15 Interesting Plants For Your Adorable Home Garden

You can never go wrong with plants. It’s one of the many blessings and wonders that had ever lived and flourished in this world. It gives more than we can ask for, and a reasonable payback is to plant as much as we can so that the next generation can enjoy them abundantly. The good thing is that many people are starting to go green and plant various flowers like  in their respective homes.

These people had realized the value of plants and the benefits of gardening, and so should you! That’s right. With the right amount of knowledge and the right tips and tricks, you can kickstart your very own home garden. What’s more, is that you can start your abundant home garden with the most exciting plants below. Read on to know more.


One thing that makes hydrangeas the pride of most home gardens is their long-blooming shrubs and many bright colors. You can plant hydrangeas in the spring, summer, and fall. Also, a hydrangea works perfectly fine in containers, and it is recommended to start them in containers. Well-drained soil and enough watering will undeniably give you blooming hydrangeas as long as you want.


Cosmos are those plants that are undeniably low maintenance. They can thrive in hot, dry conditions and even in poor to average soil quality. When caring for cosmos, you don’t need to worry about them because they don’t need much, but they can give your garden a fresh vibe. Full sun and well-drained soil will do the trick for this ever-abundant flower. If you want an “instagramable” garden, adding cosmos will undoubtedly help you achieve that.


An eye-catcher plant, fuchsias are the rockstar of summer gardens. When you take care of fuchsias properly, they can be as bright as the summer sun, and they can even attract hummingbirds! Now, that’s a sight to see. They prefer moist but well-drained soil. Also, pruning fuchsias will encourage new growth. Finally, fuchsias are edible and great for decorative purposes, making them a best friend for creative people.


Another all-time favorite is dahlias. With their wide variety of shapes and colorful shades, dahlias are one of those sought-after plants for every home garden. They require well-drained, sandy soil, and full sun will give you a month-long bloom from dahlias. Also, they are fast-growing and relatively easy to cultivate. They thrive in most climates but not so much in hot and humid ones.


An easy-to-grow summer plant, zinnias are as magnificent as advertised. They like rich, well-drained soil and full sun, which is why they are perfect for your summer garden. What’s interesting is that zinnias come in many shapes! You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes that are a perfect fit for your garden. And what’s more exciting is that zinnias attract butterflies! Imagine a garden filled with colorful butterflies for your colorful home garden.


Snapdragons are a cold-weather plant grown as a perennial in zones 7 to 10 and an annual in other zones or regions. There are three exciting sizes to choose from when planting snapdragons: dwarf, intermediate, and tall. But whatever your preference, snapdragons can surely give your home garden a colorful and majestic vibe. And like any other plants, snapdragons require well-drained soil, regular watering, and full sun.


Dianthus comes in the shade of pink, purple, red, and white. They can bloom from May to August and have attractive green foliage making them the best for your garden. Plant dianthus in well-drained soil and full sun. You also need to remember that dianthus plants require adequate air circulation for a better result.


Coneflowers can grow up to six feet tall with the proper care and nutrition. They can bloom for months and can even tolerate drought. Like any other plants, coneflowers require well-drained soil and full sun, and you can sow the seeds in spring or fall. What’s more, coneflowers attract birds and pollinators, which is suitable for plant cultivation.


The name may be intimidating, but this plant is the complete opposite of the word impatient. Impatiens plants can bloom nonstop from June until frost. They can grow from 6 to 24 inches tall and have a wide variety of colors as well. When planting impatiens, you need to keep the soil moist and plant them in a partial or complete shade. One thing to remember is that impatiens prefer loamy soil for a more desirable result.


Another beautiful and elegant flower for your home garden is lupines. They can grow up to four feet tall and come in the shade of white, blue, yellow, purple, and pink. Lupines like average, well-drained, loose soil are often grown as annuals in zones 4 to 6 and produce seeds that can self-sow! They also attract butterflies making your home garden a magical one. You would never go wrong in your garden with lupines around.

Bat Flower

When speaking of interesting flowers, bat flowers will undeniably be a part of that list. With their ghostly bracts that resemble a bat’s wings and dark purple hue, bat flowers are perhaps one of the unique plants ever to set foot in your garden. However, you need to note that bat flowers require additional care and attention to thrive and flourish. Notably, a wide, shallow garden bed and rich, well-drained soil will help you kickstart your bat flowers to perfection.


When planting dicentra, you need to have a garden bed with rich, organic materials. To do this, you can add compost or leaf mold to achieve a soil fit for dicentra. Also, they require enough water to thrive. Remember all of this, and you’re sure to enjoy a “bleeding heart” flower in your home garden.

Bamboo Plant

Another interesting and attractive plant to include in your home garden is a bamboo plant. Looking at bamboo plants is like looking at a luxurious yet simple plant in your garden. What’s more interesting is that bamboo plants can also be planted as succulents. Bamboo plants require well-drained soil and full sun. They also love water, and as long as you keep them hydrated, then you’re good to go.


If you want attractive, then you might want to include alliums in your garden. Alliums are like fireworks in display with their round-shaped flower varying shades and sizes. No wonder they are sought-after garden flowers. Plant alliums in a location that receives 6 hours of direct sunlight and a moderate amount of water will boost their growth and overall appeal. You can also plant them in containers. Make sure that you put them in well-drained potting soil.


An all-time favorite, daffodils is as graceful and as elegant as its name. It has also become an inspiration in a lot of classic works of literature. There is no saying no to this ever beloved flower. Daffodils are a famous spring flower, and that will give you the first hint when planting them. They require well-drained soil and full sun to thrive and bloom. Another helpful tip is that they are hardy in zones 3-8.


There is no question that various plants give tremendous advantages and benefits. Starting your home garden with the plants mentioned above will make it a one-of-a-kind, colorful, and magical garden that is as interesting as it can get. Start your garden now!

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