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10 Best Tips for your Switzerland Vacation

Switzerland is one of the most dreamy places to visit for a vacation. With alpine lakes, spectacular cliff-faced mountains, rose-filled glades, beautiful towns, alphorns, and free-ranging dairy cows, Switzerland is bursting at the seams. Because of its majestic beauty embellished with lakes and the Alps, this country has inspired the thoughts and hearts of tourists from all over the world. But whenever we travel to a new place we always get confused about what we should prepare for the vacation in advance. But you don’t have to worry anymore because I have made a list of tips you can keep in mind before you leave for your next journey. Do check out Switzerland Tourism for more information about your vacation in Switzerland visit

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10 Best Tips for your Switzerland Vacation:

  • Swiss Travel Pass
  • Weather
  • When to go
  • What to Wear
  • What to Pack
  • Look out for closing timings
  • Don’t buy water
  • Travel Budget
  • Language
  • Money

Swiss Travel Pass

Due to perfect transport system in the country, it’s pretty smooth to tour around Switzerland. It covers every single thing from boats to trains and cable cars. If you want to travel through different cities getting a Swiss Travel Pass will be perfect as it includes unlimited travel throughout rail, bus and boat Swiss Travel System network. Another pro of getting a Swiss Travel Pass is that you can get free entrance to about 500 museums and exhibitions   .

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Don’t forget to check the weather in Switzerland regularly to save time. Be flexible in your activity schedule. If it’s a rainy day and you can’t go hiking dont get upset and waste your whole day. Choose something else that can be done being favourable to the weather. You can always check webcams to check the weather of a particular place as all the famous places have websites that have pages for webcams.

Travel Time

If you travel to Switzerland during the summer that means any time between July to August it would be perfect as the weather is light and you can enjoy the scenic view more. Your visiting in autumn prompt hiking to be your selected activity on your to-do-list. If you want a quiet time without many tourists then May would be perfect as it is the off season in Switzerland.

What to Wear

I would recommend dressing in layers as different places in Switzerland happen to have different temperatures. If you go on to the mountains it tends to get colder so if you dress in layers you will have the option of adding or removing clothing as needed. And if you are in a city then there is no need to do that as it would be pretty clear what the weather along the day would be like.

You Need Small Travel Pack

When it comes to packing you should pack as lightly as possible because it will make moving a lot easier. While traveling to different cities you have to travel by train a lot and trains don’t have much space to carry around a big bag so the smaller the bag the easier it would be for you. Smaller bags are easier to fit in small places, you can easily put a small bag next to you.

Look out for closing timings

Keeping an eye on the closing timings would be a smart thing to do especially if you are in a small town many places are closed from 12-2pm for lunch and in the evening also they close up pretty early around 5pm. Rest is a thing in this country, as it is in many other European countries. This means that many stores close for a long time in the evening as owners take a nap or simply relax. The shops close at a reasonable hour in the evening. Furthermore, a huge number of stores are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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Safe Money on Drinking Water

Buying bottled water in Switzerland would be a total waste of money as this country has the world’s cleanest and best tasting tap water. You can directly drink from the tap or the free flowing fountains across the city. It is pretty safe to drink water from them.

Local chocolatiers sell Swiss chocolates.

Your fun isn’t complete without experimenting with chocolates. Switzerland is known for its sweet treats, and you can’t leave without picking up a few packets or boxes. Even though the chocolates offered in high-end stores normally have more appealing packaging, choose the ones sold by local chocolatiers because they are generally better in flavour and may save you a few dollars.

Travel Budget

Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to visit but with a little preparation you can make it budget friendly. As far as travelling, travelling passes are the best choice. The economy also revolves around the tourism sector and which makes the hotels to be pricey . Since you love it, then you have to pay for it .

For accommodations either you can opt for staying outside the city or stay in hostels. Well supermarkets will be the best option when it comes to access to cheap food or you can cook by yourself because sit down restaurants are more on the pricey side.

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Switzerland has four officially spoken languages which are German, French, Italian and Romansh. It can be pretty confusing in which language to greet the locals then German would be the safest choice as it is the most popular one. But mostly everyone can speak and understand English well enough so it shouldn’t be a problem communicating. You can as well download interpreter on your phone to familiarise yourself with smidgen of Swiss-German.


For almost everything you do you can pay by credit cards as most of them accept them. But for travelling in taxis and shopping in markets you will need some cash. Some of them may also accept credit cards. The local currency is Swiss Franc in Switzerland. You should note down that there is not a tipping culture in Switzerland because the service charge is included in the meal itself. Go prepared with Swiss Franc, because the exchange rate might not be favourable and easy to do . Remember you are on vacation and you don’t want to be stressed and stranded .

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Quick Travel Tips for Switzerland

“Hello” and “Danke” are the Swiss German equivalents of “Hello” and “Thank You.” Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland. What to Bring: It all depends on the season and what you’re doing. Mountain and hiking clothing are always a good idea in late spring, but you’ll need your cold-weather gear in the fall and winter. If you plan on skiing in the magnificent Swiss Alps, don’t forget your ski equipment! Fantastic! You can embark on your own journey now that you know everything with these Switzerland suggestions.

Hope these tips help you when you embark for your next adventure. So keep calm and travel on.

HAVE A NICE TRIP! Awesome! Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Switzerland, you may embark on your own trip. Pickyourtrail  Switzerland tour packages are the perfect choice if you want some specialists on your side.


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