#1 UX Design Course in Pune with Practical Approach

There is no exact universal definition of UX design. We simply say that UX design is “User Experience Design.” But don’t you feel like knowing more about this unexplored path? UX design courses are the best way to explore this topic and be one of the few skilled ones in the art of User Experience Design. Let us understand more about the UX design course in Pune so you can make an informed decision.

According to a study conducted by the Oxford Journal, while interacting with computers, they found that UX design courses help students improve customer satisfaction and generate a loyal customer base. It is done by using the utilities provided and guiding consumers to products that bring them utmost pleasure.

Reasons why UX Designing is the Future of Designing

As said by the designer Frank Chimero, ‘People ignore design that ignores people.’ UX design works on the same principle of improving the user’s experience on a website. There has been an increase in demand for UX designers in the job market by 70%. Understand UX designing a little better by understanding the reason it is becoming the most sought after skill in designers.

User Understanding:

As the name suggests, UX designing understands the user’s behavioural patterns and their needs. Then it uses these needs and behavioural patterns to design a website to attract the user and give them a positive service based on the same.

Beauty with Brains:

Like a person who has both beauty and brain attracts people, a website with both beauty and functionality attracts users. The design does not solely focus on the beauty of the website but also the smoothness by which a user can reach the product they require. By implementing UX design course in Pune, you can solve a lot of problems that decrease the inflow of traffic on the website.

Refinement and Repetition:

UX designers work in a cycle of focus, understanding, implementing, and testing. The cycle not only helps improve the website visibility but also solves any user-related problems that occur on the website. A website undergoes constant refinement and searches for better answers to improve the experience of the consumers.

Designs based on Reality:

Many times we come across a website that seems too far fetched for us or too unrealistic. UX designers focus on real-life experiences to help people evolve. Instead of doing things the hard way, UX designs help produce simpler solutions that can be used by people in their everyday life.

Why choose the UX Design Course?

While designing a website, we know that the first impression of the customer is the most important. About 94% of the first impression of a consumer is related to the design. Website designers have found that using UX designs can drastically improve the chances of a website gaining loyal and lasting consumers.

Who are the most common applicants for the course?

Whether online or offline, almost all businesses depend on their websites to gather larger markets for their products. In such a fast-paced world, the design of a website decides the amount of traffic it attracts. Therefore website and app designers who have UI/UX design skills are in high demand. Many people have started taking weekend courses to gain these skills and attract better job opportunities.

The UX designing course can be taken by anyone interested, a student, an entrepreneur, a working professional, engineer, or even someone looking for a career change. This course provides the perfect opportunity for you to do what you are passionate about.

The most common applicants for the course are people from the same field but are looking to add to their skills. They include


  • Graphic Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Front end Developers
  • Creative Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Print Designers
  • Product Managers


What does a UX Designing Course offer?

There are several advantages that UX designing skills provide you. As mentioned by Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products, UX design is the process that determines what the consumer’s experience will be.

By taking UX Designing Course students


  • Understand and analyze the data available about user behaviour, the user wants, and user needs.
  • Understand how to portray a product for the user’s needs by finding their pain points.
  • Conduct and participate in a team/external discussion on the designing process.
  • Properly present their research and plans of the design to the product team for proof of submission.
  • Attract customers to the product by generating leads based on the user’s wants and needs.
  • Understand how responsive a website is to optimize it and create more content that can attract consumers.
  • Use both low fidelity wireframes and high fidelity wireframes.
  • Understand colour, typography and consistency in a website to match users’ preferences.
  • Understand information architecture to help create or improve the design of an app or a website.
  • Understanding the UI principles to understand the psychological aspects and impacts of design.


How to choose a Designing Institute for a UX Designing Course?

According to Tomer Sharon, UX designing is the art and the science of generating positive emotions for the user’s who interact with the products or services. So when choosing your designing institute, make no compromises.

When one chooses an institute to learn, there are a few quality and comfort checks that one can follow.

Accredited College:

Don’t you think a known brand makes a product more special? In the same manner, a prestigious accredited college acts like a brand name in your resume. They are essential if you wish to work in an international company, get a high-level job or work in a well-known company. Getting a high-level paying job means that you need to have a lot of experience unless you are from an accredited college. Accreditations are always helpful for your future.

Good Mentorship Programs:

When taking up a new skill, you need to make sure that your teacher and mentor is someone that knows the subject well and can actually help you when you encounter a problem. Choose UX design courses in Pune that provide mentors that have fitting experience in the field.

Time Schedule:

There are two types of individuals who apply for this course. The first type is the students who have just graduated or are still pursuing their studies. They are people who can afford full-time courses. They have the time to pursue this skill before they enter the working society. Full-time courses can provide them with a better understanding and implementation of the course than the part-time pursuers.

The second type of individuals are those who are already working in society and wish to gain the skill of UX designing. They either want the skills to get a better job, get a promotion or change their career paths. These are the kind of people who would benefit the most from part-time or weekend courses. In these courses, an individual can skip the hard choice of choosing between their job and studies. Not only does it help keep both these aspects of life separate, but it provides you with a better financial stand and education.

Syllabus Coverage:

Just like Paul Boag (one of the three founders of Headscape) once said,’To be a great designer, you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act.’Before you begin the course, you must understand that UX designing is a very vast topic. You need to decide which all angles of User Experience design you wish to pursue. Make a list of the sub-subjects you are interested in and then compare them. You can pull up the list of institutions that you wish to go to and compare their curriculum with your list. This narrows down your choices to the ones that suit you best.

UX design makes us realize how important a role both the creativity and the functionality of a website play. It also helps a designer understand its target audience and how to improve their experience when on the websites. The UX Design Course in Pune help designers understand and analyze the data that one gathers during UX research and how to implement this data in the designs they create. By choosing a course that matches their interests, there is no doubt that they will achieve their goals.

If you are a designer who is working and wants to learn UX Design Course in Pune on the weekends, then try MIT ID Innovation’s UX Design Course in Pune. Our classes start from November 2021 and are held every Saturday for 3 hours. The course will be taught over nine months by Mr Kiran Sabnis, who has 25 years of experience in the field of designing. MIT ID Innovation aims to create comprehensive innovators who can easily implement future technology and trends in their creative minds. The students are inspired to make their mark in the global, political, social, economic and technological fields worldwide. MIT ID Innovation offers the best Innovation and Design Thinking Courses in Pune.


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