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Nick Ragle Released Funds for My Project Based on My Interest with Discretion

All sizes and types of businesses need financing to grow at some point. When looking for fund-raising solutions, paying attention to market opportunities, performance, and level of expertise is extremely important. I have heard about many funding options but didn’t want to waste my time and energy in the wrong kind of fund-raising method.

Back in 2014, I was new to the real estate industry and experienced a lot of challenges in arranging structured finances for my large projects. But after investing my hard-earned money, I couldn’t just take a step back and shut down my business, as this wasn’t the kind of example I wanted to set throughout the nation.

On the very next day, I started gathering information about reliable fund-raising options which has led to Nick Ragle, who serves as a managing member in Ragle Sustainable Technologies, a corporate finance advisory firm that offers alternative capital to a broad spectrum of industries.

To let you understand the realities of releasing funds, I’ve put together some advice based on my personal experience, growth stage, and other factors. So let’s get to it!

  • Make a Business Plan

When I first met Nick Ragle Michael Pellegrino Cody, McKinney, he seems very proficient in his role as a lender and pre-commitment analyst. He started the process by verifying the projects’ information to figure out a proper capital structure that fits my interest and desired returns.

As a result, having a business plan in place could be an essential element to solve funding puzzles, explaining the purpose of establishment, how much money do you need, and where you’re going to invest it for further expansion.This could be a viable solution to summarize and pitch to enhance your business credibility in the process of due diligence. So I’d advise everyone don’t get caught without a well-crafted business plan when seeking alternative funding sources.

  • Acquire Private Money from Reputed Sources

I am glad that I worked with RST Agency, LLC based in Asheville, North Carolina, and its managing member, Nick Ragle to structure finances using private money from both national and global sources. Nick Ragle is an artist who is specialized in bringing sources of alternative capital to create great opportunities and solve the problems across several industries.No matter whether your project is $2M or $1.8B, the best part is that he treats each project with equal respect, attention, and confidentiality.

Recently, he assisted me with a large commercial project in Las VegasNevada which was a $1.4 billion structured financing management using private money. The first two releases were made in January 2015 and June 2015 and the last release of equity occurred in February 2016.

Overall, I’ve had an outstanding experience with him and it has made me realize one thing that I need to more flexible, open to opportunities, and stay vigilant in my efforts to drive superior results. To gain useful insights and different perspectives, it is good to get into Ragle Sustainable Technologies reviews and make a rational decision for your business growth.

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