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Who is Responsible for Pest Issues and Pest Control in a Rental Property?

I had started getting tired of the constant conflict and the exchange of words between my landlord and me, and it was affecting me, my job, and my relationships in the worst possible ways. With the intervention of a notable bed bug inspector near me, the regular conflict between my landlord and me simmered down. Since I had been paying rent and started living at this property as a tenant, the conflict’s cause was the same- pests and the associated pest control. This time, I helped him narrow down the choices for a bed bug pest control near me and get in touch with Bed Bugs Pest Control Brisbane. I hope this is the start of a fairytale journey of sorts between my landlord and me, and things don’t get sour again!

1. Whose responsibility is pest control: landlord or tenants?

Since we are living in Australia, scheduling bed bug control, Brisbane experts, or other pest control specialists now and then is not something new. Since I had rented this property, I have encountered an array of pests that included ants, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, bees, pest birds, cockroaches, and termites. Along with seasonal infestation of pests, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and ants were the constant visitors. This time, hiring the services of bed bug treatment, Brisbane became a bone of contention as my landlord started threatening me to go before the tribunal with this case.

You might still be confused over the whole issue and could be facing the same problem yourself.

So let me give you a fair idea.

According to the convention, bed bug control Brisbane and all other pest control are the landlord’s and tenants’ responsibilities. Usually, the landlord should take responsibility for bed bug treatment Brisbane and other forms of pest control and treatment services in his property. The only exception to this would happen if the tenant’s activities were the pest infestations’ causes. These could include:

    • Poor housekeeping:

According to the acclaimed bed bug pest control near me, these include cleaning and washing rooms, especially washrooms and lavatories, maintaining tidy beds, cleaning upholstery and furniture, etc.

    • Lack of general cleanliness:

Bed bug pest control Brisbane experts also comment that a lack of cleanliness or a sub-standard level of personal hygiene could be a significant cause for luring pests to the property.

    • Having pets on the property which are the sources of pests:

Having pets who are not well-maintained or unkempt can be a significant reason for pest problems in the property.

    • Irresponsible activities:

There could be an array of irresponsible activities like dumping rubbish or trash in the backyard, which could make the property a more inviting place for pests to inhabit.

    1. What does the law say?

If there’s a dispute occurring between the landlord and the tenant over the pest issue, the bed bug inspector near me says it will be wise to look into the lease agreement. The lease agreement generally contains the information regarding the responsibility for bed bug treatment Brisbane and other kinds of rental-property pest control.

The tenancy agreement usually contains exhaustive details about the roles and responsibilities of the landlords and the tenants. It could provide every point regarding bed bug control Brisbane and other pest control actions. But if the tenancy agreement does not portray a clear idea about the pest problems and the respective roles, you should look into the Rental Tenancies Act,1997. The bed bug exterminator near me said that this act comments about the tenant’s responsibility and that he should take reasonable care of the premises to maintain it and keep it clean. The landlord should ensure that the residential premises are habitable and any inherent pest problem is taken care of. On the other hand, the tenants should be wary of their actions and be held accountable if any of their activities instigate pest problems.

    1. What should you do if you find yourself being framed?

The bed bug control Brisbane experts pointed out that it was a fault from my end that I wanted to keep things peaceful and avoid unnecessary refute. I did not report the pest problems that existed in the property, and that gave my landlord an upper hand.

The primary responsibility of maintaining the premises and scheduling pest control services, including bed bug treatment, Brisbane lies with the landlord. Excepting the negligences of the tenant, the property owner should be held accountable for existing pest problems. If it is the tenant’s fault, he could be asked to pay for damages and repairs.

But in these cases, the timeline of events that led to the discovery of the pest infestation is immensely crucial. If the tenant finds issues with pests immediately after taking occupancy and can prove that the property wasn’t handed to him in a pest-free and habitable condition using evidence like photographs, the responsibility, and the subsequent costs will lie with the landlord.

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