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10 Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain That Everyone Must Try

In our stressful life, where we have a tight schedule and often lead a hectic life, it is recommended to practice yoga daily. Yoga is now embraced by people all around the world. It has been an absolute game-changer and has helped people cope with difficult situations by calming them down.

There are numerous exercises, and Yoga and Ayurveda both have a deep root. However, to simplify things, we will speak of some beneficial exercise that helps calm ourselves and relax us from back pain.

To make this content easy to read, we will divide it into parts and state which pranayamas you should follow for which type of pain. Other than that, we will also look at the Yoga school in Rishikesh and its methods.


The Yoga Poses

These exercises are called Pranayamas, and there are different types of Pranayamas. These Pranayamas are not only for a clean body and mind, but they also make you strong and help you tackle a complex, hectic life. So here we are with our list of pranayamas that you should practice for your back pain.


We will start with lower back pain at first.


Downward Dog –

Downward Dog Yoga Pose

This pranayama reduces lower back pain. To practice this, you have to first sit on your knees, stretch the upper part of your body, rest your hands on the floor, and then pull the sitting bones towards the ceiling. Make sure your shoulder and hip positioning are correctly placed.

Extended Triangle Pose-

Triangle Pose

This pranayama stretches all your body spots and helps them to rejuvenate. Other than the lower back part, this one is also good for strengthening your shoulder and hips. All you need to do is stretch your arms, both your hands and legs, take your hand on one side and touch the floor. Do it with one hand each.

Standing Forward Bend-

This is a very simple pose, and everybody must know about this pose. For this pranayama, you have to stand straight and bend over to touch your ankles. Make sure that you don’t bend your back, and it stretches to the maximum when you are practicing this exercise.

These three exercises are primarily for lower back pain, and we will now move to activities that you need to practice for your middle back pain.

Bridge Pose-

This yoga pose helps correct your back posture and strengthens your knees and your entire leg. To practice this, you have you lie on the floor and fold your leg. After that, you have to push your waist upwards and slowly downwards. This will continue for the entire duration, and your hands should be kept at the side.

Half Lord of the Fishes-

This is a complex pose, and you have to make sure that all your postures are correct, or else it can cause you great trouble in the further run. This yoga is a twisting exercise, so in a way, it strengthens your hands, limbs, and back. To practice this yoga, put your back on your hip, fold your knees and sit cross-legged. Elevate your knees and keep another hand on your knees. Now twist your body and stay for a few seconds, and release. Carry this on.


Due to pandemics, many yoga studios are now offering the online yoga teacher training course and we strongly recommend you to start with the 200 hour online yoga teacher training course to get certified as a yoga instructor.

Child’s Pose-

Child Pose

Although we say that this yoga is for middle back pain, you can surely try this out for any back pain. This pose stretches your entire backbone and strengthens it. For this pose, you have to rest your knees on the floor and extend the upper part of your body with the hands kept in front. Keep in that position for a few seconds, and then release your body. Continue this for few more times.

Cobra’s pose-

as the name suggests, this pose almost looks like a cobra’s pose. Here you have to rest your entire lower part of the body and uplift the upper part. Make sure that your hands are not at rest when you are doing this exercise. You can keep your hand at rest when relaxing. Practice this for a few minutes.

Other than these few poses, there are different poses that can help you strengthen your upper back and your side muscles and hands and limbs. So here are the few poses that can help you with your upper back pain.

Two knee Spinal Twist-

This is a twisting motion exercise that restores the balance between your knees, backbone, and your back. Thus we can say that the twisting activities are very beneficial for back pain, and anyone with any back pain can practice this type of yoga. To practice this exercise, you have to lay on your back, straighten your hands, and slowly twist your knees on either side of your body.

Locust Pose-

This pose is where you need to lay on your belly and fall flat on the floor. Stretch your hands and legs and then slowly uplift your legs and your hands resting your stomach. This will cause a stretch on every part of your body, thereby giving an excellent posture to your body. This is also known as Superman Pose.

Seated Forward Bend-

This is not a unique pose and is very easy. For doing this, you have to sit, and without bending your toes and your feet, you have to touch your toes with your hand. This is known as the seated forward bend, and you have to make sure that your body stretches to the maximum and is beneficial for your body.

These are the types of yoga poses that you need to practice when facing any back pain. Yoga, as we know, is therapeutical and is very helpful. Hence we should all practice this daily to fit our bodies.


Yoga and Rishikesh 

There are few places in India that attract tourists all over the world every year. Rishikesh is one of the many. Set at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas in North India, this place has primarily risen to fame for the Yoga schools set up in this. The excellent system and 100 Hou Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is one of the prime attractions in that area.

Several ashrams are located in this place. Most of them are founded by famous Maharishis and are influenced by their philosophies and ideas. The renowned music band, The Beatles, also had a brief stay in Rishikesh and found spirituality in the foothills of these Garhwal Himalayas. The Beatles were probably the doorway to the foreign fame of Rishikesh, and now Rishikesh is famously the Yoga capital of the World. The yoga scenes in Rishikesh are some of the healthiest ones, and you will get to know a lot about the Indian Vedic culture and the oldest culture of the world if you visit this place.



We have given you several poses that will help you deal with the difficulty you are facing with your back. These poses can help you have a better life if you practice them regularly. Other than that, if you are planning to visit Rishikesh, then chances are there that you will learn the system to reset yourself and start your journey once again. This process of reformation will help you find the real meaning of life. Rishikesh, in general, is a land of ashramas, so visit this beautiful place situated in the lap of nature and grab the beauty by diving deep into solitude.

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