The memory of the patients is foggy due to the treatment. So, everything around them can be overwhelming. So, do take notes of their important appointments.
  • Prepare and deliver a meal to them.
  • While the patient is recovering from cancer, you can organize a bunch of family or friends who can prepare and deliver meals to them while they recover.
  • You can knit a scarf or cap for them.
  • Flowers, cards, candles, bubble bath, books, magazines, games, chocolates, pajamas, and anything else that’s fun, humorous, comforting, and delicious can perk up a patient particularly when they are feeling down
  • Pray for the patients or pray with them. It gives an infinite amount of courage to many patients in fighting against cancer.
  • You don’t have to give them any piece of advice. Just with them and listen to them. Give them your shoulder to cry on. If however, the patient won’t feel like opening up or talking to you, just sit with them. Your mere presence around them would soothe them. 
  • Play their favorite music as it can help them relax.
  • Stay connected with them even when you are away. You can do this by sending messages, calls, SMS, and emails or by cards. Let them feel blessed and know what you are thinking about them.
  • Send them greeting cards with cute instructions. This is a simple yet very adorable way of brightening their day.
  • Send them silly and fun text messages, emails, or memes. But, don’t overdo it.
  • Make a visit to them in a hospital to show that you care but don’t make the trip too long. 
  • Talk with them about their favorite TV shows or a book.
  • Tell them fun neighborhood stories as it would keep their mind off from cancer.
  • A good laugh is “irreplaceable medicine”. Help them laugh by sharing by telling them a funny story, joke or showing them a funny video.
  • Last, but not least, cancer patients don’t want to be treated differently. Motivate them, help them with rehab exercise, their medication, and eating on time.

TakeAway Note:

Remember that your effort, empathy, and kindness will make a huge difference in their life. It will help them in getting back to life.

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