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Why Hire a Fence Contractor in Seattle?

A fence contractor is a professional skilled in the installation of fences. They maintain commercial, residential, and agricultural properties while meeting the needs of property owners. The most common fences installed by contractors are chain link, vinyl, wood, metal as well as any combination of these material types. Chain link fencing is often used in parking lots or other shared spaces where access is not needed and aesthetics take priority over security. Vinyl fencing is popular for its affordability and its ability to match a variety of architectural styles.

What is Fence Contractor?

A fence contractor can be called a fence installation contractor is a common form of fence. They deal in making fences and installing and repairing fences. Fence contractors work on various types of projects involving all types of fences. They are tasked to carry out any project that involves the installation and maintenance of fences.

What is Fencing?

A fence (also a fence in British English) may surround residential property boundaries, separating private from public spaces. It can be made of wood, metal wire, brick or stone, and is meant to serve as a barrier to pedestrians and vehicles. The term comes from the fact that the most common purpose of fences is to enclose a piece of property in order to protect it.

How to choose a contractor?

1. Qualification Check

Checking their qualification is essential. A fence company must be able to show you their certification license and insurance policies. Never hire a contractor without checking their license, or you will end up in big trouble.

2. Experience

Look at their experience. Do they have long-term experiences in the industry? Do they have the right qualifications to do the job? A good contractor must be able to provide you with proof that they are very much experienced in the area of fence installation and repair.

3. Reputation Check

Check on their reputation and history of projects. If a contractor has a great reputation, you can trust that his work is going to be excellent. You can get references from your friends and relatives for safe decision-making for fence installation.

4. Insurance

Check their insurance. If a contractor has no insurance, he is likely to cheat you out of money, which is bad quality. It can cause harm to your property and damage your backyard or garage.

5. Licenses

Check on the contractor’s license. Ask for copies of their licenses before hiring them so that you know that they are legally allowed to work in the industry.

6. References

Ask for their references whether from previous customers or colleagues in the field. It’s important to ask for a list of references, who are reliable and can vouch for the work they have done. A good contractor should provide you with these references to ensure that you get high-quality fence installation services with complete satisfaction.

7. Contract Check

A good fence contractor has a detailed contract with their potential customers. They will provide you with a contract before they commence the project on your property. It serves as a binding document that includes all the instructions and payment information in clear detail.

8. Payment Method

A good contractor accepts whatever payment methods fit your needs, whether credit cards, cash, or cheque. Before you hire a contractor, check how they would prefer to be paid for the services rendered at the end of the fence installation or repair job.

9. Extra Security Check

Look for some extra security features that come along with their services. A good fence contractor should have a strong background and experience in the industry. They must be licensed and carry out all their projects with honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

10. Services Check

Lastly, check for their services for fence installation or repair. A good fence contractor will have many years of experience in handling all kinds of fences from residential to commercial projects. Be sure to ask if they will provide you with any extras, such as free removal of old fence posts or old fencing materials.

Process of fence installation

1. Survey

The first step in the fence installation is a survey. A surveyor will measure the property boundaries, perimeter, and other features to be covered with fence. The surveyor will make a sketch of the property with the dimensions and placement radius of the fence line. The contractor will also make an assessment of your property, like soil conditions, drainage issues, and any other issues that can affect the installation process.

2. Cabling

The next step is to install the fence in the right way. The contractor will mark the post locations with cross beams, and then install fence cable at each post location. To lower the installation and also help to stabilize the fence on site, he will use reinforcing steel material like iron or steel wire.

3. Installation of Posts

Once all of the cables are installed at all of the identified posts, then he will begin installing them. He will need to install fence posts, and the procedure varies depending on the type of fence you have chosen.

4. Installing Fence Wire

Once the posts are set in place, the contractor will then install the top rail along with a horizontal wire. Then he will install all of the other boards (for a wooden fence), or weld them together (for a metal fence). The horizontal wire is used to make sure that each board is held in place at even intervals throughout its length.

Contractor of Repair Fence

1. Measurement

To start the repairs, you will have to measure the damaged part of the fence. With this in mind, a contractor will use a tape measure to measure the broken area of your fence and determine its location. He will mark out the post locations on a drawing if necessary. This can be done using stakes and strings or using lasers to mark where they need to be in relation to your property boundary.

2. Materials

Next, you will need to purchase materials that are needed for fencing repair work. These materials include fencing posts, fencing rails, fencing wire, and posts for wood fences. A contractor will bring all of these materials onto the property once he has a good idea of how much each repair job will take to complete. He will then start with the first step which is installation.

4. Installation

The last step is to install the new fence back into place. In this step, the contractor will do all work needed to finish your fence repair project no matter what type you have like wood or metal.

Skills of Fence Contractors

Fence installation and repair experts rely on human skills to help them install or repair fences. They can see and feel the needs of their clients as they seek to make new friends, gain employment, and earn a living. Their expertise can be used in areas such as personal property, business property, real estate, commercial property, and residential property. To start a fence installation and repair business, a person needs to have the following skills:

1. Customer Service Skills

To make your customer happy with fence installation or repair work, you need to be able to communicate effectively and respond to their needs. You will also need to be able to listen as they explain their desires and motivations for choosing you as the right person for the job.

2. Organization Skills

To successfully complete your projects, you will need strong organizational skills. You must be able to handle all of your work activities in an orderly way so that you can lead the team for fence installation and repair jobs. You will also have to manage time effectively, get and keep accurate records, and schedule appointments with clients.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Commercial fencing experts must be able to solve problems quickly. They should be able to work on their projects even when there is a change in weather like rain or snowfall. They need to be able to identify and solve problems that arise during their projects.

4. Coordination Skills

You will have to coordinate with the team working for your fence installation or repair business. This requires good communication skills, time management skills, and the ability to work well with other experts. All of these factors contribute greatly to the success of your company.

5. Physical Strength

Fence installation or repair companies often require you to lift or move heavy equipment or materials. This can include materials for fence repair and new fencing kits. Because of this, you will need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds. You should also have the good physical strength in order to hand tools and equipment for the job and keep yourself safe.

6. Technical Skills

You will have to understand and apply technical skills when it comes to fence installation or repair work. This includes understanding the layout and design of fences, materials used in making fences, and installation procedures. You will need to know how to install fixtures, such as posts and mounting points, for example.

7. Business Skills

A fence installation or repair business owner needs good business skills so that their business can succeed. These skills include leadership, the ability to make good decisions, the ability to manage time effectively, the ability to save money for future projects, and an effective sales approach.



There are many different skills that are involved in a fence installation and repair business. The contractors who have these skills will be able to repair fences in a professional manner and install new fences on demand. The new fences will be built to standards and will look great. With these skills, you can build your fencing business very quickly and generate a lot of income.

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