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Why is Calcium needed in the body?

Many people ask this question, “Why is calcium needed in the body?” as we know that Calcium plays a vital role in the function of bones and teeth. It also plays an essential role in many bodily activities. There are many functions where Calcium is needed in the body. Let us discuss some of the parts of Calcium in the body.


First of all, Calcium is essential in teeth and bones. It helps the teeth and bones to remain strong. Without a healthy supply of Calcium in the body, the person will suffer from weak bones. For example, a person whose bone density is low can suffer from fractures easily.


The second function of Calcium is the regulation of bone metabolism. When Calcium is deficient in the body, the person has osteoporosis, which is a kind of disorder caused by a lack of Calcium in the bones. This disorder can lead to a lot of problems like back pain and many more.


The third function of Calcium is the maintenance of bone density. Calcium is essential for building new bones. Without a proper amount of Calcium in the bones, the person suffers from brittle bones. Moreover, Calcium also regulates the metabolism of the body. With a lack of Calcium, people feel lethargic and weak.


The fourth function of Calcium is the regulation of blood pressure. Calcium is very effective in treating hypertension. Besides treating high blood pressure, Calcium has other essential functions, such as maintaining healthy skin and nails.


The fifth function of Calcium is the regulation of thyroid function. This function is found in humans to regulate the thyroid gland. The role of this gland is that it controls the number of hormones produced by the body. With a decrease in the hormone level, people get depressed and become weak. Calcium has been found effective in treating thyroid disorders and is crucial in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland.

What makes bones strong is the ability of our bones to absorb shock. Shock is the amount of force that you feel when something breaks a bone or makes it vibrate. When we are young, our bones will break easily, but as we get older, our bones become more brittle, and they cannot absorb shock as well as they use to.

So one of the best sources of Calcium is through our dairy products. Milk and cheese are two of the best sources of Calcium for most people. It is also available in powder forms in various flavours that can be mixed with fruit juice and milk to make a delicious drink. Besides being one of Calcium’s best sources, dairy products are also among the healthiest foods on the planet.



Besides these five functions, Calcium has many other parts in the body. It controls many enzymes and hormones. It also regulates blood clotting and increases the heart’s performance. It plays a vital role in bone formation. Moreover, Calcium forms the shells of teeth and helps in the growth of bones.


These are the functions of Calcium in the body. Now you must have understood these functions of Calcium. This discovery can give you an answer to the question, “Why is Calcium needed in the body?”. With this knowledge, you will know what you should do to maintain a healthy body Calcium level. You should note these Calcium roles in the body and make sure that your daily diet includes Calcium in large part.


There are many health problems that Calcium can resolve or help to resolve, such as brain and bone disease, weak teeth, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. We gain Calcium in many foods like milk, cheese, and green leafy vegetables. We obtain Calcium by eating seafood, fish, nuts, seeds, and poultry products.


The second function of Calcium is the absorption of minerals and trace elements. Calcium has more than 800 different types of minerals and traces elements that it can absorb. This is very important in ensuring a well-balanced diet for a person. It is important to eat many vegetables and fruits to cover all the micronutrients that our body needs. Calcium is also necessary for healthy bones and teeth.


The third function of Calcium is the production of new cells and tissues. Calcium is one of the essential co-factors for many enzymes. When there is not enough Calcium in the body, the production of new cells and tissues will slowly decline. This leads to weakness, muscle cramps, and other related diseases.


The fourth function of Calcium is the regulation of body fluid and cellular membranes. These are also known as Calcium Diphosphate Kinetics. These are important to our cell membranes, as they help to stop them from being broken down. As we age, these functions of Calcium decrease, which results in many unwanted side effects. So people need to know the importance of Calcium in their lives.

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