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25 Daily Affirmations for Happiness & Positive Thinking

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How many times have you been affected by negative thoughts? Do your thoughts have an impact on your Happiness?

Staying happy and thinking positively can be a big challenge.  But what if I told you that could use certain happiness affirmations to keep you happy and help you think positively. (To learn more, here is a step-by-step process on how to use affirmations.)

In this article, you will discover 25 affirmations you can use to emphasize the happy things in your life.

25 Daily Affirmations for Happiness

Positive Thinking Affirmations
Positive Thinking Affirmations

1. Strength I know no weakness

The path to success is all about strength, no room for weakness. Despite everyone having weaknesses, it should not determine the outcome of your hard work. Focusing on strengths while minimizing the focus on weakness allows you to channel all your positive energy to succeed rather than compromising about your shortcomings. This phrase also enables you to focus on the positive side of challenges.

2. Good exercise and a healthy diet is all I need 

Diet and exercise are the keys to healthy living, nothing much. A good jog accompanied by a healthy meal will shape your future and the outcomes of your day. Diet and exercise are not only meant to keep your body fit, but they also facilitate the functionality of your brain. If you have not tried it yet, it is not late; you can change everything.

3. I have the excess energy needed to achieve success.

The biggest contribution of low feelings and poor performance is feigning weakness even where none exists. All the activities you partake in require energy. Compromising whether you are strong enough to achieve a task automatically renders you weak. Even in your weakest moments, when you have no more energy to push further, the belief that you have excess energy will drive you to your results.

4. Am patient enough to achieve my dreams

Patience guides success since it makes you understand that every small step at a time leads to ultimate success. Sometimes the path to achieving your dreams can bring a lot of obstacles in your way, mostly if the dreams are great. Being patient will help you understand every obstacle and teach you how to overcome them eventually without giving up. Patience means more than just guidance; it helps you evade some of the unseen huddles on your path, saving you from some troubles.

5. I am designed for greatness; poverty got no place in me.

Personal conviction is necessary for bringing out the star in you. Remember, we are all born stars; the problem is that some of us compromise our purpose in life and allow poverty and negative thinking into our lives. Overcoming poverty requires you to think of yourself as a great person. Our thought shape our lives, positive thinking will take you away from poverty, and negative thinking will drive you directly into poverty.

6. My dreams are valid; all I need is my commitment to achieving them.

There are certain requirements you need to make your dreams a reality. One of them is commitment, which is the greatest of them all. Commitment will drive you to your dreams without giving up regardless of the circumstances.

7. I choose to pursue peace and harmony every day of my life. 

Peace is the greatest jewel that you can pursue in life. Peace is necessary for success; peace is vital for development. Peace of the mind is also essential for how you relate with people.  There are means to achieve peace of the mind, such as yoga and meditation. If you feel restless, try them out.

8. I Am headed towards my ideal weight; nothing pulls me back.

There are numerous obstacles to weight loss; putting them aside will help you achieve your ultimate weight loss goals. Weight loss requires certain sacrifices that you must be willing to take at any time.

9. The universe exists to help me become great. 

How fair or unfair is the universe? Do you believe that fate determines everything in life? The reality is we shape our own lives, and fate is a consequence of our thinking. Your aspirations will determine how fate treats you if you focus on positivity and hard work, then fate shall grant and reward your aspirations. The universe means teamwork, and it plays more roles in your life. Believing in teamwork and executing it, will help you overcome certain challenges.

10. Negative opinions have no place in my mind.

Negativity is equal to failure; negative thinking takes away all the positive energy you have for the achievement of success. You should banish negative opinions from your brain because they only exist to bring you down and hinder your progress. Positivity plays a key role in your life since it gives you the ability to discern, evaluate, and make informed judgments in life.

11. Good things belong to me.

“We are all designed for greatness,” says the bible. Having the belief that you are great will help you see the positivity life brings your way, and the failures you experience in life are a result of your actions. This statement calls upon you to be responsible and teaches you how to work towards success.

12. It is never late

Panic is the greatest cause of failure when you are faced with pressure and a tight deadline. Confronting certain issues require a strong will and positive energy to succeed. Losing to a deadline should never discourage you; all you have to know is that you still have a chance to fight again and prove yourself even if the deadline has passed. Champions work to beat deadlines, and when they lose, they fight to achieve their dreams another day.

13. I care about my happiness

Imagine the feelings you get when you discover that you are responsible for your happiness. No one wants to be associated with sadness or anything negative. Realizing that you are responsible for your happiness makes you focus on things that will bring out the light in you rather than darkness.

14. Happiness is a choice.

Yes, happiness is indeed a choice; you either choose to be happy or sad.  Remember, no one is responsible for making you happy, happiness is a course you choose to pursue, and you will always enjoy the benefits.

15. Am committed to being a better person

There are many reasons why you should be a better person than others. You do not become a better person by being sad. Being committed to being a better person will always make you want to associate yourself with things and people that make you happy

16. I pursue Happiness regardless of the circumstances

Happiness is everything in life; not even money can surpass happiness. When faced with many challenges, the best way to stay focused in life is to be happy and radiate love from within. In moments of stress and trauma, happiness will let you focus on positivity and never quitting. The fact that you choose to be happy in all circumstances will always increase your lifespan. No more dying young as long as you choose happiness.

17. Positive people surround me.

Happiness is all about surrounding yourself with positive things and people. Surrounding yourself with positive people gives you love and teaches you how to see the positivity in things that surround you. Positive people will help you see the good in dark moments, and their happiness will radiate from you.

18. I got my freedom 

Freedom, freedom, freedom, nothing tastes like freedom. The fact that you are free from control, suppression, and authority just makes you feel good. Freedom has many benefits; among them is the ability to make personal choices and pursue your dreams. Freedom translates to happiness because no one would want to use their freedom to inflict pain on themselves.

19. The more challenges I face, the stronger I become

Challenges bring positivity and good in you. For some people, challenges bring negativity in their lives since challenges make them give up.  Believing that the challenges you face in life only make you a better person gives you a sense of joy and satisfaction regardless of the tough times you are going through. There are various ways of overcoming challenges, and one of them is thinking of challenges as situations meant to make you better.

20. Today will be my happiest day.

Living for today is all about living without worries about what tomorrow holds in place for you. Happiness is all about finding the perfect way to live for today full of happiness and no worries.

21. I am proud of myself.

Personal pride is the greatest source of happiness. Many people lose their happiness because of worrying about how they were created and what they do not have that others have. Being proud of what and who you are makes you happy regardless of how you look and what you do not have.

22. I am full of joy and love.

Love, joy makes you live longer. Happiness and love go in handy since happiness leads to love. A successful relationship is made of happy people willing to see the best in life.

23. Laughter and smiles make me live longer.

Laughing and smiling grants endless happiness.  In pursuit of happiness, the best you can do is to smile and laugh most of the time, regardless of the occasion. Laughter and a smile are also a means of attracting positive people into your life.

24. I choose to be positive.

Positivity is a matter of choice that you either choose to pursue or avoid. Positivity is the source of happiness.  Positivity will help you overcome some of the challenges that threaten to weigh you down and bring failure your way.

25. Am willing to accept me unconditionally

The secret to accepting who you are is to be thankful for everyone’s statement; however, how to mean they are. Being grateful has more impact than just making you feel happy.  Remember that as you accept yourself, negative comments have no place in your heart or mind.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Happiness

Happiness is a matter of choice, and the outcomes depend on how you choose to approach certain matters in life. The key to happiness is staying positive, regardless of the circumstances you go through.

As you chose to stay happy and cultivate positivity in your life, remember to have these affirmations on your notebook or wall so that you can go through them in the morning before you begin your day or as you head to bed. And as you focus on positive thinking and Happiness, remember that self-confidence is key to your happiness and positive thinking.

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