10 Tips For Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

Eventually, after meeting someone special that you want to marry, you have to propose. In addition to a proposal, you need the ultimate engagement ring featuring an extraordinary diamond. Buying this ring will be an essential task that requires you to make all the right steps. For people who do not know about ring buying, here are ten tips to help you to the ideal ring for your proposal.

  • Have an idea in mind (be imaginative)

It is mandatory to do some research before buying any object. An idea will allow you to have a clear and concise image of what you expect to buy. For something as precious as an engagement ring that your partner will wear for the rest of her life, only the best selection will do.

This is what you will base your ring on. A great place to start is deciding on the shape of the stone as it is the most significant feature of any diamond ring. Getting it wrong can destroy the ring even if all the other decisions went well. 

  • Make a list of requirements

After searching and researching, you have enough information to write out a list of requirements. These checks are all the boxes that the ring must satisfy. The plan must include the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend. A slight idea about the desired metal for the band and stone shape and colour should be all features of this list. Things like whether it should be a clear diamond or icy diamond must be thought of in advance to avoid complications and waste of time. Remember to follow these guidelines strictly.

  • Choose a metal for the stone setting

In today’s market, there are several metals available; many people are opting for the coating variant. In this, the metal has a layer of another metal to increase its attractive element or to make it last longer. The option includes silver, gold, rose-gold, and platinum. Each has different prices, and you can pick according to budget. The ring band is a vital element of the ring, so choose a durable metal that does not tarnish (become black) or rust quickly. Generally, gold and platinum are the most corrosion-resistant metals for jewelry.


  • Specifications of the stone

Now you can have a closer look at the finer details of the stone. These four areas should be the core focus when picking a diamond for any reason. We refer to them as the four C’s.

  • Clarity is the number of inclusions appearing in the stone. These inclusions are impurities within the stone. It ranges from internally flawless being the best, to included being the lowest quality of a diamond.


  • Cut describes the shape in which the diamond appears. Cut embodies the physical appearance of the diamond ring. Various forms exist, picking the right one may be a difficult challenge, but we trust you will win this battle. Famous diamond cuts are princess, round, cushion, marquise, and many more.


  • Colour of a diamond does not end with clear diamonds. Many variations exist, this includes colour possessing stones (pink, blue, yellow, green etc.) as well as spotted stones (icy diamonds). Once you choose this, the rest will be a breeze.


  • Carat is a term only heard in the diamond and jewelry world. Carat is the standard measurement that defines diamond weight. Choose your carat value to get a better idea of the stone’s sizes.


  • Establish the right ring size

Imagine buying a beautiful ring just to find out it does not fit her finger. A disaster, right? We strongly advise you to finalise the ring size that will work for her to avoid an accident. Maybe you can even take a ring of hers for sizing, that is if you do not know her size and do not want to ask her. 


  • Did GIA approve the diamonds?

Due to the circulation of conflict diamonds which fuels illegal mining operations, you should avoid these at all costs. How to do this? Buy from jewellery stores that have global certification, ask for documentation to be shown before handing over the money. Do not fall prey to empty promises as most people do.

  • Opinion matters

Buying a valuable jewel such as a diamond engagement ring requires a second opinion even if you are an expert. Take a family member or a friend, someone whose opinion you trust. They will provide a new perspective that can help you point out problems or future issues you may encounter.


  •  Take a final look

After you have made adjustments to the ring in any way, it is almost time to close the deal. First, you should have a final look to check that the final product is according to your wants. Just to make sure something was not done without your consent.


  • Pricing and payment

To make sure you get the best deal, try to negotiate to some degree, especially if you are slightly over your budget. The final price is determined by what carat a diamond is, the band metal, diamond cut, making charges, and tax. A ring can cost anywhere between $2000-$5000 depending on choice. Decide how you will pay and keep it ready to speed up the process, beware of additional costs!


  •  Check the T’s and C’s

If something happens and cleaning or fixing has to be done, take a look at the terms and conditions to check if you will get free services or what the price will be to get this taken care of fast. Some fixing shops are not reliable, so the best is to get it done at the same shop. Also, other information regarding exchange and refunds is given in terms of service agreement. Make sure you keep the certificate and receipt safe for future use.

Now that you have these tips to guide you, there should be nothing stopping you from getting the best values for your money. Good luck with your proposal and we hope your fiance loves the diamond ring you buy her.

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