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15 Big Mistakes I Made When Renovating My House

If launching into buying a home today is quite a feat, carrying out a comprehensive reform is almost an impossible mission. There are few testimonies that qualify it as a positive or slightly traumatic experience; In front of them, on the other hand, an infinity of anecdotes arise about the bad decisions made in the execution of a work, whose consequences are paid in the long term.

In order not to discourage the brave who face the transformation of their home in the coming months, we compile the most common mistakes that are made before, during, and after a renovation, and the effective way to avoid them – or minimize them -, thank you to the advice of experts. Because surviving a reform is possible, and you can even enjoy the experience.

1. Not sticking to a real budget

If you have not received a large inheritance, your budget is like that of most mortals and should be adjusted to a closed figure. The first mistake we make in reform is not to limit in the initial budget until the last expense. For this reason, it should be taken into account from large items to other more insignificant. The latter are crucial for a home to be practical and comfortable.

Another very common mistake is to request or accept modifications on what was originally proposed, without closing the economic amount that it entails. It usually happens with changes of small dimensions but that, when added, multiply the amount.

The same happens when we pay for the entire project, leaving items still pending, under an informal agreement to fix it later. Payments must be divided into three parts; the first at the beginning of the work, the second during the course of it and the last once all the works have been completed. Any extra expenses must be integrated into one of the three.

2. Do not take into account the unforeseen: the ‘just in case’ really happen

One of the most common unforeseen events that you can find, especially in old houses, are the unevenness of ceilings and walls. It is something that is not easy to detect and that can cause a good scare when finishing the work and place the carpentryPipes that break when changing tiles, reinforcement of structures or walls that require double insulation. So as not to listen to the neighbor every morning, are other misfortunes that we can predict in a reform.

It is not a question of guessing the future but of making the saying “prevention is better than cure”, leaving an economic item for possible unforeseen events that must be resolved. Between 10% and 20% will allow us to sleep more peacefully during the process.

3. Put aesthetics before functionality

Having a beautiful home is a natural and human desire, but comfort should be the guiding concept in any home and something you will value greatly in the long run. Exterior carpentry, heating and air conditioning, and, in general, thermo-acoustic insulation should all be considered.

The most important thing is to be realistic about your requirements and budget. You must prioritise and seek out the best attributes that can be obtained while avoiding unrealistic expectations.

4. Let’s face it: the real world is not Pinterest

This app changed our lives –aesthetically speaking–, becoming an effective and essential tool for any creative project. Thanks to his intelligent search, he manages to materialize in images many ideas that we have in mind, being able to even give an improved version of what we had. And, also, non-existent.

Sometimes these are only objects that are part of a decorative set in a magazine, products not available in our area – not online – or prohibitive because of their price. We must take these moodboards for what they are, inspirations that help us create our own style.Reform

5. Get desperate with deadlines

Time is one of the most stressful factors in the reform process. So we must arm ourselves with patience and assume that they are indicative and not definitive deadlines. It is essential to dedicate time to the design phase.

If we need to move in on a specific date without the possibility of delaying the work overtime. It must be established as a clause in the work contract. Normally, a minimum and maximum entry period is usually given. To heal ourselves in health and avoid future headaches, it is better to project on the second and think of a logistics plan B if it cannot be materialized.

6. Take very fixed ideas and do not let us advise

In reform, the building contractors london or architect will become a kind of couple in which you will deposit many of your illusions and a large sum of money. For this reason, it is important to trust your experience. And your desire for the result to satisfy you to the maximum. “The client is the main agent of a reform, his vision is essential to achieve a satisfactory result. But he has to leave room for professionals in aesthetic, technical and execution advice. “The most important thing is to put yourself in the hands of a good professional and that they guide you in your personal tastes and needs. But above all, trust and let them carry the weight of the whole process and the hassle that reform entails.”

They know how to materialize your wishes and will want the result to satisfy both parties. It is a work that bears his stamp, and in the end, word of mouth from a satisfied client is his cover letter for new jobs.

7. Have very diffuse ideas and get too carried away

A real testimony of how a bad decision on a construction site can turn into a headache and take away comfort from daily life. My kitchen does not have enough space to fold them down well and it is very uncomfortable to open them completely and thus ventilate correctly “.

As in your case, it is very common to make unfortunate decisions that can end up conditioning your day-to-day. Remember: no one knows your own tastes and needs better than yourself. “Asking too many people for advice on one of the most common mistakes that clients make”. If you consult everything with your environment, you will end up confused. Take some time to analyze what your true needs are. And convey them integrating the professional to carry out a project tailored to you is the basis of everything. It is good to discuss it later, if you want, with someone you trust, but without losing sight of your premises “.

8. Failure to save purchase tickets and warranty contracts

During the home renovation London, you will look for a multitude of bargains online among stock and sales web pages, and thus you will achieve significant savings in essential items such as kitchen appliances. That’s an advantage … Half. Remember that you cannot test it until you receive them.

For any change or claim you will always need the invoice or the purchase receipt, and do not forget to take a photo of both the product and the packaging before its start-up. They must always be tested within the warranty period, because it will be difficult to make any changes later.

9. Skimp on what’s important

One of the things in which it is most difficult for us to scratch our pockets during a reform is good quality materials. “It is very tempting to go for that tile that costs a third part and that shines the same. Because at first glance, they can look very similar. But the installer may give you unpleasant surprises when laying them and wear over time will put each one in its proper place.” Windows are another fundamental section in which they tend to try to reduce the outlay. And in the end, this takes its toll with poor insulation in the house.

If we want to adjust our budget, it is better to do without aesthetic issues than structural ones. “You can always live with a floor or a bathroom that does not fully suit your personal taste. But without any doubt what is essential is to distribute the space according to the needs of each one.

10. Buy furniture before the renovation is complete

It will be very difficult for you not to spend your idle hours during lunch. Or on public transport trips, looking at decoration pages, as well as succumbing to seasonal sales or making a purchase at a second-hand market.

Although we are very clear about how we want the distribution of each room through a home render or digital simulator, the final result can be far from the original idea, and in the end we are left with furniture that does not fit or does not fit well.

11. Not thinking of a design according to our life plan

If it is a primary residence, we must take into account whether in the future we plan to increase the number of people who share it or rent it. The open-plan loft-type environments are recommended for couples’ homes that do not require future remodeling. If, on the other hand, we want to incorporate a bedroom for children or for people in our charge, we will have to section the space with partitions that may be incompatible with built-in wardrobes and built-in shelves.

12. Do not create a mental distribution of space

It may seem irrelevant, but asking ourselves questions. Such as where the sofa will be placed and, therefore, the television, is something more important than we imagine. The connection cables to the TV can condition the distribution of a room, and if we do not foresee it, uncomfortable situations such as exposed cables or the rounding of doors can occur.

The place that light points occupy, for example, requires a time of reflection, to know well what we are going to need and the functionality we want for the home. We have more and more mobile electronic devices that end up accumulated in unsightly extension cords and power strips, something that can be avoided if we program it in advance.

13. Do not request several estimates to start the work as soon as possible

The success of reform is based on the trust and professionalism that we place in the person who carries it out. Therefore, deciding who is going to run it is the most important part of the entire process. It takes time and patience to compare various proposals and find the one that best suits our needs. “The process of selecting professionals should not be exclusively guided by the financial aspect. You have to look for references first and make sure that they are good professionals, serious and with enough personnel to carry out the work on time.

It is recommended to have a minimum of three project proposals. And a formal meeting in person with each of the potential candidates. Studying well the design, budget and professionalism of each one is essential. Contrasting the latter with references of work assumed in his study. In addition, if possible, it is advisable to contact the owners to see first-hand their experience.

14. Not being on top enough

It is not necessary to become a police dog and appear at all hours to see that everything is going well. But to be aware of decisions, many of which must be made at the moment. “The client must be very actively involved, especially in the data collection phase, giving a detailed account to the interior designers during the design process so that it is accurate”.

Sometimes, due to lack of time or misinformation, we are not present with invaluable moments that will later take their toll on us.

15. Not enjoying the process

They say that doing reform in the house is, together with a near-death, a separation or a move. It is  one of the worst experiences that adulthood goes through. But it can also be an enriching process that gives us hope if it is organized in an adequate and we anticipate problems that may arise along the way.

It is time to bring out our creative side and build our house from scratch in every detail. It will be your future home, and you can design it – almost – however, you want.

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