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Windows Hosting & Linux Hosting: Which is best?

Selecting the best hosting service for your site is extremely important for a type of reasons, including the performance, functionality, and support features. As you almost certainly know, both Windows and Linux offer high-quality hosting to their clients.

It’s important to actually research and compare these two services, which differ greatly from one another, before selecting one to host your website.

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Difference between a Linux server vs a Windows server

When choosing between managed Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting, you should know the technology used to provide the two services. Let’s start by defining every sort of hosting:

Windows Hosting: Hosting that utilizes Windows as the server OS and relies on Microsoft solutions for database and website management tools.

Linux Hosting: Hosting that utilizes Linux as the server OS and relies on open-source database platforms and web development tools.

For small businesses, Linux hosting is more popular than its Windows version. While statistics indicate that usage of the two operating systems in web hosting is about comparable, with each OS serving almost 30% of total websites, the numbers are skewed.

Businesses that account for numerous Windows-based hosting are bigger organizations with sky-high IT budgets and a staff of engineers to run their sites. Most small and medium-sized businesses choose a Linux hosting solution, taking benefit of the reduced cost and simple use.

While choosing VPS hosting, the most common purpose is scalability. For a fast-starting business or one that has grown over time and won’t move from its hosting plan, VPS hosting is a great choice that won’t require the corporate to rethink its web hosting a year later.

It’s usually difficult for users to convert their websites to a different hosting service (i.e. Linux to Windows or vice-a-versa) after it’s been hosted by another. Let’s check out the features that make Windows hosting companies better than Linux hosting services in the eyes of the typical user.

3 Reasons Windows Hosting is better than Linux Hosting

Web Hosting Performance
Unless you’re very well-informed with regards to hosting services, you’ll find that Windows hosting is significantly more user friendly when it involves specific features. In other words, Linux requires users to specifically select the “features” they desire when it involves their website hosting service.

This is not difficult, but it becomes difficult when the typical website owner has no clue regarding what they need in a website host. Windows web hosting is very effective in performance because Windows has created packaged hosting services that meet the requirements of the typical website owner.

A website must be ready to function properly if it’s any chance of being effective. Website hosting services play a large part in the functionality of your website. You need the visitors that come to your website to be ready to maneuver and navigate the website with ease.

Windows provides a type of features that will make your website highly interactive for visitors, such as online support services via chat and instant messaging. Linux doesn’t offer any features of this nature.

Technical Support
Everybody knows that technical support can make or break a product or service. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on something then learning that nobody is willing to assist you.

With this being said, support is extremely important, especially if you’re not highly knowledgeable in web development and other related topics. You’ll not find the extent of client support that you simply are going to be comfortable with if you select to go with Linux hosting services.

Linux actually charges its user for sub-par support. Windows, on the opposite hand, is very geared to supply a high level of client support, which is free of charge. By just looking at these features, it’s easy to understand that Windows will be the foremost useful in lifting your website to its full potential.

Don’t miss out on important changes, in regards to your website or business, because you’ve got simply selected the incorrect host.

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