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When it comes to accessories, we are all aware that they hold the power to elevate your fashion game up a notch. The warm summer and chilly winters come through with new trendsetters each year. The power of accessories could make or break a look, but we sure do love them, don’t we? Some people adore accessorizing & few don’t dig it. But what we do know is, every person has at least one or two accessories lying in their wardrobe. Everyone has a go-to pick, which could be as small as a hairband or as dramatic as chunky multi-layer pieces. 

We have witnessed all the fads & hot-for-a-second collections past few decades but, what about the classics? Let’s talk minimalism! You might love or hate accessorizing, but we have a couple of the best minimal sets you need to have in your closet. Allow us to tell you about the trendiest picks this 2021. The pandemic has been a stressful time for everyone & with things looking up now, we can all gasp for a breath of relief. We all have been taking our time to get back to the fast-paced life again, likewise with the fashion industry. The latest must-have accessories trending this season have been quite minimal. With everyone taking baby steps to get back onto their feet, allow us to do the work on your behalf. Let us introduce you to the must-have accessories in your closet hot this season.


Ditch them metallic flats and adopt these simple flats with platforms. They are fresh in this season and could help elevate anyone steps up their style game. We think these are just about right for anyone and are an absolute must-have because these beauties come with the glam of heels but the comfort of flats. The platform flats can easily be paired over the simplest of outfits or the most glamourous ones. They do the job and are an absolute must-have accessory in everyone’s wardrobe.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest


The versatile white shoes are a must-have accessory for every human out there! These are just about right for any occasion, from formal to the most casual days. They make you look x10 times more fashionable & by the looks of it, they are here to stay. The thing that you wouldn’t be expecting is probably white boots. Trust us, we know it sounds super experimental but, these gorgeous footwear work like magic. They are so in this 2021! These are just as versatile as white sneakers but with a level up of glam. They are an absolute must-have no matter what season.

Picture Courtesy – Provivus           


In recent years, we’ve seen scarves transform from purpose to purpose. Starting from headwrap, right up till scarf tie tops. Scarves have been worn by plenty of creators in the most unconventional ways lately. Hence, the reason scarves score onto this list because they are as versatile as they can get. This year of 2021, scarves have been trending all over again in Babushka style. The possibilities are endless, making it a must-have in your closet.

Picture Courtesy – Popsugar


Be it a cross-body bag, fanny pack, or over-the-neck bags. The body bags aren’t just super functional accessories but also serve the purpose of convenience. If you are someone who likes to keep it fuss-free & hate the thought of holding a handbag, then these are the must-have bags for you. They are an absolute go-to for many, be it a party or a trekking outing. This season, we’ve seen plenty of body bags making their way in the form of ‘over the neck mini bags. They aren’t just cute and functional but also perk up an outfit.

              Picture Courtesy – Glamour UK, Just Fanny Pack & Harper’s Bazaar


Don’t you think it’s just overwhelming when it comes to our haircare? As crucial as hair products that are just the right accessories for hair care & styling are, it’s also vital to pick hair ties that don’t cause breakage. How often do you end up cribbing at hair breakage due to rubber hair ties? Pretty often, we suppose! Ditch those rubber hair-ties and adopt these pretty silk scrunchie hot this 2021. They are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe as they don’t just help you reduce breakage but are super trendy.

                                                          Picture Courtesy – Pinterest


Delicate jewelry is a core accessory to own as they are an evergreen treasure. Invest in dainty delicate necklaces, earrings, or fingerings. They are practically suitable for any occasion. They balance out simplicity & minimalism yet giving you an elegant & fashionable look. Lately, multilayer neckpieces & beaded minimalistic are making their way into every rack & we are in love!

Picture Courtesy – Ring Concierge


We think it’s high time we make facial masks a must-have in every closet, even post the pandemic. Masks haven’t just been crucial for safe & healthy living, but they have also earned a spot in the fashion world. Get yourself a simple printed day-to-day mask or a glamourous sequins black mask, whichever floats your boat. These are essential accessories for everyone out there!

Picture Courtesy – BAnu Designs


We think everyone needs to invest in a good pair of stockings as an addition to their fashion closet. They are elegant and make any outfit fashionably cozy when paired together. Get yourself the right pair of fashionable stockings & they can come in handy in multiple ways. They are perfect for any season and any occasion and are the classics that never run out of style. It always makes a comeback as a fishnet or lace stockings or maybe something else, but they do. 

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest


What could be better than watches as a hand accessory? We cannot think of a time that watches ran out of style. They are one of the few classics that are here to stay. Metallic watches are few of the things that can be accepted on dollar splurge as a reasonable excuse. It’s a must to invest in these functional yet fashionable beauties. 

Picture Courtesy – Reddit


We don’t think we need to mention this one! It goes without mention that sunglasses are a must-have in everyone’s closet. Aviators are one of the coolest pairs of shades to beat the heat. These sunnies go with almost any outfit and can suit any face type. So, don’t think twice before investing in a good pair of Ray-Ban’s as they are essential. Another pair of sunglasses that have been breaking the trend chart lately are the rectangular cat-eye sunnies.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest


These must-haves are our recommendation for this season. They are an absolute essential in everyone’s closet and can turn your style game up a notch. These suggestions aren’t just evergreen classics but are curated and picked to match today’s style as well. The most important tip we are about to give you is that your smile & confidence are the best accessories you can own. So, put on a smile and fix your crown queen because this world is your runway.

Amidst all the new fashion trends somwhere down the line, we are forgetting all the old fashion trends that have ruled the world for so many years. Check out this article on an ultimate guide to organic clothing.

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