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10 Tips for Finding a Chauffeur London Service

A personal chauffeur service is increasingly popular for busy businessmen and women. It is essential to make sure that you do not miss any business meetings. There may be questions you have about hiring a Chauffeur in London for your bespoke service.

Below are some tips that we created to help you better understand how Platinum Cars works.

1, Punctuality

The best luxury chauffeur companies will guarantee their cars arrive on time. They will make sure your chauffeur leaves with enough time to pick you up. Traffic can sometimes cause chauffeurs to be delayed in extreme situations. Your chauffeur will receive a travel itinerary once your booking has been confirm. To ensure smooth operation, we use traffic technology to assist you on the day you book.

2, Professional andExperienced

Platinum Cars only hires experienced, highly qualified chauffeur drivers. It is important to consider the knowledge and familiarity of London when selecting chauffeur drivers. It is important to act professionally when dealing with VIPs or celebrities. Transport for London must license all London drivers. Before the client’s journey, they will receive contact information from their chauffeur.

3, Luxury Car Fleet

Platinum Cars clients can choose from our luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles like the Mercedes E-Class S-Class V-Class, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes E-Class, and Mercedes E-Class. Prices may vary depending upon which vehicle(s) you choose and how much time you need our services.

4, Registered Company

Platinum Cars is licensed as a private hire operator. We are also registered as a Limited company with Company House.

5, Additional Services

Platinum Cars’ vehicles come standard with free Wi-Fi. We also have daily newspapers, tissues, and multi-charging devices for mobile phones. To be able to arrange for any other requirements, we will require a confirmation from our clients.

6 Planning ahead

All clients who confirm their bookings can provide detailed instructions and information on any route they would like to take, or about the specific location they would like to visit. Any instructions you provide will be sent directly to your chauffeur.

Secured paymentsThe payment system is protected by a third party who has full control of all transactions. You will need to provide information when you pay by phone. This includes your full address, where your payment card has been register. This is to ensure that the bank can verify your card. The transaction is completely secure. Platinum Cars does not store card information nor activate payments without consent from its customers.

8, Five Star Review

Platinum Cars are proud to have many well-known clients. We are often able to look after politicians and celebrities as well as wealthy businessmen and women. We can provide references as well as advising new clients to review our 5-star Google reviews.

  1. Additional Support

Our experienced staff is always ready to help clients. They can assist with finding a specific address and tips and tricks on what to do and where to eat. Many of our customers work as Personal Assistants and request VIP care for their bosses.

10, Flexibility

Platinum Cars understands that Flexibility is essential in any business, whether it’s waiting time, unplanned returns or last-minute bookings.

Luxury chauffeur service can make your travel experience more enjoyable. Apart from using the services for your convenience, you can use them for your visitors to represent the company and its professionalism. Executive car service will never disappoint because the service providers are very selective with what matters most; they have professional drivers and first-class cars. With such, you can be sure that your high profile clients will be impress by your professionalism, and they will love doing business with you.


But whether you opt for the chauffeur services for your personal or business needs, the chauffeur is the person you will be dealing with throughout the rides. The chauffeur can make or break a good service and there are therefore qualities that should matter.

People skills – A good chauffeur has an easy time interacting with people he is providing the services to. They ought to be polite, pleasant and timely at the ideal time to strike conversations and let the customers enjoy the ride peacefully in silence. A chauffeur who is too chatty or too detached can be annoying and boring, respectively.

Attention to detail – A thoughtful chauffeur is always a valuable chauffeur. Customer is the king, and as so, they should be treat. A driver who plans for the customers’ needs beforehand and has items like tissues, shoe shine cloths and even umbrellas on board will always win at the end of the day. An attentive chauffeur will also ensure that climate control systems are always correctly functioning to keep customers as comfortable as possible during the rides.

Ability to keep calm even under pressure – This is essential because a chauffeur will meet all kinds of passengers. Whether the passengers are too excited and loud or in crappy moods and not very polite, the driver should know how to handle all situations best calmly. The same should go for situations such as unexpected traffic that can affect the delivery of the services. Only a calm chauffeur will be able to make all the right decisions during such pressured times.

Discretion – Professional and personal lives of people come with all sorts of moments and unfortunately, the chauffeur may be exposed to some of them in his line of duty. Some passengers are not always mindful or the privacy screen, leaving the chauffeur in full view of what is happening at the back. The most professional chauffeurs practice decorum, confidentiality and discretion at all times no matter what.

Punctuality – It is among the most important regardless of the clients the services are being extended to. An excellent chauffeur will actually arrive at the pickup location 15 minutes earlier. Mapping out all possible routes to the location beforehand, considering the weather and delays possible, will always put the chauffeur in a better position to choose the best alternate routes to keep time. Proper knowledge of the area is very important for any good chauffeur expect to deliver nothing short of the best.

chauffeur service London and you can relax even when your top profile clients are being ferried from one place to the other. Just ensure your London Chauffeur is cut to be the best.

A chauffeur service is, of course, one of the best ways of getting one’s “point across”, in business terms. If you want to make an impression, you hire a decent car and a good driver and have your clients driven around in style. There are, though, wheels within wheels – levels of chauffeuring that give out increasingly opulent signals of success. Anyone looking to find the best of the best need look no further than concierge chauffeur services: where everything that’s best about bespoke takes on a whole new meaning.

A chauffeur is more than just a driver. He, or she, is a complete personal assistant: a driver who is also a secretary; a secretary who is also a driver. He or she can arrange accommodation, set up meetings, find suitable entertainment and dining locations and sort out sightseeing trips for enthusiastic clients. They will come in a vehicle whose the hiring company has specified make and model. Their uniform can choose either to match one’s company colours or harmonise with general preferences on one’s client. Concierge chauffeur services, like the fine cars the chauffeurs drive, are all about attention to detail: about having the absolute best of everything at all times. Why settle for less?

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